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Moody people confuse me.

One day, they are nice, happy even.  Sometimes they are talkative and other days they just look at you like you are crazy for even speaking to them.  They might laugh with you one day and “bark” at you others.

To me, this kind of person is more confusing than that of the hateful person I mentioned in my blog a couple of days ago.

Is it due to a chemical imbalance?  I know that there are truly REAL conditions that are diagnosed, but if that is not the case, what is it?  Is it the breakfast they consumed?  The weather?  The circumstances of their morning.  A word someone spoke?  A look?  What they are wearing!?  Even though a definite reason might be pinpointed (besides a chemical problem which I don’t understand either because I’m not a doc) — I still think I’d be confused.

I guess it’s because I don’t think like that.  I do get in a funk mood at times.  Truth be told, today is kind of funky for me.  I’m getting things done, but I feel overwhelmed.  It’s not because of my classes.  My students are being awesome.  They are working and doing great things in class.  I have other things on my desk that need to be done.  I need to send things off and meet future deadlines.  I am a little anxious about upcoming projects.  But I can’t really tell you EXACTLY why I’m feeling funky.  I just do.

But here’s the difference between me and the moody people I come across…

Unless you are reading this blog, are my best friend or my husband–you would never know I’m in a funky mood.  I might be a little more quiet than I usually am or I might  walk a little slower, but for the most part, I still talk, I still smile, I still walk and work.  Why is it so hard for some to battle through a bad mood?  (minus the chemical thing)

Do they see no hope?  Are they not able to look at their circumstance and recognize that, somewhere, someONE, has it worse than them!?!  It truly is all about how you look at it.

A bad mood can be adjusted by perspective, but some can’t avert their eyes from whatever has made them feel funky.  Once they feel this way, they can’t stop but ooze it all over those around them.  That is the part that confuses me the most.  I shouldn’t be subjected to something that I had nothing to do with.  That seems very unfair to me and again, CONFUSING.

I guess this blog is just to vent a bit about the moody people.  I used to work with one that was about the worse I’ve ever seen so, I am blessed that I’m not subjected to that one anymore.  (perspective)


Are you moody?

Leaving you with the moods of Calvin:




THANK YOU!  “Thanks for giving me this coffee cup that I love using!”  That is the thought today that inspired this blog.  I know it’s important for us to show our appreciation to others.  Don’t you love when others recognize what you did as something valuable to them?!  Yes we do!  It’s almost like getting a big golden trophy!  Actually, to me, it’s better.  Those trophies gather dust, words of appreciation just fill your happy bucket!   I love to for that bucket to be OVERFLOWING!!!

“I appreciate what you do.”   “Thank you for loving me.”  “Thanks for all you organize.”  “Thanks for just smiling at me.”  Why can’t we use these sentences daily?  We can.  We just don’t sometimes.  We should.  We should let those around us know that they are important.  We should let people know that their help and support make your life easier.

There are so many ways you can send notes and information now.  I mean, check out this blog!  I can thank anyone I want to right now and then share this blog with them through their twitter or facebook account.  I can text a simple message.  I can email a letter of appreciation.  And yes, we can still handwrite a heartfelt letter or card, stuff the envelope, lick, stick the stamp on and put it in the mailbox or post office.  There are too many opportunities to miss showing others you appreciate them.

So, I’m challenging you RIGHT NOW…have a kind and appreciating heart.  Show someone right now you are so happy they helped you in some way.  If you are thinking you don’t have anyone to thank right now really, think again!  Let me give you some examples…


My husband for filling in the things in our life that I just don’t enjoy doing like paying our bills.  I would be such a grumpy person if I had to deal with those numbers.  I could go on and on about the things that he does for our family.  I think I’ll write him a personal note after this blog!

My two children who drive me crazy most all of the time, but that is the way I LOVE IT!

My Reagan who makes me laugh and think, but mostly for her love–she makes me feel so appreciated especially when I feel so UNappreciated.

My Tammy for being a personal prayer partner and someone that makes me laugh no matter what.

My Susan who makes my hair look great and serves as my psychiatrist every 4 to 5 weeks.

My Mary who, no matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other, we laugh and have super fun together.

My Johnny who always smiles and hugs me and makes OCHS a great place to work.

My students, whether they want to learn that day or they are having one of those other days, I love to have in my class.

My boss, his wife and family who are just GOOD PEOPLE.  Good Christian people!

My church family for being unified and loving and always ready to help each other.

My high school art teacher–Mrs. Garrison–for being more than just an art teacher, but a mentor, character builder and friend.

My Mrs. Pearson who is the Godliest woman I know.  She’s such an example.


but I’m pretty sure you got the jest of things.  Maybe I will make my list longer tomorrow by actually sending these messages to the people I need to thank instead of posting it to my blog.  Think I’ll go start now.



A Wild Hog!?!


    This picture above is what I spent about 5 hours doing today. That is a trailer that my husband and his hunting buddy put together. Somehow I was nominated to make it “pretty,” but I’m sure the guys don’t use that word. I say that like it was a bad thing. It wasn’t. As I’ve shared before, I love painting EVEN if it’s a wild hog.

    Actually, in my opinion, wild hogs are so very nasty. They stink, they’re hair is all rough and they are oh so NOT cuddly. In fact, if you have the privilege of meeting one up close at all, as I have (both caged and not cages), you might think they look a bit like some sort of demon. They sound so demon-like. Scary!

    I also painted the Bone Collector stuff on the doors. Taping off for the bright orange spray paint was a bit of a pain, but the outcome I think was worth it, of course.

    All and all, it was a great day of fabulous painting! I was definitely in my HAPPY PLACE again. Creating stuff is my OH BOY MY FAVORITE! ((Even if part of it was a WILD HOG!))

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