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Summertime really started today, because I have PINK in my hair now! Thanks to my awesome hairdresser (who is a great friend!). My husband doesn’t say much about it. My girl child LOVES it. Boy child–neutral. I love it, of course! I like having more color in the mirror. ūüôā ¬†Some might think it’s a bit much, but to me–it’s just FUN–just like MY LIFE!

So here it is…



I have done horrible things in my life. ¬†Yep. ¬†It’s true.

If you can say you haven’t really done anything bad, then good for you. ¬†That means your conscience is unclouded. ¬†Again, good for you. ¬†You don’t have things creep up into your head and try to blast you like one of those super soaker water guns. ¬†You don’t ever have a perfect day and then once you are trying to drift off to sleep, a crazy past sin memory nudges you and prompts you to stare at the ceiling wide-eyed and regretting. ¬† Instances, words and scenes don’t trigger those moments passed in time and cause you to cringe.

As a sinner, I’m not constantly (because I am a Christian), but at times, reminded of things I said or did that were not Godly. ¬†God really doesn’t want us to do that. ¬†He doesn’t remind us of the sin. ¬†We do that ourselves. ¬†HE wipes away all of those things when we truly decide to believe that His Son came to save us from all of that.

Then WHY do they still pop up into our brains!? ¬†It’s like I’ve said before–we are dumb humans. ¬†We can’t let go of the past, because all of the experiences we have had –good, bad or ewwwwww ugly– make us who we are today, but what makes us dumb is when we dwell on the ugly things.

As I said, God doesn’t want us to do that. ¬†Think about being a parent, if we are a good one, we realize that our children are going to do bad things, but we should help them rejoice in the fact that they can get past any of the ugly. ¬†We want to encourage them to do better and become fine, upstanding citizens. ¬†If we can do that as the mere dumb humans we are–GOD DOES IT A MILLION TIMES MORE AND SO MUCH BETTER. He wants what is best for us. ¬†He encourages us to do better. ¬†He tells us to look to Him in the Bible and not to the things of this world.

My conscience might be somewhat clouded, but I praise GOD that He truly makes it clear.

I have prayed more times than 100 for Him to crumple those sin-memories up like paper and throw them away for me.

He says–If I only keep my eyes on him, those horrible things of the past will stay out of my brain more and more.

New sins will be harder and harder to commit, because I know God will guide me and direct me.

And even when sin does creep up in words or situations, we all have hope that any stain can be made white again ONLY BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS.   I love the symbolism in that, but mostly, I love the REALITY in that.  Amen!



I just want to share that I’m blessed. (I know, I know, I do this a lot)

I believe the main reason I’m happy, besides the MOST IMPORTANT FACT of having JESUS in my heart, is because I recognize the fact that I’m truly blessed.

I know that even when things seem to be domino-ing or heading down hill, there are reasons why life is going like it is right at that moment. Do I understand it all? HA…BIG HA! No! Do I really NEED to? No.
I just need to remember that there is a reason and rhyme for it all and it’s all in GOD’S hands.
He has got me back….my front, top, end….ALL OF IT! He will provide, sustain, complete and fill me with whatever I need whenever I need it.

I am positively positive without a doubt that no matter what happens to me–HE IS IN CONTROL! He will use me to bring glory to Him and I am so blessed to be able to do that.

Now, about the pic…
There are times in our days where we feel blessed, but want more from God. You know you do this! We are all human–we all do it! We want to see HIM. I long to feel closer to Him. This pic above, although it truly does not do the actual scene justice, is a small example of what HE gave me this evening on my way home from grocery shopping (my MOST un-favorite thing to do!). I saw Him and felt Him. It was amazing. I’m blessed! (NO MATTER WHAT!)


Sometimes we need a jolt. Sometimes our days need a jolt. Sometimes our prayer-life needs a jolt! There are times where we get stuck in the every day and don’t take time to pray –and pray hard! We get wrapped up in our jobs. We pray for our friends and tend to get in the routine of saying the same type words over and over to God. Why do we do this? Our world is ever changing, no day is EXACTLY the same. We have new people come in and out of our lives, we take unlikely new routes and at the very least we CHANGE INTO NEW CLOTHES! (especially our underwear) We have different experiences. Why can’t we change up our prayers? I’m the world’s worse about repeating a prayer. Every morning when I do our announcements here at work, and we do the moment of silence, I say basically the same silent prayer. Does God find this redundant? Does He roll His eyes at me? I bet He does do that to us if the prayer we say is just empty words we are repeating out of habit. Who wouldn’t!?

