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Those three…

We are all in search for something.  The meaning of life?

Most would like to know the meaning of life and use every minute to ponder and wonder. Sometimes searching gets us exhausted and while searching, striving to find something, we miss out on the things we really need to focus on.  

God, family, friends...  We give up on those three important things to stay connected with a world that doesn’t really care if we are here or not when those three truly do.

God, family and friends love us, care about us, want us.

Watching TV, looking down at our phones, staring at a computer screen (like I’m doing now) or searching for things to entertain us limits us at times.  While trying to broaden our minds, we might find ourselves filling them with useless information when we could be experiencing something new, innovative or just plain fun instead!

My day today started out with sitting in a deer stand.  This wasn’t a new real life experience for me or something particularly innovative, but it was fun.  I’ve not done it in many years.  It’s not something I’ve ever really loved to do.  After today, I’m not saying I’m some deer hunting convert either, but I can say, it was nice being out in the woods, watching the squirrels and listening to my boy whisper about his friends and stories about school.  My husband wasn’t able to take him this morning, so I filled in.  I’m not the best fill in, of course, but I had to do.

So, I started off my day by searching for the camo shirt, searching for the keys, searching for the road to turn on, searching for the stand in the dark with coyotes howling in the background…

The search was on …then the wait was on … then he shot a sizable creature (I’m his witness–it was big) … then the search started again!

Like bloodhounds, we trailed the deer until for some reason, the blood stopped dropping. I know what frustration is today.  I know that sometimes, searching does not end in finding.  I know that we sometimes have to sit back, listen, watch, think, regroup and go home.  That is what we did today.  We searched and searched until I thought I was lost (I wasn’t!). The search came up empty, but the experience was something I don’t think either my boy or I will forget.

Let’s be IN SEARCH of memories we can make with others.  We need to focus on those three things I mentioned earlier.  I think our search for whatever we are looking for should start with those three.





I got to ART!

So we were at our friends house the last few days and I GOT TO ART!
I’ve shared the wood art we did, but here’s all the vintage windows I painted:






I had so much fun with our friends doing all kinds of things, but no matter where I am, ARTING is my fave!


I always heard that whispering is rude–you don’t do it in front of people.  So, really, the only place you are supposed to do it is in a library or here we go—THE DEER STAND!  Or in my case, they do it in the deer stand, on the deer hunting show that we watch on the hunting station.  It makes the hairs on my neck stand up and it seriously hurts my ears more than someone blowing a fog horn.  Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little, but seriously, it burns me up!  It’s one of the most annoying things.  It goes right up there with frowny people and a tooth ache.  Again, I might exaggerate a bit with the tooth ache, but it’s definitely on the same level as frowny (annoying) people.  Why don’t I just turn the channel, you say?  Well, I don’t turn the television on let alone pilot the channel surfing.  I’m in no control over it, yet I must endure it.  How do I endure it, you ask?  I blog about it!

Happy Happy Happy!


I’m just saying… IT HAS BEGUN.

I will play 2nd, 3rd, probably even 4th, 5th or 6th  fiddle to a number of things in the few coming months.  And the list begins with deer, but goes on with hogs, maybe ducks and turkey, and occassional (very unwanted) snake,  hunting buddies, the stand, the gun, the lease, the drive to the lease, the hunting gear, the stuff you spray the gear with, the soap you use so you won’t give off your scent, the warmers, the camo, the …UG!  I’m gonna stop here and just say “ETC.”  My life as a hunter’s wife never really goes away, but these are the months where it hits me upside the head everyday.  Most days it’s all good and the cooler whether and football season (yes, I like football) helps out some.  The fact that I have more time to paint or make stuff helps a bit.  But really, I do miss him when he’s gone.

I miss being first fiddle or whatever I am during the rest of the year.  I miss being important.  haha!  IT HAS BEGUN!

A Wild Hog!?!


    This picture above is what I spent about 5 hours doing today. That is a trailer that my husband and his hunting buddy put together. Somehow I was nominated to make it “pretty,” but I’m sure the guys don’t use that word. I say that like it was a bad thing. It wasn’t. As I’ve shared before, I love painting EVEN if it’s a wild hog.

    Actually, in my opinion, wild hogs are so very nasty. They stink, they’re hair is all rough and they are oh so NOT cuddly. In fact, if you have the privilege of meeting one up close at all, as I have (both caged and not cages), you might think they look a bit like some sort of demon. They sound so demon-like. Scary!

    I also painted the Bone Collector stuff on the doors. Taping off for the bright orange spray paint was a bit of a pain, but the outcome I think was worth it, of course.

    All and all, it was a great day of fabulous painting! I was definitely in my HAPPY PLACE again. Creating stuff is my OH BOY MY FAVORITE! ((Even if part of it was a WILD HOG!))

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