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Are you too much of something?  We think of ourselves as too fat, too ugly.  Too tired to do something.  Too much work to do.  Too much time or is it tooooo LITTLE time?  Too short, to tall, too hairy, too loud…
They say too much of anything is bad, right?

I wouldn’t say that about ALL THINGS.  Somethings can’t be measured on the TOO MUCH scale.  I can never get too much love, smiles, inspiration, joy or JESUS.

I’ve been called TOO HAPPY.  You know what that makes me?  EVEN HAPPIER!  I do not take offense to that even when the person saying it may mean it to be offensive.  I do admit my happiness may be annoying to others at times, but to tell someone they are TOO happy implies that there is such a thing.  I believe that is false.  How can you be TOO HAPPY?  I understand there are drugs out there that can induce happiness and maybe that is getting a little TOO HAPPY.  I’ve heard people refer to drunk people as TOO HAPPY.  To me, those state of minds are not really HAPPY…those things are just masking sad or angry or… whatever.

I promise you, I am not partaking of anything that is messing with the chemical make-up of my brain.

I AM HAPPY.  Yes, I try my absolute hardest to look at the good in every situation.  I AM HAPPY.  Too happy?  Absolutely not ..and how do I know?  Because MY HAPPY comes from knowing that JESUS went to the cross for me and because of Him, I can have hope for every day. (#thankfulEVERYday)  I know without a doubt that I always have a friend with me, beside me and in me.  I know that WHATEVER happens…I WIN IN THE END.  I know that I am a victor over anything, because HE has given me that victory already–IT’S DONE!  Yes, I struggle with issues.  I am hard on myself and others at times.  I said I was HAPPY, not perfect!  I go through the trials, tribulations and hard times of this world, but my outlook on the good or bad of this life is HAPPY, because JESUS LIVES!

I pray that you too can be TOO HAPPY because of the exact same reason!


Blue Bell and JESUS

Here in Texas, we love our BLUE BELL.  We like sweet tea, talking about how hot the weather is going to get, Bar-B-Q and Blue Bell.  We talk about football, how the team will be this year and discuss the date we believe Blue Bell will return.

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Blackberry Cobbler, Rocky Road…

Whatever the fave may be, Blue Bell is the choice around here.

One of my friends said today, “If you are really wanting ice cream, any of it’s good.”   To most Blue Bell Addicts, that would be fightin’ words.  That would be the beginning of a major debate.

I do like ice cream, but as my friend said, if you are wanting it, almost any of it will satisfy you.  We like to be obsessed about so many things in this world.  I’m not trying to dis Blue Bell.  I do like Blue Bell.  I do!

My observation today is just this: ICE CREAM is good.  This life is good, but we as crazy humans have to find something to talk about.  Blue Bell has been a current event for several months now.  It’s been in the news, on the radio and the topic of several conversations all over Texas and beyond for a while now.

Why aren’t we so quick to talk to people about what Jesus has done for us?  Why not share GOD stories just as quick as we start small talk about a brand of ice cream?  Isn’t HE just as sweet as ice cream?

As most all of my blogs go…I’m talking to myself!  Why don’t I share Jesus MORE?  I want to tell people about the crazy awesome stuff that happens in my life, because I know my God is real.  I do!  I want to be able to talk to others just as easy about HIS return as I am about the return of Blue Bell.  You never know which will be first!

Don’t ask yourself when Blue Bell is coming… Ask yourself are you ready when JESUS comes?

I hope the second question is much easier to answer than the first one.


No, it’s not left to circumstance, IT’S ALL GOD!

Do you believe in circumstance?
I do not.

I believe in the real and true God who is in control and is still in the business of making miracles happen!

When we think of miracles, we may think of angels appearing, people being healed or even actual mountains moving.  I do not discount any of those.  I am certain those happen!

I am in constant awe of the miracles that happen daily.  In my younger and more ignorant years, I thought it all just happened because it just happened.  I know there are a lot of people out there that believe that–things just happen by circumstance.  I do not belong to that group of believers.  I’m of the group of believers that know that circumstance is like a fairy tale or legend. They make a good Disney movie, but they are not great truths to live by.

You cannot explain true Godly miracles–only He knows.  You can’t just blow them off as circumstance.  I can only tell you they are the work of my real and loving God.  To witness His work is amazing.

