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Let me begin with a week ago…

On Saturday night, I realized that the student I had understood to be doing our lesson in Youth was not going to be at church.  I was discouraged some.  I immediately started talking to God about what he wanted me to teach.  We had church breakfast the next morning which meant I would be at church early and would be able to study some then as well.  He gave me ALL OF IT.  He showed me the verse, gave me the words, the stories and everything I needed for the lesson. GOD DID THAT!  HE ALWAYS DOES IT.

On Monday, I had a meeting with my student leaders which ended up being a totally non-productive meeting.  That meeting discouraged me so!  I knew I had to meet with the student board and tell them exactly what I felt, discuss with them what leaders truly do and that they needed to step up and make the rest of this year more about unity and service.  I prayed and prayed about that meeting.  It went perfect.  GOD DID THAT!  HE ALWAYS DOES IT.

We started a project in my art classes where the kids hand make Valentine cards for children in the hospital and/or people in the nursing home.  When discussing it with one of my classes, one of my students acted like it was not a good project.  He actually griped about it having to look “good.”  Wow, that discouraged me.  I don’t understand how young people can be so unfeeling and self-centered.  That is something I combat a lot.  I’ve prayed for that certain student as well as all of them as they create these cards.  Those students made close to 200 cards this week.  GOD DID THAT!  HE ALWAYS DOES IT.

I found out yesterday that I was to sing at a funeral today.  The funeral was of the wonderful lady I blogged about a couple of days ago.  Mrs. Pearson was a true blessing.  I remember a story she told about a lady in her church when she was growing up.  This lady she talked about was a Sunday School teacher and GA leader.  She was a Godly woman.  Mrs. Pearson prayed to God to make her like this woman and she gave Him all the credit in doing exactly that.  That is the way I feel about Mrs. P… I pray God allows me to be as awesome as she was.  I loved her so… So, I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to sing at her funeral without crying.  When I cry, my throat closes up and the only sound that comes out of my throat sounds like the squeal of a mouse.  I prayed that they put my song early in the service.  I also enlisted some very dependable prayer warriors.  They prayed for me, I know they did.  I arrived at the church and  found I was early in the service–THANK GOD!   The entire funeral was a true celebration of Mrs. Pearson’s life.  I sang THE LIGHTHOUSE like I did for her when she sat in HER pew.  She always thanked me for that song when I sung it.  It was her song.  I didn’t sound anything like a mouse.  God gave me the strength to do that song one last time for our sweet friend.  GOD DID THAT!  HE ALWAYS DOES IT.

I’ve been trying to write these blessings down all week and I’m so glad I waited until today so I could add the last one.

God blesses us all the time!  You just have to believe that HE ALWAYS DOES IT.

Leaders Smile!



^I love these smiley face shirt wearing people right there! ^

It’s no secret I LOVE WHAT I DO.  I love teaching and advising.  God has blessed me with a great vocation.

This picture above is just one representation of why I love what I do.  These leaders are some great kiddos.  I’m certain they will do a great   job at serving their student body this year and beyond this year, they will continue to be awesome leaders.

Today was our OFFICIAL STU.CO. SMILEY FACE SHIRT DAY.  This smiley face shirt design started last year with our council hosting the district spring meeting where the theme was L.E.A.D.= Learn to Love, Encourage Everyone, Appreciate at All Times and DO IT WITH A SMILE!  Those first ones were NEON shirts with the black smiley from our “T-SHIRT LADY”— who we LOVE!  So, this year, the officers decided to do the smiley again, but get black shirts with the bright smiley.  I LOVE THIS SHIRT!  It is such a simple message.

People sometimes underestimate the POWER of a SMILE.  A smile can do so many things.   As a leadership teacher and student council advisor, I preach/teach the need for the simple smile which I believe is the first step to a positive attitude.   As a teacher, wife, momma, etc…I believe a smile is ESSENTIAL to keeping a great attitude.

Smile power can make just about any moment seem brighter, lighter and HAPPIER (duh).   I truly believe it is absolutely necessary and extremely important to smile especially when you are a leader.

Those smiley face t-shirt wearing leaders in that picture have definitely got it.  They know: LEADERS SMILE!




This video reminds me of the pencil analogy…

You can break one pencil, but put a group of them together (like 10 or so) and there is no way you can break them.


Stress, Stress, GO AWAY!

What a crazy stress-filled week this has been! I feel like, at times, I was chained to my computer creating emails, answering emails or publishing things to use for an upcoming event. I had so many other things to do as well. It was kinda-let’s say-CHAOTIC! Thank God for great students, great leaders and great people to work with and for. Our student body president worked and worked on all kinds of things we had to do for our district meeting. My boss helped me with pizza-detail. My friends gave me consoling looks and words. I am so blessed!
I hope you are blessed in life by being surrounded by great people that help make your Stress, Stress, GO AWAY!

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