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What’s YOUR excuse?

Excuses, excuses…

I asked one of my friends last night if they were still going to the same church to which they replied,

“No. I just don’t have time.”

How much time does going to church really take though?

I know some churches still do Sunday morning AND Sunday evening services, then there are Wednesday evenings.  From my own personal observations, most people only attend Sunday morning.  So, say it’s just Sunday morning service you go to…you don’t even come early for Sunday School.  I’m not sure about all churches, but our service starts at 11 and is usually out about 12.  That is…ONE HOUR.  Add on get-ready time (which you have to get clothes on and stuff for the day anyway, right?) and then some drive time depending on where you go (and I am almost certain, there is a church close to you)….STILL, at the max–TWO HOURS, right?  ..and you don’t have time?

I’m not judging!  That is not my job.  I’m just trying to understand.  I wasn’t trying to pry into anything either.  I was simply asking.  They could have just said a simple, “No.”  I probably wouldn’t have asked another question.  I’m not the question asker, that is my better-half.  But them offering an excuse for not going got my mind spinning.

Then I remembered there was this song I heard once about EXCUSES.

Excuses, excuses, you’ll hear them every day.
And the Devil he’ll supply them, if the church you stay away.
When people come to know the Lord, the Devil always loses
So to keep them folks away from church, he offers them excuses.

In the summer it’s too hot. And, in the winter, it’s too cold.
In the spring time when the weather’s just right, you find some place else to go.
Well, it’s up to the mountains or down to the beach or to visit some old friend.
Or, to just stay home and kinda relax and hope that some of the kin folks will start dropping in.

Well, the church benches are too hard. And, that choir sings way too loud.
Boy, you know how nervous you get when you’re sitting in a great big crowd.
The doctor told you, “Now, you better watch them crowds. They’ll set you back.”
But, you go to that old ball game because you say “it helps you to relax.”

Well, a headache Sunday morning and a backache Sunday night.
But by work time Monday morning, you’re feeling quite alright.
While one of the children has a cold, “Pneumonia, do you suppose?”
Why the whole family had to stay home, just to blow that poor kid’s nose.

Well, the preacher he’s too young. And, maybe he’s too old.
The sermons they’re not hard enough. And, maybe they’re too bold.
His voice is much too quiet-like. Sometimes he gets too loud.
He needs to have more dignity. Or, else he’s way too proud.

Well, the sermons they’re too long. And, maybe they’re too short.
He ought to preach the word with dignity instead of “stomp and snort.”
Well, that preacher we’ve got must be “the world’s most stuck up man.”
Well, one of the lady’s told me the other day, “Well, he didn’t even shake my hand.”

Excuses, excuses, you’ll hear them every day.
And the Devil he’ll supply them if the church you stay away.
When people come to know the Lord, the Devil always loses
So to keep them folks away from church, he offers them excuses.
So to keep them folks away from church, he offers them excuses.

I know that song may list some things we have all done instead of going to church.  I’m not pointing any fingers!  If I were doing that, I’d be pointing at myself.  I believe the song creates the list to exaggerate the fact that we all have goofy excuses why we don’t attend a church.

OHhhhh and before you go getting huffy about this blog today… I know a lot of people believe in God, but don’t go to church.  I have friends who love Jesus, but just don’t have a church family.  I understand that people take that stand…

I really don’t know personally.  When I didn’t go to church, I didn’t really know Jesus.

PERSONALLY…I just enjoy church and LOVE my church family.  I have so many friends that I wouldn’t have if I had not gotten into church.  I wouldn’t have known I could really carry a tune in a bucket if I hadn’t of gone to church.  I get to sing a lot of places now.  I learned how to fellowship with other Christians and I continue to learn so much in studying the Bible with others.  I love LOVE and church is just another place to give and receive it.  I could go on, but I think I’ve said enough.

What’s YOUR excuse?

I realize…

I realize more and more the older I get that there are things in this life that just aren’t worth my time.  I don’t care if people talk about me in a negative way.  It doesn’t make me think badly of myself–only why in the world would they waste their time talking about me?  And what is wrong with THEM? Haha!  I’m like “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhht?”

I realize more and more, as the number of candles on my cake increases, that things of this world are so temporary.  I have been quite a hoarder most my life (and believe it’s an essential part of my job sometimes–art teachers hoard crazy stuff to make art out of), but as I go through some items I kept through my youth, I think WHY DID I KEEP THAT!?!  Why do I have this napkin or this deflated balloon or even a note from someone I don’t even recall?  Haha!  Again, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhht?”

I realize more and more, as the days, months and years pass by that people come and go, but true friends really stay no matter whether they live in your town or move far, far way.  Those that you lose touch with or that lose touch with you–whichever, I’m not trying to point fingers–have completed their “assigned task” in your life.  There’s no “Whaaaaaaht?” on this one–that is just truth.

I realize more and more, as the sands through the hour glass trickle down (reminds me of an old soap opera my mom used to watch), I’m a product more of my attitude than anything or anyone in this life.  My attitude is what keeps me looking forward.  I know that God has blessed me and I keep that at the front of my head.

I realize more and more that as time goes by…I’m different…I’m a transformed person…I’m a smarter, new and improved me. I’m almost nothing like I was when I was during my junky year of 6th grade, my celebratory year as a senior in high school, my scary yet exciting first year as a teacher, those firsts as a wife, mother, etc.  Sure I have the same face with a few more wrinkles and I still have some of the same habits such as good dental hygiene, but I’m different.

I realize more and more that I’m a creation of the God Almighty and He is the reason I’m even realizing anything!  He is the reason I can have hope for tomorrow, hope for my children and excitement in this life at all.  I’m so glad I realize this.  I’m so glad I’m no longer lost, worried or down on myself.   Sure, I get a little crazy when life does, but I always have GOD to hold my hand and help me turn my eyes to Him.  I realize, because I have Him.   I realize…

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