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This is another questioning blog today.  Why, Why, Why must people only look on the dark, ugly, nasty and gloomy side of life?  They wake up mad, go through the day spewing hate and bad breath (I just imagine) and then go to bed mad.


Circumstance?  Past?  Baggage?  Constipation?  Upset stomach?

If you gave them a plate of chocolate chip cookies and told them have a happy day…they would think or even say, “I prefer brownies.”  Ok, if you gave them a plate of the best BROWNIES -in-the-world with a smiley face balloon and a chilly glass of milk… they would say, “I’m trying to watch what I eat.”   Really!?!  IT IS BROWNIES!  (the best ones in the world even)


I’m pretty sure you get my point.


Is this day so bad that you have to TRY (cuz it ain’t happening to this gal) and make others have a bad day too?  Would that actually make you “happy?”  OR would that somehow make your life, in some sick weird way, more meaningful?

NO.  I’m telling you right now, that is a NO.  Negative. Never, absolutely not, uh-uh and not at all.

Yes, I’m answering my own questions here.  It’s ok.  I do that sometimes.

It is most emphatically and positively truth that ATTITUDES ARE CONTAGIOUS.  Is yours worth catching?  When people look at me, I want them to WANT what I got!  I’m not hiding my light under a bushel–NO!  I’m gonna let it shine!  I am not extinguishing the fire of JOY the Almighty God has given me to share.  No way!  I’m gonna pass it out like goody bags at a birthday party!  Here’s one for you and you and you…

FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOURSELF from the past baggage or circumstance that is darkening your days. Have a HAPPY!  Here, take a smile.  Do you need a hug?  Let go of whatever is making you look for the opposite of happy.  Take some Milk of Magnesia!  Whatever you gotta do!!!  But colon cleanse that nasty attitude OUT before you end up living your life alone or worse…with another stopped up negative nilly who can only compound the unhappiness in your life.  (Misery loves company? Eeeek!)

Do whatever you gotta do!!! Did I say that already?  Repetition means IT’S IMPORTANT!

Don’t be one of those people that can’t find happy anywhere…

DIG DEEP! Trudge through it.  Dust it off, wipe it away… until you find that treasure called HAPPINESS and …


(and eat the dadgum brownies!!!)


We have endured so many storms here lately in East Texas.

As I type this, Mark Skirto, our local station’s chief meteorologist is wound up.  Considering the craziness of the storms and sighting of a twister they hope is not on the ground, his anxiousness is somewhat justifiable.

A town not too far from us had a tornado travel through and created havoc of all kinds.  They are having to restart and rebuild a huge area of their lives.  Part of the elementary school even had to cancel school for the rest of this semester.

Storms can cause so much damage.  Tornadoes create the look that a huge monster came through stomping, chomping and wadding up buildings like we would a piece of paper.

Storms are so scary for us, because we truly have no control.

Thinking about this, I thought about LIFE.  We do have some control over things we do.  I mean, we have to make certain decisions and controlling our bladder is something we really want to keep in check….

BUT this big picture of life that we are in…

we are not in control.

People take this in what I’ve observed as two different ways–

1. Some understand this and lean not on their own understanding, but believe it will all be well.  These people look at things positively, knowing that it will work out.  I’m not saying bad things don’t happen to these people, but no matter what happens to them, the storms of life don’t wreck them.  These people pick up the pieces and move on.  They learn from their experiences–good or bad.  It truly is all about how you look at it.  ((A lot of these people admit to being believers and truly do believe.))

2.  Others understand this, but try and buck it.  They try to hold on to control and always complain that nothing goes exactly how they thought it was supposed to.  The storms of life to them are devastating.  They worry, they fear and are constantly stressed about life.  The storms stop them from moving forward.  They tend to always go backward or stay stagnant in whatever storm they have chosen to dwell in.  It truly is all about how you look at it.  ((A lot of these people admit to being believers, but don’t truly believe.))

Just my storm observation.

