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What do I care?

What do I care …

If someone doesn’t appreciate my need to look on the bright side?

If smiling is not EVERYONE’S favorite thing?

If people think I’m ugly, fat or stupid?

If my art doesn’t please someone?

If my car isn’t nice enough?

My house not big enough?

Or I don’t wear the “in” styles?

What do I care?

I don’t. 



As I turned the corner in my dining room and looked back at the washroom where I had left the sink on…


I had started cleaning the house yesterday with such a bad attitude.  I sat down and recoop’ed and even wrote a blog to remind myself that everything is a blessing–EVEN cleaning the house.

When I saw the inch or two deep water slowly seeping toward me, I almost let that bad attitude resurface.  I thought, “WHYYYYY!!!”  …and might of even said it outloud.  I can’t remember.  I don’t even remember turning on the sink.  I remember putting my mop in the sink and then going to the vacuum.  When did I turn on the sink!?!  Well, no matter when I did it, I did and it had been a while since I had.  The entire washroom was flooded and if I had not turned that corner when I did, much more of the house would have been too.

I wiped my tears and sucked up my attitude and grabbed every towel in our house.  I got the cyclone fan out of the back and began pulling rugs and whatever else was on the floor out to the garage.  BUT MOSTLY, I talked to GOD.  I asked Him how I could be so stupid and why did this happen.  I was thinking He would tell me this is what I deserve for the funky attitude I had earlier.  He just said, and I promise, HE put this in my head…

“You were in a hurry and trying to rush so you could get it all done.  You were thinking about that list of things you wanted to accomplish.  You were not thinking about turning on that sink when you did, because in your mind, you were already walking toward the vacuum. Slow down.”

HOW MANY TIMES DO WE DO THAT!?!  …rush …rush…RUSH!  Always in a hurry to be in a hurry.  Always busy.

SLOW DOWN!  Stop.  Life is too short to be flooded.  We flood our lives with things we don’t need and get in such a fast pace that we forget the good stuff.  We are worried about clean floors and made beds when we should be more concerned with telling others they matter and showing people we love, we love them.

I know this might sound like a crazy analogy to cleaning the house…but every circumstance can teach us SOMETHING.

Two hours later, after my floor was SUPER CLEAN and almost all the towels were washed again… My floor wasn’t flooded anymore and—

I wasn’t flooded anymore.

I WAS EXHAUSTED!  …but not flooded.  Don’t be flooded.



Sometimes I forget all of the things I am blessed to be able to do.  God gives me the ability to do so many things.

I GET to make the bed, sweep and mop the floor AND do the dishes.  I GET to vacuum, scrub the shower and toilet AND dust.  (I detest dusting…so very much…but still I’m blessed that I CAN DO IT. SOMETIMES I forget.)

I GET to bleach the sinks and wipe toothpaste off the basins.  I GET to pick up shoes, clothes, basketballs, toys of various sorts up from the floor.  i GET to sweep out the garage and take the recycling to the dumpster.

I GET TO DO ALL THOSE THINGS!  I am so blessed!!!  …but…SOMETIMES I FORGET. *sad face here*

You may think I’m being a total sarcastic idiot right now AND IF YOU KNOW ME, you know sarcasm is one of my favorite tones at times.  It’s another gift God gives me, I think.  BUT HERE, I PROMISE YOU, I’M NOT BEING SARCASTIC.

Although everything that I’m listing isn’t the absolute funnest things to do and do get a little overwhelming at times due to the consistency that I have to do them….

I AM TRULY THANKING GOD FOR THEM…I thank Him that I am able to do them.  Sometimes I FORGET that it is a blessing.  It is a blessing to have a house to clean, to have a messy family to pick up after and to chase dust bunnies who seem to truly be ALIVE in my house at times.  They are all blessings.  …but…(whispering) sometimes, I …forget. 😦

SOMETIMES I FORGET!  Sometimes I hate that I have to do them.  Sometimes I feel stressed out, because I have to do them.  SOMETIMES I wish I could just snap my fingers and some kind of little crew would come in over night –like apparently the Elf on the Shelf does –and instead of reeking havoc as he does, they clean my whole house spotless.  AND WHILE THEY ARE AT IT, they can make lunches for the next day and create home made dinners I could just pop out of the freezer and warm up.  SOMETIMES I forget that being able to do all the things I do…IS A BLESSING.

I could be sick, depressed or even dying.  I could be disabled and not physically able to do these things.  I truly am blessed.



God allows me to be able to do all I do.

…and I’m sorry, Lord, that sometimes, I forget.

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