I have seen His hand in so many aspects of my life.  Recently, He has constantly had my hand and comforted me through times I thought would be so unbearable, I’d just crumble.  He has sustained me and not only that but invigorated me, strengthened me and lifted me up!  I have so many instances that I could share.  Most would, again, count these as circumstance, but I’m telling you, they are miracles!  Miracles Abound! …we just have to open our eyes, witness, realize and admit that they do!

  • Tell me how a conversation about the exact thing I needed to know happens when I didn’t ask the first question?
  • Tell me how a bill can be paid in full by the EXACT same amount you were given by people who donated their love offerings?
  • Tell me how when I had no idea how to get in touch with a company that I must get in touch with, their number appears from a simple google search? AND THEN when I call, God puts a person on the other line that knew exactly what to do and did it with a sweet spirit?
  • Tell me how people can bless me in the exact way I needed when they really didn’t even know what I needed?
  • Tell me how certain events of which are most times truly dreaded end up being a blessing?
  • Tell me how papers which were thought to be lost for years just appear when you really need them?
  • Tell me how someone’s contact ends up in your phone when you have never needed to call them before, but when you do need to –it’s there!

I know these aren’t specific details of the miracles I’ve seen and only generalizations, but really, think about each of them?  How does this stuff happen?  It’s not because there is some cosmos of circumstance floating around to protect us.  There is a true GOD who loves us and protects us.  He sent His Son for us to cover our sins.  He knew we couldn’t pay our debt. He always provides for us.  And NOTHING is too big for God.  All the provisions we need…even finding a number we need …HE PROVIDES. He helps us, guides us, awards us!  I’m so thankful and so in awe of how He does it–ALL THE TIME!

No, it’s not left to circumstance,  IT’S ALL GOD!


I’m such an observer. Today, while at Dollywood I got to see a lot of things. I feel so blessed!  
I saw a leader– a brother giving another brother some good advice …he asked his other sibling if he wanted to be the bigger guy or always be the one arguing with their sister. He might of been a cousin or something, but I saw it as an older brother trying to help out. He sounded so wise and he didn’t look much older than 12. The younger two were probably 6 or 7. It was quite inspirational. 
I saw the cutest lady … Well, I saw many cute older people today. The cashier at the candy store was so sweet and the older man that let us ride the log ride twice through just made me smile. It was such a happy place. 
I saw a river running over the rocks and heard the sound of its rush. 
I saw the biggest apple pie I’ve ever seen–IN–MY–LIFE. 
I’m so thankful every day for the things God allows me to see.


I’ve blogged about my brother recently. (Jimmy Knox)  He’s at home with Hospice care battling cancer.  Today was a day filled with many phone calls and lots of visits.  He was his normal self–joking with his friends and telling stories about memories I can barely, if at all, remember.  He laughed out loud on more than one occasion.  The medicine that has, at times, made his speech incomprehensible was held at bay today.  It didn’t take over his brain or bind his lips.  I am so thankful for today!  The cancer is doing it’s wicked job.  I hate it.  But for now, my brother is doing all he can…keepin’ on keepin’ on.  He ain’t dead!  He ain’t done!  He has hope for each breath and second that God gifts him.

Although some days have been so hard to watch, his HOPE is amazing to watch.

Many of his friends have reached out to ask me about him or tell me about their experience with him.  They have all talked about how sweet of a friend my brother has been to them.  I’m proud of him.  I wanted to share the sweet, sincere description his friend Anthony Bonnette wrote about him today:

We all like to think that we are unique, that we’re not really like anybody else. We all like to think that we are still that same innocent kid from the yearbook pictures, just trapped in a grownup body. I think that way about myself. Jimbo  however, was not like anybody I have ever known. He was a child for the whole 30 years I knew him, sometimes fussy, but almost always genuine and sweet. What always amazed me about Jim was his Hope. God blessed him with a never ending reserve of sweet, unrelenting belief in the promise of tomorrow. Soon, Jimbo will leave this world that has failed to deliver on almost any of it’s promises to him, but against all odds, his Hope remains. So when I think about my friend Jim, who has been a much better friend to me than I’ve ever been to anyone, when I think about his unabashed smile, when I remember his booming laugh, and when I am struck by the hollow blow of never seeing him again in this life, it is then that I remember his defining characteristic. And I Hope.



We have endured so many storms here lately in East Texas.

As I type this, Mark Skirto, our local station’s chief meteorologist is wound up.  Considering the craziness of the storms and sighting of a twister they hope is not on the ground, his anxiousness is somewhat justifiable.

