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Blue Bell and JESUS

Here in Texas, we love our BLUE BELL.  We like sweet tea, talking about how hot the weather is going to get, Bar-B-Q and Blue Bell.  We talk about football, how the team will be this year and discuss the date we believe Blue Bell will return.

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Blackberry Cobbler, Rocky Road…

Whatever the fave may be, Blue Bell is the choice around here.

One of my friends said today, “If you are really wanting ice cream, any of it’s good.”   To most Blue Bell Addicts, that would be fightin’ words.  That would be the beginning of a major debate.

I do like ice cream, but as my friend said, if you are wanting it, almost any of it will satisfy you.  We like to be obsessed about so many things in this world.  I’m not trying to dis Blue Bell.  I do like Blue Bell.  I do!

My observation today is just this: ICE CREAM is good.  This life is good, but we as crazy humans have to find something to talk about.  Blue Bell has been a current event for several months now.  It’s been in the news, on the radio and the topic of several conversations all over Texas and beyond for a while now.

Why aren’t we so quick to talk to people about what Jesus has done for us?  Why not share GOD stories just as quick as we start small talk about a brand of ice cream?  Isn’t HE just as sweet as ice cream?

As most all of my blogs go…I’m talking to myself!  Why don’t I share Jesus MORE?  I want to tell people about the crazy awesome stuff that happens in my life, because I know my God is real.  I do!  I want to be able to talk to others just as easy about HIS return as I am about the return of Blue Bell.  You never know which will be first!

Don’t ask yourself when Blue Bell is coming… Ask yourself are you ready when JESUS comes?

I hope the second question is much easier to answer than the first one.




I just had nuts, berries and yogurt about 30 minutes ago.  This yummy snack usually keeps me going for what seems like hours most days.

WHY DOES MY STOMACH feel as if it wants MORE!?  It is ROARING like a stinkin’ lion after a 10 day fast. (ha…I know, lions don’t fast)

SOMETIMES, not all the time, but some days I’m constantly battling the fact that my body thinks it wants more..more…MORE!

I don’t want more …more ..more.

I don’t want a higher jean size, I don’t want a rounder behind and I don’t want more jiggle for the wiggle I already own.

I am not obsessed with the fact that I’m a round gal, but I do get a little crazy by the factors of age, hormones and metabolism.  Why do they do some crazy stuff to my mind and body?  I know God made us.  Please don’t think I’m writing this to plead for compliments on how wonderfully beautiful I am–I know this, really.  I’m confident in the fact that God made me awesome.  I am very secure in that thought AND WOW, did He make us amazing.  Our bodies are miracles!!!

I just don’t understand the lonely beckons and cravings of things such as starchy butter and cheese–DON’T FORGET THE CHEESE–drenched taters, salty potato chips or even sweet creamy ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with whatever MORE sugary items you can sprinkle here and there.   UG!   Our minds can create the picture of those things RIGHT NOW!  I know you see ’em!

Some blame it on commercials and billboards.  I am not getting into the blame game.  Seems like most of our population is on that trip.  I don’t ever want to take that journey.  I know my decisions are my own no matter what propaganda or circumstance bombards me.

I’m seriously asking the question: WHY??!!!  Why does the body think it needs certain stuff when it SHOULD BE perfectly satisfied?

We all have this in some area of our lives.  If it’s not food, it’s something else.  We want want want.  I guess we can trace it all back to Adam and Eve.  HA!  No guessing there—it’s the prime example of wanting and not needing.  If Eve hadn’t of picked that stupid apple, we’d still be in the garden with perfect bodies enjoying the perfect temperature and joyously praising God in His presence.  Wow!  Wouldn’t that be more than awesome?!  ((I cling to the promise of that moment happening in my future–YAY!!!))  Let’s not blame poor Eve–I believe that if Eve hadn’t of done it, thanks to temptation (and a little prodding from the devil), someone would have stepped up sooner–not later, and picked that first forbidden fruit.  Again, not setting the blame of my cravings on one certain apple picker, but I know this is the moment that the course of history for our minds and bodies really changed.  We weren’t protected as much from this world any longer.  God pronounced His punishment …and years later, HERE I AM…

asking the questions: WHY LORD, WHY!?

Haha…I think I will go make a pizza!

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