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I need laughter.
It’s almost like my need for air.
I know, in reality, it’s not, but …
Laughter helps me keep looking toward THE GOOD and we all know that is hard to do sometimes.
I have a great life, a great spot, my family is super and my job is my dream. I am so thankful for everything I have. I’m not sad, I just long for laughter.
I need a good ole LAUGH FEST!
I want to talk to an old friend and laugh about goofy stuff we did.
I want to hang out with someone who is FUNNY in a nice clean way.
I hear some of my students laughing at each other and miss my best friends.
I want to laugh.
Laughter keeps ya young and maybe that is it…
I’m feeling old here lately.
I need that fountain of youth called



Our kids keep watching this video over and over and laughing like crazy!
Tim Hawkins is hilarious!

Laughter is so important!

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Prov. 17:22

GIGGLES are contagious!

My children have had friends over for the night and their laughter has made me smile so much!

Attitudes are contagious.  They truly are!

I didn’t record any of my children laughing, but I found this HILARIOUS giggling child on Youtube and had to share!

Just try not to laugh… or even grin a bit!  Ya just can’t do it, because

GIGGLES are contagious!

NEVER underestimate the POWER of Laughter!


We have to have it! We really want to laugh. Sometimes we don’t think about how much we need it until we are right smack dab in the middle of laughing like a hyena.

Laughing until my side hurts while rubbing my face and blotting my watering eyes is something I long for at times. It kind of sounds painful, but if you have ever really experienced this —it truly is one of the great JOYS of life.

Tonight, I got to spend some time with the youth from our church. We shared stories, ate some great food and talked about why we should be HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! (I wore my Phil Robertson shirt!)


We should be happy—we are GOD’S PEOPLE! We should look “CRAZY” HAPPY to this world. We have something this world doesn’t have, something this world needs: JESUS! That is what makes us HAPPY– HAPPY– HAPPY!

My face still hurts a little from the constant LOL’n and smiling from ear to ear. I love that we all had so much fun with each other. That is the way GOD wants it to be–He wants us to be JOYFUL, happy, while appreciating and even relishing in each other’s company. It’s a great feeling …that feeling of JOY…laughing is powerful! It makes you feel closer to God…

Never EVER underestimate the POWER of Laughter!





Some of us definitely don’t look like we have missed a meal (I know I’m round!), but a lot of us look like we’ve missed out on laughing here lately.  You shouldn’t want to miss a smile just like you don’t want to miss a meal!

Laughing is such a gift from God.  He wants us to be able to spread joy and the sound of laughter is just one way He gives us to do so.  I mean, you can write a blog about being happy, call a friend and share a happy moment or even set your facebook post as: “I’M SO HAPPY!” But laughter is the best way to show happiness.  The sound of laughter is so great!  It doesn’t matter how young or old you are–it’s so cute!  I used to wake up to a little baby laughing hilariously until my husband who doesn’t appreciate LOUD laughter as much as I do, made me change it.  I love when people laugh out loud.  I do not like the acronym so much “LOL,” but the act of LOL’in is my fave!

You know you want to laugh…We long for happiness!  We do whatever we can to achieve happiness.  Sometimes though, all it takes is stopping and smelling the cookies!  (I could say roses, but let’s stick to the food analogies on this one.)  Stop and breathe in the aroma of the moment.  Even if it’s a funky moment like when I used to hit the back door and knew at THAT very moment that my mom was cooking sauerrkraut and weinies for dinner.  O geeeeeeez, I still don’t understand why she did that.  The smell was awful and the fact that we had to eat whatever she cooked or go hungry made that moment a super funky one.  Even in times like those,  we need to find what makes us happy.  We need to focus on the good stuff.  I certainly didn’t do it then, but looking back, I should have just been satisfied with the fact that I had a mother who cooked for us every night (and every morning before school AND packed my lunch!) and that we had food in our home.  See what I’m getting at?

I know food is kind of an important thing.  We all know that.  For a lot of us, it’s way more important than other things, but we should want to show our joy by laughing just as much.   Whether you admit it or not, WE ALL NEED LAUGHTER LIKE FOOD!  Don’t be a chronic frowner and don’t hold your giggle in. (you might EXPLODE!–and you know how embarrassing that can be!) I know this is getting a little silly here, but let’s stick to the food theme–

Breathe in the aroma of happiness, eat up some good ole happiness cookies and wash them  down with  a huge glass of happiness and then BURP OUT some belly rolling laughter!  YOU KNOW YOU WANNA!

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