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Let’s be POSITIVE!

Let’s be POSITIVE.


STOP looking to those who like to yell and holler about what makes them upset and seek PEACE.

STOP lifting up those who think negative posts and comments are awesome as they reach out for others to feed the fire of their negativity.  Instead, let’s spread more LOVE.

How about keep the grumpiness to yourself and let it die within you instead of allowing it to explode and splatter on all of those around you?

How about seek the truth before spreading lies and making up rumors about whatever you think happened?

We need to be THE LIGHT.

We need to show others the way.

Can we please stop jumping on the bandwagon of she said, he said, they did or didn’t and ride the ENERGY BUS?

Can we spread the POSITIVE energy through doing good things, not jumping to conclusions and being a happy person?

Let’s ride down that road, take that path and bring others with us!




Why am I soooooo emotional these days!?!

I have been wearing my feelings on my sleeve for several days now.  My baby blues tear up for what seems to be no reason at all.  I mean, it always has a reason, but at times it’s silly things.  I look at something that brings back some crazy memory that I haven’t thought of in, like, FOR- EV- ER, and here come the tears.  Someone says something hurtful–even to someone else and not directly to or about me and I get all weepy.   I see a sky full of awesomely puffy white clouds and I get misty over the amazing beauty.  What the what?!

What is up!?!

I am aware that this time of the year brings on certain emotions just because the school year is ending.  I will miss my seniors so much.  Even typing that makes me sniffle a little.  I do not like for the school year to end.  I know the seniors HAVE to graduate and I’m so proud that they are, but I will miss seeing them and being an almost constant part of their lives.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoy my summer…but I miss my job, my friends and my kiddos.  So, I know where some of the emotion comes from, but I’ve never remember it being THIS BAD.  I’m sure there are other aspects of my life that are contributing to the emotional roller coaster, but really, anything can get worse so, I see myself and my family as TOTALLY BLESSED.

I’m trying my hardest not to let this up and down of emotion affect my mood towards others.  I know at times others upset me with their moods or grumpiness, but I don’t want them to suffer for my craziness–ever.  That is a major goal of mine.  My friends and students don’t need to be burdened with something that bothers me.  I keep this in mind all the time!

I know some doctors might say my hormones are crazy or blame it on some chemical thing and prescribe some “fix”.  I am not against those types of things and believe there are some who totally benefit from that (and should really never miss a dose!), but I believe this emotional stuff will subside soon.

I just don’t know exactly why it’s so tough this year.

I’m just questioning it.  That’s all.  That is all this blog is doing today.

I’m not trying to reach out and say I’M SO SAD or I need some kind of mental help…this is NOTHING like that.   I mean, a hug might be ok, I guess… ALTHO, BEWARE– it might make me cry too!  HAHA!

I just don’t know why I’m SooOOoooOOOoooo (much more) EMOTIONAL this year!?!

COULD IT BE AGE!?  Naahhhhh.  HAHA!





After beginning this blog and thinking about LOVE, this song came on my Pandora station.  So random, yet fit PERFECTLY!  GOD DOES THAT! ((If you haven’t already listened to this song, wait until after the blog to do so.))

I’m struggling on the love issue.  It’s something I’ve written before several times.  Loving mean, hateful people is so very challenging.  Those who keep a drawn up unhappy face and refuse to open up when you speak to them can bum you out.   It’s not like I encounter an army of these each day, but they are scattered here an there.

Why can’t I just dwell on the happy wonderful LOVING people I see throughout my day?  OH, I CAN and most always, I DO.  I just know that the Lord wants me to love the unlovely just as much as the lovely.  I thank GOD for those HE puts in my pathway that smile, laugh, encourage and reflect Him.  Those truly are the jewels in my day!  BRIGHT SHINY JEWELS!

My mind tends to start thinking about all the “Grumps” when I’m in my quiet time in the morning.  I know this is God telling me to pray for them.  I do…some.  I try my hardest, but sometimes I spend too much asking God, “Why?”  Why do they have to be like that?  Why do they frown or just mumble a “mornin” when I say “GOOD MORNING!”  Why do they point out, highlight and spotlight the negative when given the little bittiest of chances?  Why do they jump to griping and grouching when any situation comes up?  WHY WHY WHY!?

I think it all goes back to constipation.  I know, I’ve mentioned this in earlier writings as well.  Really though, that is what it makes me think of.  Not so much actual constipation, but an analogy—CONSTIPATION OF THE MIND, (BODY goes here, but we will leave it out) and SOUL!  Some people just get stopped up with a bunch of bad and can’t let the good in and absolutely can’t ooze any out, because there’s none to ooze!  You can’t let the LOVE in when your stopped up like that!  The ole pipes are all clogged up with–ewww.  It’s the devil, I tell ya!  Let’s just name it.  That is what it is.  Do you want to be stopped up with the devil? Ha!  I certainly hope your answer is NO.  So, let’s get some kind of cleansing going…


1. SMILE even if it hurts.

2. When someone says “GOOD MORNING!”,  at the very least SMILE! (and try putting GOOD before MORNING back)

3. Look around at the GOOD things and SMILE!

4. Let’s move this one to number one: PRAY and SMILE!

5. This one should be right there with number one–READ THE BIBLE and SMILE!


7. Seriously, go to the bathroom if you need to and SMILE!

AND HERE WE GO…BIBLE VERSES WHICH WILL HELP YOU ***LOVE*** when you might just wanna punch someone, because they won’t SMILE!