A town not too far from us had a tornado travel through and created havoc of all kinds.  They are having to restart and rebuild a huge area of their lives.  Part of the elementary school even had to cancel school for the rest of this semester.

Storms can cause so much damage.  Tornadoes create the look that a huge monster came through stomping, chomping and wadding up buildings like we would a piece of paper.

Storms are so scary for us, because we truly have no control.

Thinking about this, I thought about LIFE.  We do have some control over things we do.  I mean, we have to make certain decisions and controlling our bladder is something we really want to keep in check….

BUT this big picture of life that we are in…

we are not in control.

People take this in what I’ve observed as two different ways–

1. Some understand this and lean not on their own understanding, but believe it will all be well.  These people look at things positively, knowing that it will work out.  I’m not saying bad things don’t happen to these people, but no matter what happens to them, the storms of life don’t wreck them.  These people pick up the pieces and move on.  They learn from their experiences–good or bad.  It truly is all about how you look at it.  ((A lot of these people admit to being believers and truly do believe.))

2.  Others understand this, but try and buck it.  They try to hold on to control and always complain that nothing goes exactly how they thought it was supposed to.  The storms of life to them are devastating.  They worry, they fear and are constantly stressed about life.  The storms stop them from moving forward.  They tend to always go backward or stay stagnant in whatever storm they have chosen to dwell in.  It truly is all about how you look at it.  ((A lot of these people admit to being believers, but don’t truly believe.))

Just my storm observation.


Let me begin with a week ago…

On Saturday night, I realized that the student I had understood to be doing our lesson in Youth was not going to be at church.  I was discouraged some.  I immediately started talking to God about what he wanted me to teach.  We had church breakfast the next morning which meant I would be at church early and would be able to study some then as well.  He gave me ALL OF IT.  He showed me the verse, gave me the words, the stories and everything I needed for the lesson. GOD DID THAT!  HE ALWAYS DOES IT.

On Monday, I had a meeting with my student leaders which ended up being a totally non-productive meeting.  That meeting discouraged me so!  I knew I had to meet with the student board and tell them exactly what I felt, discuss with them what leaders truly do and that they needed to step up and make the rest of this year more about unity and service.  I prayed and prayed about that meeting.  It went perfect.  GOD DID THAT!  HE ALWAYS DOES IT.

We started a project in my art classes where the kids hand make Valentine cards for children in the hospital and/or people in the nursing home.  When discussing it with one of my classes, one of my students acted like it was not a good project.  He actually griped about it having to look “good.”  Wow, that discouraged me.  I don’t understand how young people can be so unfeeling and self-centered.  That is something I combat a lot.  I’ve prayed for that certain student as well as all of them as they create these cards.  Those students made close to 200 cards this week.  GOD DID THAT!  HE ALWAYS DOES IT.

I found out yesterday that I was to sing at a funeral today.  The funeral was of the wonderful lady I blogged about a couple of days ago.  Mrs. Pearson was a true blessing.  I remember a story she told about a lady in her church when she was growing up.  This lady she talked about was a Sunday School teacher and GA leader.  She was a Godly woman.  Mrs. Pearson prayed to God to make her like this woman and she gave Him all the credit in doing exactly that.  That is the way I feel about Mrs. P… I pray God allows me to be as awesome as she was.  I loved her so… So, I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to sing at her funeral without crying.  When I cry, my throat closes up and the only sound that comes out of my throat sounds like the squeal of a mouse.  I prayed that they put my song early in the service.  I also enlisted some very dependable prayer warriors.  They prayed for me, I know they did.  I arrived at the church and  found I was early in the service–THANK GOD!   The entire funeral was a true celebration of Mrs. Pearson’s life.  I sang THE LIGHTHOUSE like I did for her when she sat in HER pew.  She always thanked me for that song when I sung it.  It was her song.  I didn’t sound anything like a mouse.  God gave me the strength to do that song one last time for our sweet friend.  GOD DID THAT!  HE ALWAYS DOES IT.

I’ve been trying to write these blessings down all week and I’m so glad I waited until today so I could add the last one.

God blesses us all the time!  You just have to believe that HE ALWAYS DOES IT.

I realize…

I realize more and more the older I get that there are things in this life that just aren’t worth my time.  I don’t care if people talk about me in a negative way.  It doesn’t make me think badly of myself–only why in the world would they waste their time talking about me?  And what is wrong with THEM? Haha!  I’m like “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhht?”

