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How wonderful an honor it is to me when people ask me to pray for them!  The more specific they can get about exactly what to pray for, the more I love to do it.  Not to say I won’t say a general prayer by any means…  I just think praying for someone especially when they ask you to is an awesome power God has given us.  No matter what circumstance, prayer is power.

What about those ones you know need GOD?

These are the ones you know  NEEEEEEED PRAYERS.  

You know that they seriously need to leave chaos behind and seek some peace in their life.  You see it by their attitude and their fruit.  Their fruit is rotten, stinky and full of worms.  Ew.  They are flippant and rude to others.  Their attitudes are sour, their disposition down and for the most part, they are just down right mean.  

What about THOSE?  

They are not asking you to pray.  

They couldn’t care less whether you utter their name to God or not.  

It’s doubtful they even believe in the ALMIGHTY, SOUL SAVING, ALIVE AND AMAZING GOD!   Whaaaaaaaat?  


I admit that praying for these people is harder than the ones who ask earnestly for you to lift them up in prayer.  It’s harder to want peace for these people, because most of the time they have this cloud of negativity surrounding them that harbors and creates the very opposite of peace.  Most of the time, it messes your happy, positive cloud.   To me, I see their cloud as a call.  It’s a call that they need something.  They need some action…some intervention!  They need prayers.  BAD.   So, whether they like it, want it or hate that I’m doing it… I’m gonna…





As a high school teacher, I get to be around a lot of great students. I’m amazed and wow’ed at some of the things they come up with. Their wit keeps me laughing to myself most moments. They have great smiles, great ideas and the beginnings of great adults.

Given the proper time, situation, surroundings and cohorts, though, these same wonderful children I love so much become mean little monsters in the blink of an eye. Crazy!

I’m not referring to them adorning boxing gloves and going at it in the lunch room although every once in a while we have something like that happen on our camps (minus the gloves, of course)–I’m talking about the things other than “sticks and stones,” because we all know words will ALWAYS hurt us. Whoever came up with that slogan that says the opposite had to be either a big dummy or a huge comedian. Words can be like knives to the heart no matter how they are delivered and these days, there are so many ways to deliver them. You have face to face and word of mouth like always, but we’ve added email, blogs, social media and the ever mysterious anonymous text. I’m thinking, really, who’s got time for that!? ((Ain’t nobody got time for that! –or shouldn’t have anyway!))

High school age humans are the best at using words to break down others’ confidences. I truly believe, though, when we as adults do all we can do to instill confidence in those same students, they will be the BEST at BUILDING UP others’ confidences. It’s a domino effect! Of course, you will always come up against those few dominoes that think they know more than you do, have more walls than what you are used to hitting or even have many more aspects of life going against them than you can ever imagine, but you have to keep on. You must try and tame the mean little monsters. OHhhhh yes, it’s tough and some days pretty hairy and scary, but as adults, no matter what your job is, our main job is to mentor our children.

I know, in my case, I have so many opportunities to do this thanks to the job God has blessed me with. Perhaps you don’t have as many of those opportunities, but when you do get any small chance to make a young person feel like they matter–DO IT! If we can all bond together to do this…I am convinced —CERTAINLY POSITIVE— that this can help change our world and diminish the number of those MEAN LITTLE MONSTERS.

Be Nice or LEAVE



My FB post from earlier:

We have to be around mean, uncaring, totally uncompassionate, arrogant, and brutally rude people sometimes and we still MUST keep our HAPPY WONDERFUL SUNSHINE AND SPRINKLES ATTITUDE.  I confess, I did not do a good job of that today.  Lord, please forgive me!

I hate to admit that my anger got the best of me today thanks to a horribly crass and, really, in my opinion, insane person.  I have to keep in mind that this person is unhappy, uninformed, demented and basically sick.  We feel sorry for those who are ill.  I am trying to turn my anger into sincere pity.  We pray for those who are diseased —and I’m doing my best to pray for this person.  God knows I’m struggling!


I love the sign above, but we all know that we HAVE to be around people that are not nice.   They will NOT leave.  You can’t successfully make them or even ask them politely to go away.  AND sometimes life makes it where you can’t separate yourself from the situation you are in with them at all–you are stuck.    I wish that sign would work, but in reality, we know it won’t.

Mean people like making your life miserable.  They enjoy being rude to others.  There may be some exceptions, but more times than not, mean, rude, inconsiderate people have fun making others angry by their words and actions.  These facts alone should motivate us to kill them with kindness, sprinkle them with happy dust and laugh in their presence no matter what they say or do.  I did not do that today.  I just wallowed in the ugliness of the situation which seemed to get darker and darker.  I thought ugly thoughts, made ugly faces and said things to my friends that I should have just kept to myself.   It was ugly.  It was most of all–evil!  I do not want to make the devil happy.

So, after all this, I sincerely ask God to forgive me.  I have also asked for strength to be able to keep positive no matter what!  I know I can do it with God.  I have to pray for mean people (especially the one that made me so crazy today) and keep my eye on what is good, happy, sweet, pretty, bright, noble and honorable AND NOT what is rude, negative, nasty, ugly, void of compassion and downright mean.

I will have a much better day tomorrow, because even if the mean won’t go away, I refuse to allow it to make my HAPPY leave.


Let’s all just GET ALONG!

I’ve seen so many crazy disputes as of late. People arguing over petty things in life. They get their hairs all ruffled because someone doesn’t agree with their call. Ya get all bent out of shape because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or started your day off with hitting the snooze button way too many times. This mess needs to stop. I mean, really…arguments get all stirred up due to jealousy most of the time. ALL the time–it’s so unnecessary. It’s like two bulls butting heads just because they both have horns–duuuumb.

What are we doing as GOD’S CHILDREN? If you are a parent, just think about when YOUR kids bicker. I don’t know about you, but that is about the MOST ANNOYING thing there is in our home. Almost as annoying as laundry! Ha! I’m just saying, how does it make you feel when you see children argue? We want to break it up, get to the bottom of it and move on AND DEFINITELY not hear it again. I’m sure God looks at us at times and rolls his eyes. We argue over things that make no sense, we talk about each other just because of a “dirty” look we got that may not even have been aimed at us and we grow hate like dandelions in our hearts.(those are super weeds) Let’s pull the weeds and stop the drama!




I’m posting this since I actually observed this today. What people say matters–especially when they think NO one is listening and it turns out someone is!

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