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It’s almost been a month since I’ve posted anything on this awesome blog.  That is crazy!

It’s just another example of how time slips by!  The last almost month has been full of so many things I can reflect upon.

The close of the school year always has me thinking about the great positives that this year brought.  I know some negative things happened, but as usual, I choose to focus on the positives.  I understand the negatives help us learn too, but the positives are the things we want to repeat or build on the most.


Well, first we made it to today!  DUHHHHH!  Some people never ever never look at it like that, but really, think about it. YOU MADE IT! Yay!

Successes:  There were so many at OCHS!  We had teams win district, go to playoffs and succeed like never before.  We had our academics soar like eagles, art works bring medals home, ag kids go to state and smiles on faces that some thought would never appear!  We had teachers do great things through lessons, extra curricular and life-long learning experiences.  We had successful pep-rallies, 5ks and one of the best field days we call “COLOR WARS” we’ve ever had.  Our principals are amazing.  Our teachers are super awesome.  Our students…THE REASON we do what we do!

Personally, I’ve felt pride and honor in teaching students, joy in working with co-workers and happiness in living the life of a Clawson.

My own children have grown another year and they don’t cease to amaze me in the things they can do. God blesses me with more POSITIVES than I could have ever imagined!

Looking at memories of the year, of the last decade of just yesterday, I can say I KNOW time does slip by, but I say that in a positive light.  I do not mourn for yesterday.  I rejoice in the fact that yesterday happened and that today is happening and that tomorrow is gonna bring wonderful new things to add to my TIME here.

While traveling through, this world of sorrow,  I’m on my way to Gloryland.  I’ll not turn back for some tomorrow, my trails here–I’LL UNDERSTAND.

That is from the I WANT TO KNOW MORE song.  I see trials as just what we go through.  They may be positive or negative.  Either way, we will understand one day why it all happened and until then I will be in constant THANKSGIVING for it all!

Time does slip by!  …but oh what a wonderful ride it is!


What Arrived Today

The Nativity Scenes were arranged.  Jesus comes in glass, plastic and ceramic.  HE shines always.

The tree stood proud and tall, all adorned with memories. One by one each memory is categorized, oohhed and ahhed over and hung on a sturdy bough.

The Snow people and Santas took their place here and there.

Fake fluffy snow fell right into place.

A quaint little Christmas village lined up by the fire.

The fire glowed, danced and even cheered as the elves helped unwrap the fun festive items from tubs which had survived another year in the attic.

Christmas carols softly played their tune and sung their lyrics.

Once the boxes were hidden and the elves were exhausted, the ELF movie took it’s place on the television right after Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

Yes, the traditions of Christmas arrived today…

But in our home, CHRISTMAS is every day.  Christmas is not just a holiday. It’s not a tree, Santa or snow.  Christmas is celebrated here not just for tradition… it is celebrated, because Jesus was born!  Jesus was born so we could all live.  I know Thanksgiving Day has not yet come and gone, but in our house, Thanksgiving is EVERYDAY!  We are constantly thankful for the birth of our Lord and Savior.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas!


What a treasure!

You never know what you will find when you start digging.  Treasures lay there waiting to be found.

I found myself elbow deep in stuff today.  While I went through most of the things left in my brother’s house, I remembered when that house was my house too.  We grew up in that house.  I lived there for 21 years.  My brother lived there most all of his life.

I remember that my dad kept it a chilly 67 at all times –all seasons.  It didn’t seem like the ice house it was, I guess, since we were all accustomed to the temp.

I recall our kitchen bar being the hangout at so many different occasions.  It welcomed us for breakfast, after school snacks, studying and neighborly domino tournaments.  When my friends came over around the teenage years, it was what we all sat around and just hung out.

Today, as I dug through so many different items–some of which I had never seen and perhaps didn’t comprehend it’s rhyme or reason– I found treasures.  My friend who was with me through it all today, at times, gave me insight as to what exactly I as looking at.  There were a few items that baffled us both.

