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Did you forget?

Did you forget to smile today?  Did you forget to love yourself? Did you forget to show love?
Did you forget to think positive thoughts? Did you forget to help out someone, somehow?

We forget sometimes about what we are supposed to do.  Maybe we don’t MEAN to, but it happens.  We are to be HAPPY and JOYFUL and LOVING.  We aren’t meant to be mean, ugly mannered and mournful.  I know sadness and mourning come for a moment, but we are even supposed to take those trials and find the joy in them.

James 1:2-3

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

PURE JOY IN TRIALS?  Yep.  Why? Because that kind of attitude will help you MOVE FORWARD (perseverance).

Don’t stay in the pit of sorrow and the valley of pity for long… put that CHIN UP!  Get up, get dressed and get ready for whatever you have to face today.

I’m writing this because I KNOW I NEED THESE WORDS SOMETIMES… I feel discouraged about something or someone and I neeeeeeeeeeeeed James 1:2-3.

Do you?

Be blessed!


Emotion.  That is what drives us.  We are sad or mad or happy or glad.

Our physical circumstances drive those emotions most all the time.  Are we where we want to be?  Did we eat a good breakfast?  Did we eat a chili cheese burrito that is beckoning from below?  Are we who we want to be with?  Do we like what we are wearing?  Does our hair look good?  Shoes…are they comfortable!?!  So many factors that go into our emotion.

WHY?!?  Why can’t we just choose to be happy with our circumstance?

I can identify most with the shoe thing.

Rita ain’t happy if her feet ain’t happy!  Haha!

But really, truly, I am.

I am happy when the skies are grey and the rain is falling even though I admit to be a solar powered robot.

I know there are times that solicit anger or sadness.  I’m not saying I’m immune to those things.  I, of course, cried (horribly) when my parents died.   Also, I find it so frustrating and get angry when I see people being taken advantage of in this world like the elderly or defenseless children.  Who wouldn’t feel those feelings?

But the drive of emotion I’m talking about is what effects our constant attitude.  Even though I was distraught when my parents passed, I could still look at the good times we had and knew that life must go on without them here.  AND when I see such hatred in the world on the news and such, I don’t let it get me down, I try and help wherever I can.

I know so many people who allow everything to make them sad or angry.  They say they want to be happy, but they don’t do anything to try and do just that.  They put down their neighbors by talking ill of them behind their back, disrespect their parents by becoming defiant or distant and do whatever they can to try to fill some void they have.  It won’t work!

The emotion they are trying to get to will never be grasped until they find LOVE.  Love is the only thing that will drive them to their true destination.  I know this because I tried to find happiness through means of so many things.  I have, in the past, chased after stupid evil things.  I’ve been in conversations and circumstances that did nothing to get me to LOVE.  It did nothing but spin my tires.

I would make a list for you, but not only would this blog take way too long, but I’d also rehash a bunch of stuff I have no business rehashing.  God has forgiven me for the evil I tried to stuff in the void that only HE could fill.  He has taken away all the sinful things I tried to use to create an everlasting emotion that would make me HAPPY …or should I say CONTENT.  He did away with those things and help guide me to the place He wanted me to be.

I’m not saying the guilt is gone…I’m not sure that will ever happen.  I’d love for this thing called SALVATION to come with a huge chalkboard type eraser that could get rid of all that stuff.  It doesn’t, I believe, because we have to remember that those things were lessons and no matter what we learned, they make us better eventually.

So my emotion, my attitude, my contentment does not come from my circumstance, what I had for breakfast or even how my shoes fit…

It comes from a knowing that GOD has saved me, filled me with LOVE and allowed me to love no matter who is trying to hate in this world or what is going on around me.


1 John 4:19


There is this man…

He’s caring and loving and CRAZY.  I love his attitude, his smile

AND EVEN when he throws me under the bus by blaming me for things that HE did. 

THIS MAN, most always, makes me laugh out loud and talks to me about our awesome friend Jesus.  We can talk about situations that frustrate us or make us joyful.  We discuss the Bible, why we are so blessed and how OUR GOD makes stuff awesome like the full moon was last night (for all to see before the football game).

This man helps out those around him in anyway he possibly can.  He lives and displays integrity.  He teaches good character and how hard work will pay off when it’s done right.  (or how it can be learned from when done wrong)

This man is known by all as a great person, an awesome teacher and a leader in our community and really, abroad.