Do not say, “I will do to him as he has done to me; I will pay the man back for what he has done.”  prov 24:29 (ESV)

Put on then, as God’s chosen ones {I LOVE THAT PART!}, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience,  bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.  And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. Colossians 3:12-14(ESV)


SPARK up a Conversation!

SPARK!!!  Spark it up!  I know my title is not the correct’s “STRIKE up a conversation”, right?  Well, today, I was just thinking about another thing I start my day off (to COMBAT grumpiness) with besides listening to THE BIBLE and getting my walk on.   After I put on my nikes and other apparel, I go straight to the frig to retrieve my SPARK.  It kind of reminds me of the sparkler in the pic–it gets ya fired up.  Of course, I’m already fired up because I know GOD IS ABOUT TO SPEAK TO ME THROUGH HIS WORD!!!  And I’m happy that my body is about to get in motion, but with SPARK, it seems like my eyes are a little more open, my step, a little more peppy and my mind joyfully celebrates in what God wants me to hear that morning.  It’s really QUITE exciting!  Do I even have a second to think about being grumpy about the day ahead??  NO!  The great combo of these items set the POSITIVE tone for the day which the Lord has made JUST FOR ME.   It’s such a great feeling to know that my God wants me to feel like this all the time. I feed on His word.  I know He wants my body to get happy in what He has in store for me.  Spark is just an added feature of what He has provided.

If you have those mornings where you are having to drag yourself out of bed and your GRUMPINESS level has already started to rise as your feet hit the ground, maybe you need to SPARK IT UP!   FIRST, I suggest you grab your Bible or download the Daily Audio Bible App.  Pour THE WORD into yourself somehow.  Second, get that body of yours moving.  Think about 6th grade PE class when you had to do jumping jacks to warm up.  Do some jumping jacks and move on to some knee lifts, belly crunches and/or air punches.  Get going!  And lastly, try some SPARK!  Wanna know what it’s all about?  Check out my website– HERECheck out it’s positiveness.  It’s a great alternative to a cup of morning joe or unhealthy energy drink.  Ya don’t have to take my word for it alone, check out Drew below.  He likes it too!

SPARK up a Conversation, first with God, then get movin’ and Spark it up!

THE BEST way to COMBAT grumpiness!

To extend yesterday’s blog…  HOW CAN YOU REMEDY GRUMPINESS?

You can absolutely melt grumpiness or other symptoms of negativity by starting your day with the BIBLE.  I jump on the treadmill about 5:15 pretty much every morning and listen to a podcast called THE DAILY AUDIO BIBLE.  Brian Hardin reads part of the Bible to me.  He will do it for you too!  And you can do it anywhere.  My spot is on the mill, but your spot may be on the way to work or in a quiet spot somewhere.  If you listen to it from January 1 through December 31, you will have listened to the entire GOOD BOOK in a year.  That is super exciting!!!  It’s a great way to start your day POSITIVELY.  It’s a great way to change any negative attitudes from the inside out.  Make that grumpiness fly away by putting THE WORD in your heart and soul.  Can I get an “AMEN!”

REMEMBER: grumpiness is negative.  It takes away from your day, other people’s days and SERIOUSLY– it makes your face look, well….constipated!  So, without going into any detail at all with that, I will just leave this blog right here.

Remedy for Grumpiness!

Are you grumpy? Why?  Did someone say something mean to you?  Did your friend not answer the phone when you called?  Did your team lose, your dog poop on the floor, your car not start this morning?  Do you need some coffee or a way past due bowel movement??  SERIOUSLY…WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!?

Have you ever seen the look this old dude is giving you?   I try to ignore these looks, but sometimes you just can’t.   It’s like they hit you in the face like a brick.  And when they do, what do you do?  Frown?   Wonder if they need more fiber in their diet?  I might do the latter, but I do not frown.  People like this make me smile even more.  I mean, what is it going to do for them OR ME to frown or even judge their grumpiness.  I don’t know what has gone on to make them this way nor do I really NEED to know.  It would probably just make me feel bad for them or make me laugh at the ridiculousness of whatever it is that has made them sour.  Either way, I would feel bad –either bad about them feeling bad or bad because I wanted to laugh at them.  So, I just smile.  I hope that my smile will infect that grumpiness and fix whatever made it crawl all over their face.

So, what is the remedy for your grumpiness?  What can help that frown turn upside down?  It’s so simple…MY SMILE!  (or A smile) In my mind, my smile can make YOU smile.  If you ever find yourself grumpy…look around–SOMEONE will be smiling.   Catch it and hold on to it. Allow that smile to warm your heart, help your mood and hopefully chase that constipated look from your face.

The end.



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