After everything was separated into piles of yes, no and maybe…

I found a few items I will keep and a million photos to go through, but the best treasure I found today was a Corningware dish.  Perhaps that sounds like it’s not much of a treasure.  I admit it wouldn’t really look like much of a treasure if you saw it either.  But to me… it is from a time when my mom and dad were happy.  It’s from a time when we would all sit down at the dinner table and eat together.  Mom would pull that big thing out of the oven full of her baked homemade macaroni and cheese.  (sorry kraft…it was better)  It reminds me of warmth, of love, of my family.

That treasure reminds me how treasured I felt as I grew up in that home.

What a treasure!


The Screen Door 

  Sitting on the back porch this morning drinking my big girl morning juice (coffee), I look at this screen door and think of way back when…

I can still remember the screen door we had on our front door at the house where I grew up.  Although not really finctioning, it still hangs there on that house. 

We also had one on the back door, but somehow that one sounded much different.  They both had their distinct sounds as they screeched open and slammed shut. 

As they say, “It was simpler times.”  I never worried about things or concern myself with the electric bill or where my next meal was coming from. I had no idea we had to pay for the water that came out of our faucet.  I slept late most days and played outside almost always. 

Those screen doors were the gateways to whatever freedom was awaiting me that particular day. 

The front opened into a yard full of pine trees and sand pits. We had little grass patches here and there, but mainly, the front yard was full of white wonderful sand.  Sadly it rented out itself to fleas in the summertime.  With a few mothballs thrown here and there, they would soon be gone. My brother and I didn’t mind the moth ball smell… We just loved that sand pit. Mud pies were my specialty and I admit my younger brother did taste a few. 

The back door opened to a darker more sinister memory for me due to the fact that at one time we raised chickens. Oh, they were pretty cute for about 30 or so days after picking them up from the post office one afternoon. Can you even still do that?  Anyway, they grew up to be horrid animals that took pleasure in attacking me on several occasions. We must of ordered some form of child eating breed.  The one thing that redeemed the backyard was the fig tree which stood at the back fence. Even though I didn’t like the way they looked, they were just odd to me, I loved the smell of that tree and my mom loved to eat those things when they ripened.  

So as I sit here and think back…

I will finish my cup and start the day with the sound of a screen door. 

I wonder what fun awaits me through THIS gateway!


I’ve blogged about my brother recently. (Jimmy Knox)  He’s at home with Hospice care battling cancer.  Today was a day filled with many phone calls and lots of visits.  He was his normal self–joking with his friends and telling stories about memories I can barely, if at all, remember.  He laughed out loud on more than one occasion.  The medicine that has, at times, made his speech incomprehensible was held at bay today.  It didn’t take over his brain or bind his lips.  I am so thankful for today!  The cancer is doing it’s wicked job.  I hate it.  But for now, my brother is doing all he can…keepin’ on keepin’ on.  He ain’t dead!  He ain’t done!  He has hope for each breath and second that God gifts him.

Although some days have been so hard to watch, his HOPE is amazing to watch.

Many of his friends have reached out to ask me about him or tell me about their experience with him.  They have all talked about how sweet of a friend my brother has been to them.  I’m proud of him.  I wanted to share the sweet, sincere description his friend Anthony Bonnette wrote about him today:

We all like to think that we are unique, that we’re not really like anybody else. We all like to think that we are still that same innocent kid from the yearbook pictures, just trapped in a grownup body. I think that way about myself. Jimbo  however, was not like anybody I have ever known. He was a child for the whole 30 years I knew him, sometimes fussy, but almost always genuine and sweet. What always amazed me about Jim was his Hope. God blessed him with a never ending reserve of sweet, unrelenting belief in the promise of tomorrow. Soon, Jimbo will leave this world that has failed to deliver on almost any of it’s promises to him, but against all odds, his Hope remains. So when I think about my friend Jim, who has been a much better friend to me than I’ve ever been to anyone, when I think about his unabashed smile, when I remember his booming laugh, and when I am struck by the hollow blow of never seeing him again in this life, it is then that I remember his defining characteristic. And I Hope.


