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Jesus is in my heart.  When I say the name of JESUS, I’m talking to Jesus.  I’m not just saying the name, “JESUS” to be saying it.  I do sometimes say it out of exasperation, but it’s as a help.  Like, JESUS please help me!  He is always there.  He’s always close, because He DOES live  within me.

I hear people saying that name just to be saying it.  Jesus is neither sitting beside them, entering the room for them nor do they show the fruit of Him living within them.

YET, they say His name!  That is MY FRIEND.  He is my blessed assurance… Jesus is mine!  They do not need to call on His name unless that is what HE is for them.

We can all call the name of Jesus.  I know this.  I am not saying I do not want to share Jesus.  On the contrary!  I want to share Jesus with everyone!  I want them to be able to say that name with true meaning, not flippantly like I hear it being used so many times.

JESUS!  I love You!  JESUS!  I need You!  JESUS!  I want to live for You!  JESUS!  I thank You for dying on the cross for me!  JESUS!  I thank You for being there when no human can or will!  JESUS!  I praise You for providing me with grace and hope.  JESUS!  


Live LOVE and move FORWARD

Celebrating MLK, Jr. Day with a day off from work.  Sharing some of his quotes …

Hate never does anyone ANY good.


Life without PROGRESS is stagnant.


What do you live for?




We are ALL life long learners! The future belongs to THE CURIOUS!

Love this shorts little video, because it reminds us that duhhh–we gotta keep learning TO LIVE.

“To learn is to live.”

EVERYDAY is a NEW day!

gold_wrapped_giftDo we need to learn from our past?  Of course we do!   If we didn’t learn from past mistakes, losses and wins, then how could we continue to put wrinkles in our brains!?

Must we dwell in the past, though?  OF COURSE NOT!  Even if you look back upon fond memories, you shouldn’t allow them to consume you.  We must live now in the moment and look forward in great expectation for the next moment whether it be from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, etc.  I’m sure you get it without me going on and on…

We must be ready and waiting for wonderfully great things to happen!   Do not find yourself lost in the things that were or even in those “could-have-beens” (ew).

As for today, it’s a new day–it’s a new year!  But think about it—whether it’s 2012 or 2013 or whatever the numbers that you find yourself alive after that–EVERYDAY IS A NEW DAY!  Treat it as such and face it with an outlook that will keep you greeting each day that way–IT’S A NEW DAY!  It’s a gift!  Think about how a child’s face lights up when they get a gift they really wanted–WOW!  Let’s face each day like that–EVERYDAY that ends in Y is a NEW DAY!




Just one pic I took today while out looking at fun crafty stuff. Love this saying and plan on painting it myself tomorrow. Yay! I love painting!

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