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STILL Good People!



Today I was reminded once again that there are so many GOOD PEOPLE in my life AND THEY TRULY out weigh the bad ones.  At times, we as the dumb humans we are, forget this.  It’s easy to forget it sometimes mainly because, the bad ones stick out more.  They are like the sore thumbs or the squeaky wheels.  They get more attention, because they whine louder.  UG!  

I don’t want to pay attention to those who frown at me and make mean comments—I want the light shone on the ones who compliment me and make me feel deeply loved.  One loving person should cover 100 grumpy evil ones any day!  Why is it always the other way around?  They only want to steal your joy, because they don’t have any themselves.  Sad.

I am challenging myself to look more into the eyes of the true believers of goodness and hope. I want to laugh with my genuine friends.  I strive to keep company with wonderfully happy people who are only out to lift others up.  I hope that I can be that kind of person to others as well.  

I thank God for today –where once again HE reminded me through ones he hand picked just for me– that there are STILL GOOD PEOPLE in this world.  (no matter what the news says, what the skeptics say…no matter how many bad people there are..)



Are you annoyed by my happiness? Well good! Hahaha! I promise I don’t mean to annoy you. I hate that you are annoyed, but I will not apologize for my happy attitude. Your annoyance or grumpiness cannot squelch the good time I’m having. Why would the fact that I AM HAPPY bother you anyway? Think about it. Really? Why?

Seriously, think …about …it. You know there are happy people in your life that you may think about sometimes as a complete annoyance. Why do they annoy you? Why not just join the fun? Why not look at life in brighter light? Are your circumstances so overwhelmingly sad that you have to try and pull others down with you? Do you understand that your bad attitude toward happy people just makes you even more sad and grumpy?

I refuse to allow your unhappiness to suck the happiness out of my day. I will separate myself from your attitude even if it means moving away from you physically. How sad would that be!? To not have ME in YOUR life!? hahaha! Ok, I’m sounding a bit arrogant. I know. And that was a joke, really…but REALLY—sometimes drastic measures are needed.

Come on, get happy, stop being annoyed and join the HAPPY!

Ending with this awesome quote below someone shared with me today and truly was the inspiration of this blog…


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