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It’s important to think out of the box and move forward or as this video says: ABOVE AND BEYOND!


There’s so many ways we can do this.  I’m not just talking about inventing some new way of travel (although the time travel thing seems super nerdy and “treky”, but super cool no matter what) or an invention to revolutionize some normal every day thing like communication (that has really already been done, ya know?), but I’m talking about ANYTHING..we have to keep learning and wanting to reach out and grab new ideas.  Try new things, help others see your vision and keep moving up!   How can you go ABOVE AND BEYOND?



Soooooooooo….I’ve been bombarded with the idea of FORWARD MARCHING all this week.  Forward, ON!  Go forward.  Move forward…

It’s been a recurring theme in the last week or so.

So, here’s my FORWARD post.  Forward this to all you know! haha!

Forward thinking is important.  To look forward to and be in an expectant state is vital to being a positive person.  POSITIVITY is forward thinking.  To gripe and moan and complain is totally UNPRODUCTIVE AND NOT PROGRESSIVE…who wants to be stagnant?  Who wants to be spinning their wheels?  Most of us want to continue on to the next point.  We want to have goals reached, trophies won, battles behind us!  I say most, but really EVERY ONE OF US WANTS THAT!  Everyone wants to be successful in what they do.  They don’t want to be the down and out, the lost and broken.  They want to be the UP AND IN–Up to something and IN to something AND SOMETHING GOOD!  So, let’s do this!  Let’s move forward.

HOW DO WE DO THIS?  Learn something new!  Take on a challenge!  Look to your talents!  Ask GOD to use you!  Go for it!  MOVE FORWARD!!!




One of my posts today on FB which I found as a tweet on Twitter:

Let go of disappointments and setbacks in your life and hang on to the promises of God for your future!  @ArmorOGod  retweeted by God’s Grace and @RitaClawson

We all have those doubts and fears and that funky gut feeling when old sins creep up in our heads.  The devil whispers in your ear.  That horrible liar makes you think those things you did in the past are still fresh and can make you even get a paranoid feeling that everyone around you is judging you because of them.  Well, maybe they are, but does that have to effect what awesome things lie ahead?!  Not NO, but SHABAMALAMA NO!  As I said WE ALL have those sins.  We all have things we wish we didn’t do or say, places we shouldn’t have been and people we should have perhaps never allowed to stay in our lives.  If you have someone around you throwing up things from your past, you can absolutely,without a doubt know that they are doing this so no light will shine on their little (or big!) “skeletons in the closet.”  Do not allow them, (who let’s say it–are working for the devil..ew!)–to ruin your day, your week…YOUR FUTURE!  Hold on to the promises that GOD will sustain you.  He will show you your plan.  Once you hold on to HIS promises, none of those disappointments or setbacks can EVER hold you back again.  That is what you call FREEEEEEEEEDOM which allows you to move forward without any of those nasty ole sin shackles.



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