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Intercessor: a person who intervenes on behalf of another, especially by prayer.

I heard this word used last night.  A sweet person told me she is an intercessor.  I’ve met intercessors before and I know what intercessory prayer is, but I had never really thought of those people that pray for us being called that specific word.  It is beautiful to me.

An intercessor stands up for us.  They call on God for us.  Wow.   That is just wow.

I mention a lady from our church many times who lived until she was 95 and was always praying.  She was a mighty intercessor!  I strive to be more like the example this wonderful lady was for me.  I thank God for putting Mrs. Pearson in my life to show me what a real God gal is.  She was amazing and lived her life for our Lord.

Once again, I thank God for putting other people in my path that are great examples.  This sweet lady that used this “intercessor” word is yet another one.   I met Mrs. Anne through a mutual friend and each time I’ve been blessed to see her, I have always felt the Spirit of God on her.  She amazes me with her prayer life.  She shares her miracle stories and makes me smile.  She is a blessing!  And an intercessor!

Oh God, please allow me to become more and more of an intercessor for those who need me to all on God for them.  And thank You again, Lord, for giving me examples of these type of people.  I am in awe of how You use Your people.  I praise You for that especially today!  Amen!





This is about as basic as it gets. Anything that is not just, right, lawful or fair is a slap in the face to justice.  It’s like that song about the barrel being placed over our light.  We are called to be lights, but things of this world try to cover it up or even extinguish the light we are trying to shine all around.

Over the years of my teaching career, I have researched Martin Luther King, Jr., mainly for leadership curriculum purposes.  He was a famous leader.  Whether you agree with what he stood for or not, he was and still is a famous leader.  His famous speeches and principles are used today in many ways and the fact that we celebrate this day for him,shows us all that he is still a great leader.   If you read any of his sermons, watch his speeches or just glance at his quotes, you will see that he was a GODLY man, he was a man who believed in equality for ALL (not just those of his own skin color) and that he genuinely cared for everyone.  He wanted justice for all.  Seems like I’ve heard a statement with that “justice” thing in it before??? ” …with liberty and JUSTICE for all.”  He stood on the principles that we should all strive to stand on.  He believed in the good of man.  Most importantly, he believed in Jesus and all He brought to us.  If more of us would just believe in Jesus FIRST, justice would prevail.  Justice would never be shaken or threatened.  

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. 

Well said, Dr. King!

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