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How can I hate it?

I know you are not supposed to hate…

But I’ve voiced it and written it before…


I hate the word.  I don’t like the fear it brings.  SO MANY have been effected negatively by it in someway or another.

BUT I thought of this today:

If cancer had some kind of hand in my brother giving his heart absolutely and completely to Jesus,

How can I hate it?

I haven’t given cancer much credit for doing anything like that.  I’m the type of person that tries to look on the bright side of things and always on the search for THE GOOD in things.  How can I think of cancer in a good way, though?

I still don’t like what it does to the body. In the end, it took my brother’s mind, there was such confusion.  Cancer is so ugly,

but if it had some part of leading him to Jesus–WHOLLY AND FULLY–

How can I hate it?

What if my brother’s death brings others to Jesus?  Cancer was part of it.  *sigh*  I’m so torn.  I really do not like cancer, but if it helps point anyone to JESUS…

How can I hate it?

And really truly, I know that in the end, cancer did not ultimately take my brother…

As one friend wrote to me today:

“Cancer tried to take my Daddy and Jesus took him instead.”  This is the ultimate comfort.

Death did not take my brother, cancer did not take my brother,

JESUS took him by the hand and led him to the glory we receive all thanks and praise to JESUS. 

…and cancer may be able to take some credit in my brother’s decision to except that gift of glory..

How can I hate it?

Missed Opportunity…a prayer.

Why do I miss the opportunities to tell others or show others through my actions that I believe in GOD?

I continue to do this and I’m asking God out loud to correct me.  Open my eyes.  Show me when to lead a group in prayer.  Push my hand to assist, my words to comfort and prompt me to use my prayer power to further your work.  Help me and move me to stand up for YOU God.

I let anger take over my brain and situations, but most of all, I miss opportunities to share that my God is real!

I’ve allowed the devil to whisper in my ear and stir up my crazy.  That only drives out all the GOOD.  That makes what I should have done go out the door and let what could have been a perfect example of the attitude of Jesus fall to the ground like a discarded piece of trash.

I ask for forgiveness, Lord.  I ask that you YELL AT ME, honk your horn, beat the drum and poke me!  Get my attention.  Point my eyes and guide my mind in the direction that will give YOU glory.

I get so confused by this world and know that I should always overcome.  I know this, but images, sounds and feelings get in the way and try to push you to the back burner.   I do not want you to be second hand or my second thought.  I want you to be first, foremost and number one.

I do not want to miss another opportunity, because I can’t see the situation through the eyes of Jesus—I want to see CLEAR and grasp the opportunity with two hands, wrap my mind around it and do what is right in YOUR eyes, Lord.

Please help me Lord to be bold for you, in you and through you—and never have another missed opportunity.

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