So, TODAY, I had a jolt! I couldn’t find my wallet. I am usually a fairly calm, laid back kinda gal, but I’m gonna tell ya, that was not the case here. I tried to stay even. I prayed immediately. I kept on praying. When I went home to search there, I got on my knees and pleaded. I was serious, I was intense, I was fervently asking for the hand of God to come help me and quick! I remember especially praying these words: “Please Lord allow me to find my wallet so I can have a great rest of my day.” I know, kind of weird words, but they were sincere and REAL. Why don’t I pray like this all the time!? Looking back at my JOLT from today, I hope God knows I don’t want to be a boring, non-meaningful pray-er. I want to be in constant communication with Him. I want to praise Him most of all. I know that all things come from Him. I am happy because HE has given me the hope of each day, each tomorrow and of eternity. There’s nothing routine or mundane about that! I want to be a JOLT-PRAY-ER all the time no matter what is going on!

My ending did turn out happy today…I found the wallet! I got on my knees (outside by my car even!) and thanked God at that very moment! It wasn’t in passing either–it wasn’t a habitual praising prayer–it was a JOLT PRAISING PRAYER WITH MEANING AND SINCERITY! I thank God for JOLTING me today! (“…so I can have a great rest of my day.”)


You can be creative where you are, no matter who you are and I’m being serious! Maybe you don’t draw or paint or sculpt beautiful self-portrait busts of yourself on each birthday (ha! I don’t do that either!), but you do something. You do something GOOD. You do something SUPER GOOD and you are EXPERT at it! Do it! Odds are this “something” you do SO GOOD is what you enjoy the most in life. Remember, GOD gave you this talent. He bestowed on you the blessing of this great skill! Should you hide it under a barrel, sweep it under the rug or keep it to yourself like a greedy little troll? UMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm….let me think…..NO! So, get up, get out and do whatever it is you do best and SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD! Share it with me! I want to know what it is! Don’t leave me hanging. REPLY, MESSAGE–hit me up! Do it here or follow me, tweet me @ritaclawson. YOU ARE AWESOME AT WHAT YOU DO!

Rambling thoughts of a Crazy Person

yellow_guy_crazy_hg_whtI do admit I’m a crazy.¬†

I’m crazy about JESUS.¬† I am.¬† Crazy in love with Jesus, because HE died for me!¬† Wow!¬† Who else would really, for real, ever do that!?

I’m crazy about my family.¬† My husband amazes me with the way he grows closer to God.¬† My children are both beautiful and witty.¬† I love the way they dance and giggle.¬† We have good times here in our home.¬† I’m crazy about that!

I’m crazy about my friends who continuously support and help me through times that are trying, joyous or confusing.¬† They love me no matter what and I’m not scared to tell them I love them anytime.¬†

I’m crazy about my job.¬† I love what I do.

I’m crazy about ART.¬† I love to create.¬† I’m crazy about painting.¬† I like doodling, trying any kind of new art supplies and looking at art anywhere.

I’m crazy about writing.¬† I like putting together words to describe wonderful things.¬† I like rambling.¬†

Is my being crazy a good thing, a bad thing?¬† Who knows.¬† I think that we are all CRAZY in some way.¬† It’s all about how you look at it –that is the most important part of being crazy.

CRAZY, for me, is good.



bar noneI was honored and so happy to be able to go to a Women’s Meeting yesterday at the Bar None Cowboy Church here in East Texas.¬†¬† I love going to fun events like this where women come together to worship, share and have a good time.¬† It was extra special since I got to be with my bestie Reagan AND one of my very great friends, Tammy Whitehurst, was one of the speakers.¬† The other speaker, Teresa Richenberger, had an amazing testimony that truly touched all who heard it.¬†

There were so many things that really stood out to me, but one in particular was the fact that, as women, we should be there for each other.¬† I’m not talking about rallying together against “the man.”¬† I’m talking about the fact that we should work together.¬† One of the things Teresa said was that we shouldn’t be here to COMPETE, but to COMPLETE each other.¬† That is so true!¬† I thought about this so much after the meeting.¬† We should not be comparing each others’ busts or other body parts, OR trying to show each other up by having the cuter shoes or driving the better car.¬† We are not in competition with each other.¬† We should be here to love one another, pat each other on the back and help one another however we can.¬†

We should PRAY for each other–constantly.¬†¬†

Women!¬† Why must we continue to be bitter and mean toward each other? ¬†Let’s stop all that.¬† Let’s do what GOD really meant for us to do.¬† Let’s get together, have dinner, pray with each other and for each other, laugh, cry if we must, listen, love and labor (work) for one another.¬†

Let’s be FRIENDS.¬†

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