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Do you ever feel like you are surrounded by crazy people?  Really, only one or two will do it.  There might be just one or two people you deal with everyday that just seem a little bit off kilter.  They go a little too nuts over the fact that there’s no coffee made or maybe they flip out because someone sneezed (or over something as simple as that).  That one or two will do it though!  They make you feel like this world is full of crazies!  But really, if you stop and think a bit more about this, it’s just like the “dumbos” I referred to a couple of days ago—those kind of people just STICK OUT.  In a world of fairly normal, down to earth, UN-insane people–those “crazier than a road lizard” (thanks Pnut for sharing this term with me long ago!) just seem to draw more of our attention.  They do!  They are like a red ant in a sea of black ones.  They are that lone sock in the drawer of perfect matches.  They are like a foghorn blowing in your ear!  Ok, enough analogies.  I think you have it.  So, here’s what I’ve concluded about these kind of people…

They can’t help it.  They, somehow, someway were wired to react in the crazy way they do.  When God knit them together and then allowed them to grow  He also allowed their personalities to be molded by other crazy people.  It’s just what happened.  I’m not saying all crazy people have crazy parents, but they did have some one who influenced and nurtured their craziness.  I’m not saying this is either bad or good.  I’m just saying sometimes we have to step back and look at people like this and just remember that not everyone is the same. (or sane)  We are all different and by some means, we must respect and love the crazies just like everyone else.  WE GOTTA LOVE ‘EM!  I feel like I’ve said this so many times here lately, because I have to constantly remind myself of this.  If you can get it in your head that this is the only way to be, the “crazies” or “dumbos” don’t bother you as much.  You just know you need to love them no matter how they act. 

And let me say here:  I’m not talking about you or maybe I am, but whether I am or not, it does not matter.  Don’t start trying to guess who I’m referring to.  It’s unimportant.  My observation is the important part of this post:  LOVE ‘EM NO MATTER WHAT! (even the crazy people)


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