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Moody people confuse me.

One day, they are nice, happy even.  Sometimes they are talkative and other days they just look at you like you are crazy for even speaking to them.  They might laugh with you one day and “bark” at you others.

To me, this kind of person is more confusing than that of the hateful person I mentioned in my blog a couple of days ago.

Is it due to a chemical imbalance?  I know that there are truly REAL conditions that are diagnosed, but if that is not the case, what is it?  Is it the breakfast they consumed?  The weather?  The circumstances of their morning.  A word someone spoke?  A look?  What they are wearing!?  Even though a definite reason might be pinpointed (besides a chemical problem which I don’t understand either because I’m not a doc) — I still think I’d be confused.

I guess it’s because I don’t think like that.  I do get in a funk mood at times.  Truth be told, today is kind of funky for me.  I’m getting things done, but I feel overwhelmed.  It’s not because of my classes.  My students are being awesome.  They are working and doing great things in class.  I have other things on my desk that need to be done.  I need to send things off and meet future deadlines.  I am a little anxious about upcoming projects.  But I can’t really tell you EXACTLY why I’m feeling funky.  I just do.

But here’s the difference between me and the moody people I come across…

Unless you are reading this blog, are my best friend or my husband–you would never know I’m in a funky mood.  I might be a little more quiet than I usually am or I might  walk a little slower, but for the most part, I still talk, I still smile, I still walk and work.  Why is it so hard for some to battle through a bad mood?  (minus the chemical thing)

Do they see no hope?  Are they not able to look at their circumstance and recognize that, somewhere, someONE, has it worse than them!?!  It truly is all about how you look at it.

A bad mood can be adjusted by perspective, but some can’t avert their eyes from whatever has made them feel funky.  Once they feel this way, they can’t stop but ooze it all over those around them.  That is the part that confuses me the most.  I shouldn’t be subjected to something that I had nothing to do with.  That seems very unfair to me and again, CONFUSING.

I guess this blog is just to vent a bit about the moody people.  I used to work with one that was about the worse I’ve ever seen so, I am blessed that I’m not subjected to that one anymore.  (perspective)


Are you moody?

Leaving you with the moods of Calvin:




{moody person’s pic here}

This silly little poem below is just about those MOODY people.  I don’t understand them.   I know we all get in our moods.  I’d be lying if I said I don’t, but seriously, no one around me knows I’m in a funk.  I’m not going to ruin someone else’s day, because my mood is not so cheery.  I came in contact with some MOODIES today.  It’s almost like they are trying to bring you over to their “side.”  Don’t do it!   It’s a DARK side.  Say no to the moody!

Your MOODY!  

By R. Clawson

First your happy then you’re sad.

You smile real big and then not so glad.

Happy, sad. Up or down?

Will you smile or will you frown?

Who knows!?  You’re MOODY!  Your scary!

I wish you could just be merry.


A Fine Line

There is this fine line between being ultimately happy an immensely sad. It can go up, it can go down, north, south, fly high or sink low. One minute it can be in an up-curve and the next, the corners are pointed to the floor. We live in an uncertain world with crazy turns and bumpy trails.

I once heard an old song that explains life like a mountain railroad…

Life is like a mountain railway
With an engineer that’s brave
We must make this run successful
From the cradle to the grave

Heed the curves and watch the tunnels
Never falter, never fail
Keep your hands upon the throttle
And your eye upon the rail

That fine line defines how we view all these twists, turns and tunnels. How do we deal with our everyday? It’s ultimately a personal choice. The fine line can be subtle either way it goes, but as I said, it defines you. It makes your face bright or as dark as night. It can lift your day by its upwardness or bring you down by its directional arch.

So, which way is your fine line turned?
How will you take the day, but more importantly, how will it show others how you are?


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