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I am not beautiful…

I am not beautiful…

I am not beautiful due to the make-up I put on.  Eyeliner can’t make my eyes truly beam with love. 

I am not beautiful thanks to my favorite jeans or my cutest top.  They don’t prompt me to embrace other people with a warm hug.

I am not beautiful because I’ve lost a few pounds or the opposite.  Either way doesn’t remind me to love others. 

My beauty does not hinge on the fact that I drive a nice vehicle or have a ride at all.  I can still take gifts to others. 

My beauty does not rely on jewelry, perfume or accessories that may adorn this vessel the Lord has given me.  I can sparkle no matter what and show others they can sparkle as well.

My beauty is not comparable.  I am not the same beauty as you or the same as any human posed in a magazine.  Your beauty is just as incomparable!


I did not write this in order to bash make-up, jewelry or the want to smell good!  HAHAHA!  I love all those things.  I treat my face as a palette some days, because I am an artist!  Jewelry is fun and smelling good….well, that truly is one of my daily goals.  The main idea behind this is so I can remember that all those things don’t truly make up beauty.  My God created me.  He made me beautiful.  He made you beautiful.  If I keep my life centered in Him, beauty is in me, surrounds me and is one of the many things He gives me to enjoy.

Have you ever looked at another person (not with lust) and thought that is a beautiful person.  You don’t know their personality or heart.  You may know their name or other small details, but not really who they are.  God made that person and yes, they are beautiful, but that is not the entire beauty package!  We are wrapped in some crazy awesome stuff, but what’s on the inside is what makes us truly beautiful.

Skinny people who make fun of fat people here would say, yep, this writer is fat. (the word fat makes me sick… different blog)  She used that “WHAT’S ON THE INSIDE…” line.  Hahahaha!  That cracks me up every time I hear it.  I do admit, I have not felt “skinny” one time in my life although I have been at a weight where I should have. That is a whole different blog.


That verse: “greater is the one in us than the one who’s in the world”         (1 John 4:4) keeps coming to my mind.  That is not a verse so we can be all arrogant and pompous about the fact that we have Jesus in our hearts.  That is not how we are supposed to be!  That verse is to remind us that we are who we are, because of Jesus.  JESUS is the reason we are beautiful.  HE is the reason we can find self-confidence and be proud of who we are–not prideful, but PROUD of you.  He is the reason we can overcome this world.  We can look passed the superficial and the beauty that is only skin deep.  We can see true beauty.  I love that about Jesus.  I love that about MY GOD!  I love that HE loves me no matter what I look like on the outside, because HE MADE ME BEAUTIFUL!


The PROMISE I’m holding on to!

There are so many promises in THE WORD from our God.  I was reminded of this one today and I’m hugging it like a 2 year old hugs their favorite teddy.  I have felt as if the devil is trying to attack me and this verse is what I will claim, because the devil has got NOTHIN’ …zero, zilch, absolutely NOTHING that can make me believe anything but this—

ISAIAH 54:17



I thank God for His word, His promises and those He uses to help me open my eyes to them!




Listen to this song.  Really listen to the words.

“Now, I’m 83. ”   When I first heard this song, that made me for real, surprisingly, laugh out loud.  It’s so true.  I look back and think about all the times I wasted.  We have only a certain amount of moments here in this world and we can’t let things just slip on by.  We have to make things count.  I hate the fact that I waited so long to truly love the Lord.  I wasted time playing and doing things that can only be described as “of the devil.”  That is my biggest regret.  Other things creep up when I start thinking about–I wish I had…  but I know that I cannot bring the past back. I cannot change the past.  I can only look to the future and pray I become closer to God and better at this life.

Thinking about my mom today, I wish I had been more patient with her and told her I loved her more often.  I know she knew it, but I wonder if she ever doubted my love, because of my attitude.  We should all treasure the time we have with each other.  Don’t allow it to slip on by.  Don’t allow things to go unspoken.  Hug people!  Smile at others.  Don’t let another minute slip on by –another moment that you could be telling others about JESUS and the great things you have in life because of the many blessings that shower down on you daily.  Don’t let it slip on by!



My sweet baby girl brought this video to my attention just a few minutes ago.  This kid is hilarious!  And speaks such truth.  As mothers, let’s never forget that we are LOVED and we are APPRECIATED even though we feel worn out or even defeated at times.   Our babies do love us even though their attitudes cause us to doubt sometimes.  Remember, God made us to be servants and we should always feel honored to do the will of God!

“If every mom in the world knew how awesome they were, all the problems of this world would be fixed!” <—my favorite quote from this video!  GO KID PRESIDENT!


In honor of my mom, Julie: 1942-2008


Morgan and Nana



Will you have the chance to  look someone in the eye to see what emotion they are really feeling?  Can you have a face to face conversation?  How about a handshake?  What about a hug? A kiss?  These are HUMAN interactions that may seem to be out of style, old school or even impossible to do these days.  

Let me say first off, I do not have a tech-phobia.  I am not a proponent of no cell phones, computers or televisions even.  I work at a school that has a Bring Your Own Device (or technology) policy and love it!  I do see the need, though, for us to hold on to the all important REAL-HUMAN-INTERACTION without the support of such things.  

We need to giggle with each other.  We need to listen to one another.  We need to have fun in each other’s company without staring at a screen or even answering a call.  Some of us are so addicted to all of our “techy” devices.  I admit, when my phone, buzzes, beeps or sings, I have the anxiety of reaching for it.  I find it exciting to hear it’s beckon and then comforting to check the call.  I get that.  I know the feeling of it’s draw.  I really enjoy reading blogs and finding great articles via twitter.  I am not saying I am up on all technological devices, social media, etc., but I’m willing to learn anything.  These things excite me, but they should never take the place of a friend or steal time from a family member.

So, here is what I’m saying —from a gal who understands the “need” we have for technology–we have to keep in mind that we still need each other’s attention.  We need to be face to face.  We should get to know each other using traditional ways as well as the new ways.  Don’t get so caught up in looking at that bright light that illuminates from an ipod, ipad, computer, etc. screen—think about the light that illuminates from a human eye, a bright smile or a kind word.  Let’s not give up on those things AND let’s make certain we teach our children this!  While technology is here to help us all communicate more often and easier, remember that we don’t want to hide behind technology.  



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