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Another reason I love what I do…


This seriously is another reason I love what I do.   Some of our students really get into dress up days.  Today, with Halloween, we had a ton of crazy costumes.  Some giddy-ups were ghoulish and creepy while others were funny and lighthearted.  I tend to enjoy the more hilarious ones.  This one above, along with his blue twin, was my favorite of all the crazies.

I love to see kiddos getting into fun times during high school.  I know, I know, I KNOW…they need to be there to learn.  Learning is important, I believe in learning.  If you have read a few of my blogs, you know how I feel about learning.

Learning is essential, but having fun while you are in high school–GOOD CLEAN RED RIBBON WEEK/ HALLOWEEN DAY FUN–is essential too!  I always tell our students at our beginning of the year assembly that the more involved you are (within reason, of course–don’t want to spread themselves too thin), the much more positive, enjoyable time this thing called high school will be!

So, today, was one of those days that makes high school FUN(ner).   I even saw a former student of mine at the game tonight and let him know that I was talking about HIS COSTUME from a couple of years back at school today.  His was the best all time disturbingly hilarious costume ever.  I sure wish I had access to the photo of him to post it here, but I’m not sure where it is.  Due to it’s disturbing quality, I may want to keep it under wraps anyway.  It was not gory at all.  It was one of those that kind of puts you in shock.  Here is this popular football player type guy …in a tutu!  Not going into any further detail, but it was one of those days like today—IT WAS A FUN high school event that is just ONE more reason I LOVE WHAT I DO!  

Here’s a pan-pic of the group we had dressing up today.





Listen to this song.  Really listen to the words.

“Now, I’m 83. ”   When I first heard this song, that made me for real, surprisingly, laugh out loud.  It’s so true.  I look back and think about all the times I wasted.  We have only a certain amount of moments here in this world and we can’t let things just slip on by.  We have to make things count.  I hate the fact that I waited so long to truly love the Lord.  I wasted time playing and doing things that can only be described as “of the devil.”  That is my biggest regret.  Other things creep up when I start thinking about–I wish I had…  but I know that I cannot bring the past back. I cannot change the past.  I can only look to the future and pray I become closer to God and better at this life.

Thinking about my mom today, I wish I had been more patient with her and told her I loved her more often.  I know she knew it, but I wonder if she ever doubted my love, because of my attitude.  We should all treasure the time we have with each other.  Don’t allow it to slip on by.  Don’t allow things to go unspoken.  Hug people!  Smile at others.  Don’t let another minute slip on by –another moment that you could be telling others about JESUS and the great things you have in life because of the many blessings that shower down on you daily.  Don’t let it slip on by!



My sweet baby girl brought this video to my attention just a few minutes ago.  This kid is hilarious!  And speaks such truth.  As mothers, let’s never forget that we are LOVED and we are APPRECIATED even though we feel worn out or even defeated at times.   Our babies do love us even though their attitudes cause us to doubt sometimes.  Remember, God made us to be servants and we should always feel honored to do the will of God!

“If every mom in the world knew how awesome they were, all the problems of this world would be fixed!” <—my favorite quote from this video!  GO KID PRESIDENT!


In honor of my mom, Julie: 1942-2008


Morgan and Nana


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