Suzy’s Zoo

When my 13, almost 14 year old girl turned 2 or 3, I created a sign to go out by the road to announce her party. Of course, my wonderful husband who really detests cutting things out for me, cut out the character after I drew her. Then the painting began.
We were cleaning out our old shop today and there was Suzy Ducken all in her bikini ready for a summer splash party. So, I brushed her off and with the help of my daughter, gave her a make-over.
It was great to dig out this wonderful old memory and shine it up with a brand spanking new one. When painting is involved it’s awesome times 1000!
Here’s our before and afters:




Today begins November

November is one of those months that most people take time to reflect on things that they are most thankful.  I like to do that as much as I can no matter what month it is.

In fact, this month–November–is one of those months that could get me super depressed if I really thought about anything else besides my blessings.   We must continue to look to the blessings or we end up dwelling on the opposite –and that doesn’t get anybody-anywhere.

This month, 15 years ago, was the month that my dad passed away.  This month is also the month, 15 years ago, I was blessed to celebrate my best friend’s last birthday on this earth.  My dad passed away two days after his birthday, November 30, 1998.  My best friend, whom I went to school with since kindergarten, passed away almost a month later on Christmas eve, that same year.

I remember November 5th of 98.  That was the day Stephanie’s parents had me over to their house to celebrate her 27th birthday.  She was about 6 months older than me and I always liked to let her know how she would turn the big THREE-OHHH before I did.  She was getting closer!  For some reason, the fact that her parents gave her a purse that evening as a gift, among other things, sticks out in my head.  Why, I don’t know.  Our minds hold on to the weirdest things sometimes.  I also remember laughing with her and her parents.  I remember loving the time we had together.  The next memory of being in their home was after her funeral where I helped her parents with whatever I could.  I wanted to do anything and everything to help ease their pain and bury mine as far deep as I could.

I had just lost my dad and now my best friend.  That was a rough year!   Stephanie was there for me when my dad passed and I remember how she tried to make me laugh about all kinds of moments she could remember about him and other silly things we did.  She helped me get through that time …then left me about a month later.  These two people were probably the most influential people in my life for a very long time up until this point.  I was married at this time and I am so thankful I had a husband who loved me no matter what, because I know I was hard to get along with for a while after this time.  So THANKFUL for him!

I’ve grown a ton since that year, thank GOD.  I thank God He put people and circumstances in my life to help me move passed the hurt I tried to suppress.  I thank God for helping me heal and move forward.  He is the reason for my blessings and my strength.  He is the reason I can look at this month and know that even though Dad and Steph are not here–I was blessed to have had them both as a part of my life for as long as they were here.

So, each year, November seems to start a new season for me.  Not a season of sorrow even though, at one time, it might have been like that.  It starts a month that is as important as every other month…to remember the good times, to honor those great memories I was blessed to spend with my dad and Stephanie and to always remember that THIS MONTH, just like all the others, is a month that THE LORD has made for me  ((This is the day the Lord has made..)) and I will rejoice and be glad in it.  Thank You Lord!

Commonplace Book


This picture above is the front cover of what I’ve always called my “sketchbook,” but just recently, I’ve found that the term “commonplace book” might be the better term for it.

It’s not just a place I sketch. I write, I illuminate verses, I collage, I CREATE and accumulate. I write quotes I love and sketch ideas I have. It’s like a diary, but it needs no lock and key, because although it may hold some of my deepest darkest secrets (bwahahahaaaa), for me, it’s not meant to be private. defines commonplace book: a book in which noteworthy quotations, comments, etc., are written.

These things go way back–Thomas Jefferson had one (maybe several). Today, you can buy one at (also referred to as a “journal”). Go google image the term and get ready to gaze upon several examples of commonplace books.

Perhaps I’ll share some of the guts of my book in upcoming blog posts. Maybe I already have in the past?

I encourage you to start one. Remember, just as we are all different, our creations are as well. Your commonplace book may not look anything like the explosion of craziness mine is up there in that pic.

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