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Home Run The Movie

This was a great movie about restoration. Family movie. 


Billy Graham Movie

We just watched this movie to end our date night. Bought it at Lifeway for $5. Definitely suggest it. It’s a great story of FAITH!




Everyone needs to have a CHAMPION in order to FEEL LIKE A CHAMPION.

Tonight, our family met some great friends of ours at Morris Twin Cinema  to watch TURBO.  Without giving anything away about the movie, I really summed up the idea of it in my first sentence up there.

We all want someone and most of the time CERTAIN SOMEONES to really believe in us.  We want them to be our CHAMPION.  We want them to push us and encourage us, but especially believe in us and HELP US feel like the CHAMPION we need to be.  This movie was such a cute story about exactly that.  It’s important that we have people around us (or snails…haha…watch the movie, Boo) who BELIEVE WE WILL SUCCEED.  If I do nothing else in this life, I sure hope I do that with my students and most especially with my own children.

I have heard and seen so many people that do the complete opposite.  Obviously, there is something in their lives that makes them like that: bitterness and ugliness, but I describe it (and have several times in these daily blogs) as evil-ness.  It’s evil, of the devil –it only furthers his agenda for the human race and NOT what GOD WANTS FOR US.  God wants success for us, He wants us to know we can be CHAMPIONS of this world!  YOU CAN HELP CREATE MORE CHAMPIONS BY ENCOURAGING, PUSHING, SUPPORTING AND CHEERING on others when they just need a little shot of “YES YOU CAN!”

This week in our profession development, we took the good with the bad, but one of the GREATs was when our boss showed us a couple of videos that were geared to help us think about our true jobs and remind us what we really are in the business of doing: BEING OUR STUDENTS’ CHAMPION.  I discovered this video this summer and posted it to facebook and twitter, but I don’t think I did it on here–not sure, but either way, it’s a good one to watch (and/or post) more than once or twice…

My boss used this on his blog today too.

You can check him out here: THE WRIGHT STUFF.



^That pic up there of Charlie Brown kind of tells ya how I feel today.  I feel so weird, because I can’t find anything satisfying to do.  I’ts not like I haven’t done anything, but I still feel BLAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.

We are about to go on a trip.  I’ve packed most everything that we need, I hope.  The last minute stuff like toothbrushes and make up will be thrown in last, I know.  I’m excited about the trip, but still have 2 days to go until we pack up the road trip coach and head on out.

I spent most of the morning watching a movie and researching for an art piece I want to create.  I can’t even get satisfied on that.  The movie was funny and pretty good, but the art thing I want to do has kind of got me stumped.  I know I want to do a cross-curricular study on something and I’m working on a topic, but just can’t get it all together.

I want to take a shower and get dressed (in normal clothes), but it’s 2:30 in the afternoon and I haven’t even gotten close to the shower.  NOT THAT I STINK, but it’s time for the daily washing.  I guess I’m being lazy which really doesn’t fit my character.

I know we all have those days where we just don’t feel like doing anything.  We may have days where we don’t feel like we have accomplished anything even.  I’ve done three loads of clothes and don’t feel like I’ve done much at all.  I’ve made our bed, cleaned my boy’s room (since he and his daddy are out fishing today, I had free reign!), done the dishes, cooked lunch for my daughter and watered all my plants out in the big ole yard.  Still, I feel blaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

I blame hormones.  I think that is what I’ll blame it on.  Oh hold on, I’ve already talked about not blaming things before!  I guess I’ll just blame myself.  I’m just having a BLAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH day.  I can do that sometimes, right?

I’ll be over it soon.  I guarantee that!



((Extraordinary or superhuman –also, an exceptionally skillful or successful person.))

We love watching SUPER HERO SHOWS. This week, my kids and I watched The Avengers. I know, we are way behind on our movie watching. It’s an “old” movie now especially with IRON MAN 3 coming out just yesterday. Anyway, the movie had great effects and it was a neat story of good overcoming evil. We have a few favorite parts like any movie we watch together. One of the parts was when the Hulk took the evil guy pretty much by his feet and threw him around like a rag doll. It was a little comical and totally surreal, of course, but still one of the highlights of the movie. We like it, I believe, mostly because, it was a scene where the good (altho a huge green monster) Hulk was basically putting the bad guy in his place–literally. We love it when GOOD OVERCOMES EVIL!

Sometimes I wish there were no evil to overcome at all, but I know that no matter what, it’s inevitable. I do not claim to be a realist EVER, but deep down, I know what “real” is. We have real things that come on us. It may not be as crazy wicked and evil as some alien self-proclaimed god like in the movie we watched, but at times, it seems pretty close. We have things like disloyal friends, rebellious children, mean bosses, forks in the road, sickness, illness, and the list goes on and on. We are surrounded by gossips, murders and basic spawns of the devil himself. I’m just saying, we come up against evil all the time. The devil gets in and stirs his pot of nasty in our daily lives.

My post today is mostly a proclamation of how we can overcome evil much better if we have a SUPER HERO on our side. I’m not talking about the big green guy although if you could keep him from destroying your house, that would be pretty cool. I’m talking about the ONE TRUE SUPER HERO who no matter what happens, is there to win your battles. He’s there to calm you and give you the peace that surpasses any peace we will ever find in this world. He knows what you are going through whether it be small, medium, large or those -on occasion- SUPER SIZE moments of despair. HE ALWAYS HAS THE VICTORY! You cannot find true victories and keep victory in your possession without Him. Sure, you can feel happiness or peace to some extent, but without this SUPER HERO in your heart, you cannot feel it to it’s most largest and fullest extent. How can you know how true peace is? –ONLY with this SUPER HERO…


Yes, it is true, JESUS doesn’t have a cape on with a big S on the front of His chest. This picture probably doesn’t even represent Him in His true physical appearance. We all have our mental imagine of Him. I kind of picture Him as The Hulk with longer hair, not so green and definitely MUCH less angry. haha! You picture Him as you will…but KNOW FOR SURE, without this SUPER HERO–you will never OVERCOME this world!

This makes me laugh.

Today was kind of a crazy—just crazy! Sometimes you have to go searching for something that makes you laugh on days like this. I’ve been watching YouTube videos and here are a couple of my faves …

This kid is a dancing fool!  The ending is my absolute favorite!!! GO CHECK IT OUT!  ((just TRY and not laugh!))

**My husband shared this one with me–THANKS BOB!**


And here is the trailer for the Despicable Me 2 movie— SO GOOFY AND FUNNY 😀  

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