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I should have started yesterday’s blog like this:

GOD is the reason for all my awesomeness. HE IS AWESOME. He is truth. He is the only reason I can even have a chance to be AWESOME. I look to HIM in times of trials. He is my positive thoughts. He is my optimism.

The end. (and the beginning!)


Yep, we all do it!  Sometimes we feel like life is a fail for us.  Other times, it’s just an event or perhaps a day.  If you really, for real, analyze what you are calling a “FAIL”…you will find you probably have more of a WIN in your column than the other.

If you understand what I’m typing here, YOU CAN READ!  That is a win!  Some people can’t do that or don’t even have the opportunity to learn.

If you are looking at this screen and can see it…YOU HAVE SIGHT!  Wooo hooo!  Some people, like my brother, cannot see.

If you are BREATHING …you still have purpose.  Maybe that purpose includes some fails.  That is ok.

Below is a different way of looking at failure. (Thanks Henry Ford.)  Are you a winner even when you fail?!  YOU DECIDE.  As I say so many times, it’s all about HOW you look at it.




Geni is my blog subject today.  This chick is one of those people that you love to be around.  She is funny and happy and REAL and SHE LOVES JESUS!

She has stories that crack you up and stories that make you think.  The relationships she has with people in her life like the love/hate one between her and her brother will make you seriously LOL.  I love to just hang out with her and LAUGH.

Geni is my c0-teacher for our youth class at church.  We GET TO lead youth in the pursuit to know God, love God and serve God. It’s an amazing mission we get to do!

God sent Geni to me!  He seriously did.  I prayed for a renewal in spirit and for support that I knew only HE could give me when it came to teaching/directing the youth.  I wasn’t sure what I was praying for, but when Geni said she wanted to help with youth…I KNEW SHE WAS THE ONE GOD WAS SENDING TO ME!  Prayer is power!!! (That deserves THREE EXCLAMATIONS!) Serious.  It is.  God gives us so many things in this life and when those things include people in our paths that bless us so—I just want to tell everyone!

Some people do not look at others like this.  Some look at circumstances as coincidences or at encounters as just something that happens.  That is so untrue.  God knows who you need when you need them.  It’s our job to accept our divine appointments as such and PRAISE HIM!

So, I praise God for Geni today.  She has been a major blessing to me and I know to the students in our youth class.  I’m so blessed to call her my friend.

This is our totally un-digitally edited picture below.  Hehe!  We are naturally glowing, because JESUS has got a hold of our hearts!  Amen!


Thanks Geni for being my partner in crime, comrade in arms, teammate in our youth cohort and super awesome amazing friend!




There’s a lighthouse on the hillside
That overlooks life’s sea.
When I’m tossed it sends out a light,
Tis a light that I might see.
And the light that shines in darkness now
Will safely lead us o’er.
If it wasn’t for the lighthouse,
My ship would be no more.

And I thank God for the lighthouse,
I owe my life to Him.
For Jesus is the lighthouse
And from the rocks of sin;
He has shone a light around me
That I could clearly see,
If it wasn’t for the lighthouse
Tell me where would this ship be.

This gospel song was written in 1971 by Ronnie Hinson.  Ir won the coveted Dove and Fan Award for Song of the Year in 1972.  That was the year I was born!   That is pretty cool.  This song holds a place in my heart, because it was one of the first ones I learned to sing with an accompaniment tape.  ((YES, A TAPE!—OLD SCHOOL!))  Also, this song is a song that is one of the favorites of a wonderful lady at our church who is our oldest member and is an awesome mentor and example to all the women in our church AND REALLY TO ALL at our church, not just the women.

The entire song (this is an excerpt above) talks about Jesus being a lighthouse.  We refer to Jesus as so many things for us, but this imagery of He being a LIGHTHOUSE is so perfect to me.  He shines his light so we may see …and we can get where we need to go.  We are like that ship.  Sometimes we are in rocky water.  Sometimes we are in rough, crazy and chaotic water.  Sometimes we are in the still waters.  No matter the waters (the circumstances of our lives), we should always keep an eye on that light AND HELP SHINE THAT LIGHT TO OTHERS.

