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I do it to myself.

I want to do so many things!  I’ve always been like this.  When I was young, I always had a new project.  I remember painting on glass–I used black ink and then went over that with this translucent acrylic medium.  It was so cool and I guess popular at the time.   I have, over the years, done so many different projects.  I have made stained glass windows, oil painted, hooked rugs (that doesn’t even sound right, but that is what it was), wove, did leather work, made things out of materials that no one thought could be used for art, painted on wood and saw blades and shoes…  AND THERE’S SO MUCH MORE!  I love to create stuff and always have.  I’ve always wanted to have a project going.

I love to stay busy.  I am always coming up with something to do at work, with my art classes, leadership class or student council.  I volunteer myself for stuff.  I never say NO to anyone who asks me to do things.  I organize, start and stir projects and programs almost all the time.  IF I’m behind my desk, I’m making a flyer, filling out forms, writing emails full of questions or requests, writing recommendations, revising students’ scholarship essays or putting in grades!

I never take time for ME.

I don’t.

I get overwhelmed sometimes, but I don’t ever ever EVER hate what I do.  I’m not writing this to vent.  I’m writing this to remind myself that this is what I choose.  When I get overwhelmed—I need to remember that it’s all because of ME.

There are days I feel exhausted and I know it’s time to just go home and do nothing, but here lately, there has not been a night where that is a possibility.  Even tonight, I thought maybe I could hang at the house and just veg a little, but instead, I wrote letters and made out cards to those I think needed them, got carnations ready for tomorrow’s sale and then went to watch the boys play baseball.  When I got home, I remembered I forgot to get my aides to prepare the Valentine Carnation tags for tomorrow so I had to go back up to the school to make those.


I believe I make life harder on myself by not just stepping back and taking a breath.

I am NOT saying I don’t enjoy life.  I love what I do.  I am blessed to be able to do the things I do.

I’m just saying I DO IT TO MYSELF…I stay busy, because I choose to.  I choose to make myself crazy and scattered and sometimes spread to thin.

I do it to myself.  

I always have.




WOW!  I missed a blog day!  What is going on here!?  haha!  The last few days I’ve been so crazy busy with different things and last night when I usually post something—I JUST WENT TO BED without thinking about MY BLOG!  My brain just pushed it out, I guess. 

So, TODAY—I will do one, a great important one.  Be ready!  Ha!



Why do we do it? 

Why do we continue to do the same things over and over thinking THIS TIME it will be different!? 

As ‘ole Albert there is saying, that is CRAZY! 

We have to change, adapt and learn.  We must move forward, improve and expand through experiences.  LEARN FROM EXPERIENCES.  I’m pretty sure he was talking about some type of scientific reasoning or what not, but applied to the every day–it’s the same. 

Try, try again, but don’t do it the same way.  Failing, downfalls, wrong turns and bad choices pop up in our days, but ya can’t just stay in the rut.  Ya gotta get up, dust off and go at it again!  THIS TIME, try mastering it, conquering the beast, fixing the problem or climbing that mountain in a DIFFERENT way, with a DIFFERENT outlook and use some DIFFERENT tools.  Maybe it will go better this time…

and you won’t just look INSANE!


Chaos in the midst of chaos isn’t funny, but chaos in the midst of order is.

-Steve Martin

Our lives are so filled with stuff. It’s like bunnies. One minute you have two bunnies and the next, a hundred. Just like our crazy lives. One minute, one thing, the next, two, after that, a dozen. We have agendas that go south, moods that follow the same path and plans that travel along like the fastest roller coaster in the park. This is when we can’t find our humor. This is when we wanna cry, crawl in a hole or, at the very least, hide in the bathroom for a few minutes and silently scream in the mirror. It’s not even remotely funny.

It can be! Seriously, funny. This is when you need to calm yourself, step back and look at the situation and ask God to show you the BRIGHT SIDE, the glimpse of happy, the silver lining! It is then when you can laugh. Find order, find calm, find a solace and you can begin to see the humor again. And it’s then the chaos becomes funny!!!

How do I know this, you ask??? I’ve done it plenty. Life is insane with lists as long as our arms and days filled with practices, meetings and events. You have to find the funny so the chaos won’t consume you. Create your own order and it’s then when you can laugh at your chaos!


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