This man is what he refers to himself as my “FIRST BEST FRIEND” and makes sure to let my other best friend (Love you Reagan!) know she is number two.

I’m so honored and blessed by THIS MAN that I figured I’d write this blog about him today.

Mr. Johnny Coleman– I LOVE YOU.

Here’s a few pics of us…

THIS FIRST ONE IS MY FAVE…we are so cute!


ON A BUS–on our way to Ft. Worth with some awesome FFA students.  I love this pic!


THE TIE!  Love the tie!  This is before graduation one year.


Hanging out in the art room with a group of our peers, but the pic was just for us! haha!


In Fort Worth about to watch some pigs dance around.


Mr. Coleman and I with my “other” best friend.


Again, in Ft. Worth with our Ag teacher friend Mrs. Fielder.


Here, Mr. Coleman is giving the speech at graduation last year.  Loved his speech, because he talked mainly about attitude. We have a GREAT attitude in common.  Some days he helps mine lift tons more than he will ever know!



What do you do?

What do you do when someone hates EVERYTHING.  They are not happy.  You try to compliment them, talk about awesome things and point them in the direction of greatness.  Nothing works.  They hate.  PERIOD.  All they want to do is hate.  They hate this, they hate that… it’s like they even hate breathing some days!

Ok, for them, that is their option. They have their opinions.  They are totally entitled to live their life miserably.


What do you do?

It’s so easy to allow their attitude to drag you down.  They find it quite simple to get others who “ride the fence” on happiness to follow them.  I see others become drawn in by their hate.  It’s disgusting.  It makes me frown.  *GASP!*  That is exactly what they want me to do….


Voice my opinion.  I lay it out there.  I tell them I don’t like their attitude.  I show my confusion about their hateful conversation.

Does it help?  Not really.  At least, not THEIR attitude.  It DOES help me and perhaps drives somewhat of a wall between the hate and those who, if they seriously thought about it, would not want to follow that hateful path.

I stand up for THE GOOD…the happy…the positive.  THE SMILEY!  If that makes the “hater” hate me…

So be it.

THAT is what I DO.

What do YOU do?

Fun pictures of Sept 6

These pictures just make me happy. IMG_5550.JPG




Mr. Happiest Man at Walmart

It seems I always share my grocery shopping experiences on here.  It really is a time that I dread, but it ALWAYS is a time that I learn something, I find new insight and I am blessed.   God does that.  He truly can bless you even when you are doing what you really don’t like to do.  He is super duper awesome like that!

This morning, I was in the Walmart parking lot at 7:41.  I had a great organized list and was ready to tackle it!  I zooomed through in record time and was just rockin’ this grocery shopping trip.  When I was done with the list (I had checked every item off!), I decided to go look at the cheap t-shirts to paint on.  I heard a man say, “Hey Lady, what you doin?”  It was a cute old man that I had seen in this Walmart numerous times before.  He’s usually at the front giving you a buggy or just smiling.  I told him I was just looking around and getting my shopping done.  He looks at my buggy and says, “Well, it’s almost full.”  And man was it!  I almost had it to the top and was thankful I really was finished putting things in that thing.

I casually looked at the shirts while listening to his conversation with other close-by employees.  He was so happy.  He was so sweet.  He was so positive.  He even gave one man coming down the aisle a piece of candy.  I made eye contact with the man and checked out his face-mood.  Yes, face-mood…what was his face saying?  He was happy.  He had that look on his face like “awwww, I’m special.”  It was that little sweet, cutie-patootie of a man who just gave him that candy and everyone else his positive spirit.

I made my way to the check-out and had a lovely cashier.  She was a sweetie.  I thanked God for the experiences I had at this Walmart adventure.  On my way out the door, I realized that Mr. Happiest Man at Walmart was organizing carts at the entrance.  I swiveled my FULL cart around and went back into the store.  He smiles and says, “Well, hello!”  I said, “Can I take my picture with you, because you are the happiest person I’ve seen in Walmart this morning?”  He smiled and walked toward me to post while almost giggling a little.  I loved loved love this… Love this man even though I really don’t know him.  I love his spirit, his attitude and most of all




I want to grow up to be JUST LIKE Mr. Happiest Man at Walmart (Dick as the name tag says)!

I should have started yesterday’s blog like this:

GOD is the reason for all my awesomeness. HE IS AWESOME. He is truth. He is the only reason I can even have a chance to be AWESOME. I look to HIM in times of trials. He is my positive thoughts. He is my optimism.

The end. (and the beginning!)

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