I want to not only sing this song, but SHOUT IT!
I thank God for the lighthouse!  I owe my life to Him!  He is the lighthouse!  He saves us from the rocks of sin!  He shines his light all around us so we can see!  If it wasn’t for him, this ship would be lost!  Amen!

Thank You Jesus for being the Lighthouse.  I need you daily.  I’m so thankful You cover my sin, because I know I sin daily.  Thank You for being the light in my dark world!

Thank You God for giving Mr. Hinson this song. (I read he wrote it in his late teens on toilet paper. Divine messages can come at anytime and be written down on anything!  YES!)


Don’t you know who you are?

We do so many things we regret.  I have basically worked for the devil.  I’ve done things that make me cringe when they flash up in my memory.  I so wish I could erase things I’ve said and done.  I have to remember though, that because of Jesus, I can erase all that.  My human-ness can’t do it, but GOD CAN AND DOES…and through JESUS, DID!  I cannot praise Him enough.  I can never match what He did for me with any amount of “thank yous,” but I’m sure going to continue and strive to send up as many as I can praising Him in all I do.  That is what I want to always be my first thought.

Check out the lyrics of the song above.  We are made NEW!  REMADE, thanks to Jesus!


Tenth Avenue North



THE LIST goes on and on…

All the things I’ve done or haven’t done.

The dark stuff grows like a poison ivy vine in my brain.

The times I used my words like a sword.

The moments I passed on helping someone.

The ugly thoughts and horrible deeds.


And at times, it all seems overwhelming. It clouds my brain and discourages me.



The list of sins which feel like a huge pile of garbage stacked up all around me. It stinks, it’s gross and it makes me physically ill and mentally drained– when I let it.

BUT I KNOW WHAT GOD DID…He sent Jesus to take care of all that for me. He cleans up all the trash and rips up and tosses THE LIST like it’s a OLD grocery list! He made me brand NEW! He wiped my slate clean. He provided me a redo, totally did a make-over and gave me a redesign–a new model of me! I can wash all that yucky mess away –pull those vines out of my brain and be BRAND NEW! Because JESUS…HE DID THAT! He covered me and SAVED ME and like “Hulk smash stuff,” …


The Hulk is my favorite super hero.  I know I’ve blogged about him before.  I found this shirt today at Mardel.  This is my sweet child holding it up for me so I could share it on here tonight.  Yep, I now possess this awesome shirt!

Thank You Jesus for smashing THE LIST.



Today has brought new ideas, new experiences and happy times!

Each day should.

Each day does–really.

We just don’t recognize it.


We have opportunities to reach out, to do something new and exciting, but we get into a regular routine and just get stuck in it like a pig in some cool mud. We are comfy. We are content. We are even coasting sometimes. At some point, though, that gets stagnant just like water that doesn’t flow or get replenished after a time.

This week has been great for learning new things and rekindling ideas that had gone dormant in this ole brain of mine. It has been an awakening week where creativity has started flowing and fun things have emerged. I like weeks like this! Every week should be like this! BUT THEY ARE! I just don’t grab the opportunities that I have and make them like that. There are things around us all the time that are just waiting to be discovered. It’s up to us to reach out and

OPEN OUR EYES to it all!

I’m not talking scientific experimentation that allows us to create some new invention, but hey, if that is your thing, GO FOR IT! I’m really talking about things in our lives that we take for granted. We have ways to learn and think differently all around us. We have things at our fingertips that need to be fixed, dusted off and/or opened up. These things can be the “new invention” in our life or “new way” of doing things. It can make the humdrum —hoorahhhh!

I know I’m talking kind of broad here, but I am just trying to say that if you want to make your day, week or LIFE filled with new things and exciting adventures, you have to put forth some effort. YOU have to choose to get off your bum and go for it.

Yesterday I talked about the blaming game . I want to repeat it a little today—it’s only your fault if you don’t have an exciting life. YOU have to choose to be find new and exciting things and to be happy. You have to choose to RECOGNIZE those new ideas and new experiences.

I promise, if you start looking around, you will find something every day.

Ya just gotta OPEN YOUR EYES!


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