I realize more and more, as the number of candles on my cake increases, that things of this world are so temporary.  I have been quite a hoarder most my life (and believe it’s an essential part of my job sometimes–art teachers hoard crazy stuff to make art out of), but as I go through some items I kept through my youth, I think WHY DID I KEEP THAT!?!  Why do I have this napkin or this deflated balloon or even a note from someone I don’t even recall?  Haha!  Again, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhht?”

I realize more and more, as the days, months and years pass by that people come and go, but true friends really stay no matter whether they live in your town or move far, far way.  Those that you lose touch with or that lose touch with you–whichever, I’m not trying to point fingers–have completed their “assigned task” in your life.  There’s no “Whaaaaaaht?” on this one–that is just truth.

I realize more and more, as the sands through the hour glass trickle down (reminds me of an old soap opera my mom used to watch), I’m a product more of my attitude than anything or anyone in this life.  My attitude is what keeps me looking forward.  I know that God has blessed me and I keep that at the front of my head.

I realize more and more that as time goes by…I’m different…I’m a transformed person…I’m a smarter, new and improved me. I’m almost nothing like I was when I was during my junky year of 6th grade, my celebratory year as a senior in high school, my scary yet exciting first year as a teacher, those firsts as a wife, mother, etc.  Sure I have the same face with a few more wrinkles and I still have some of the same habits such as good dental hygiene, but I’m different.

I realize more and more that I’m a creation of the God Almighty and He is the reason I’m even realizing anything!  He is the reason I can have hope for tomorrow, hope for my children and excitement in this life at all.  I’m so glad I realize this.  I’m so glad I’m no longer lost, worried or down on myself.   Sure, I get a little crazy when life does, but I always have GOD to hold my hand and help me turn my eyes to Him.  I realize, because I have Him.   I realize…

Selfish and Egotistical.

I read a blog today that listed the ten choices you will regret in ten years.  I hope it doesn’t take TEN YEARS to regret some of the ones that were listed!  The one below was the one that stuck out to me the most.

Being selfish and egotistical.

A life filled with loving deeds and good character is the best tombstone. Those who you inspired and shared your love with will remember how you made them feel long after your time has expired. So carve your name on hearts, not stone. What you have done for yourself alone dies with you; what you have done for others and the world remains.

Remember, WHEN WE WERE YOUNG…we are so selfish.  I know I was.  The excerpt above says it so well.  What you do for you DIES with you.  Why not leave a legacy?  Inspire others!

Young people live for themselves most of the time.  Even the youth that really seem to strive for community service hours and step up to think of others seem to slip back into the “what’s in it for me” attitude at times.  I know there are always some exceptions–I’ve met those students!   Age really factors in on this, though.  As we get older, we start to realize that the self-serving attitude gets us pretty much no where.  Loneliness and depression set in and we can’t find anything to make the days happy.  You know these people.  These are the adults you now know that are never happy with anything.  They don’t like their spouse, hate their job and can’t find the right mattress (ha!).  The list goes on!

We must evolve into the servant we are meant to be.  Some tend to make fun of those who find religion like they are trying to cover up their past or make up for the things they did.  Those people are just finding another excuse to NOT help others–and to not find JESUS.   I believe maturing and realizing that this world is temporary and above all meeting JESUS is not just some way of covering up the old (altho that is exactly what Jesus did for us), but it’s making things right.  It’s getting past the selfish, egotistical youth (or maybe even adult) you were and transforming into …

The loving, caring, inspiring, unselfish person of good character we are supposed to be.

No matter who ya are…God made you.  You are meant to serve.  You are meant to help, love, care, inspire….encourage….  etc.






“Haters always gonna hate.”  I actually said this today!  I know this is one of those sayings which has been overused and perhaps meant in many different ways, BUT TO ME…It means, no matter what you do, how you do it, who it benefits or how much good it may bring to others…THERE IS ALWAYS those who hate you for it.  They will talk about you, try and persuade others to think badly of you and just plain hate you.  It’s part of life.  There is no reason to dwell on the haters.  It does no good to give them any of your time.

You may not see it, but sometimes their gripes and groans stir up more good than they ever thought it would or let alone wanted it to do.  THAT PART is the best part.  They end up shining a light on THE GOOD that was done!  HEE HEE!

Haters gonna hate, but loving is the best of all.  Do what you do, in love—

THAT’S ALL YOU GOTTA DO!  Whether someone approves of it or not–makes absolutely no difference.



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