The Mind Convo

Everyone has them…in your mind, you have this constant conversation going.  Most of the time, it’s all questions.  Should I?  Can I?  Am I?  Do I?  Where?  What?  How?   You attempt to answer them, but sometimes the questions are answered with even more questions.

I know a lot of these are part of decision making and we MUST do it.  I mean, SHOULD I BREATHE?  Duhhhhh, yes.  Should I brush my teeth?  Duhhhhhhhh, yes.  Some questions are a given.  Then there are those OTHER QUESTIONS…

AM I PRETTY?  AM I SMART?  AM I WORTHY?  Do I look better than ….?  Am I the best at …..?  Does ……like me?

UHHHHHHHHG!  Just typing those questions makes me want to scream, for real!  YES YOU ARE PRETTY! YES YOU ARE SMART!  YES YOU ARE WORTHY! …you don’t have to look better than someone else–YOU LOOK LIKE YOU!…You are the best at SOMETHING, find it!  People DO like you!  Some don’t too, but YOU SHOULD NOT CARE ABOUT THOSE!  Yes, I know, I keep screaming.

If you have ever dealt with an insecure person, you can see all these questions written on their forehead.  They almost pop up like speech bubbles above their head.  I want to pop the bubble and use an eraser on that chalkboard in their brain.  I want to do something that will make them believe in themselves.  I want to hit them!  Ok, I really do not want to cause them physical harm, but I do want them to snap out of it somehow.

I am not saying I never ever have those questions in my crazy head.  I just push through all that clutter, because I know who I am.  I know what I was made for and I know without a doubt that OTHERS cannot define who I am with their opinions, looks, stares or even verbal rants (to my face or behind my back).  Oh, I get my feelings hurt at times, of course.  People are people.  Humans can’t help to wear their emotions on their sleeves at times.  Some do it more than others.  Some people have MIND CONVOS which are a long stream of insecure thoughts and negative thrashings.  It makes me sad for them, but at the same time MAD AT THEM for not loving themselves!


I know, I’m still yelling, but I get so crazy on this subject. I’m sure I’ve blogged about it before many times.

I won’t capitalize anymore.  I’m just going to type my requests calmly:

Quiet that convo–the negative one– in your mind which makes you feel less of what you are suppose to be.  Please.

Look in the mirror and love what you see.  Please.

Don’t compare yourself.  (It’s hard not to put that in caps.)  Please.

Choose to be happy and confident, because you are pretty (or handsome), you are smart and you are worthy.  You are talented and you are liked.  Stop trying to please everyone and be happy with who you are.  Please.

Ending today with this cartoon.   INSTANT SELF ESTEEM:


Remember, this is funny… I really don’t think everything revolves around me.

I know who my life is truly about.  I’m just number 3: 1.God 2. Others 3. Me


Be GONE devil!



This is really how I’m feeling today!

Today, the stupid devil has been whispering in my ear and I’m sick of it!

Let me tell ya how it went today…

I had so many students, co-workers and such talk wonderfully to me.  I work at an awesome place.  For real, our school is, for the most part, a positive place.  It took one person to say a not so great comment (of which they didn’t really even mean in a negative way)…and I’ve thought about that stupid comment more than any other today.  When they said it, I THOUGHT I could immediately disregarded it.  I tried, but right after that I messaged a friend of mine to tell them about it.  I told them, I wasn’t going to let it get me down–and I meant it!  Again, I wanted to blow it off.  I wanted to forget about it.  SERIOUSLY.

This is how I know that the devil stirs the pot.  I wanted to think about the positive from the day, but that one comment burned in my brain.  That stinky sin loving weirdo likes to remind you of what is negative, junky, yucky and bothersome.  Like a rock in your shoe, he can annoy the living daylights out of you.  Kind of reminds of the Grinch song.  He’s a mean one…

Anyway!  I saw this pic above and thought EXACTLY!  Get away from me devil!  BE GONE!  Cuz Jesus has got me!  Amen 🙂



I had a recent question asked that created a God moment for me.  I have a lot of those, but sometimes I have to ask God to help me and research the Bible for exactly how He wants me to answer.  This time though, the retort He wanted me to use IMMEDIATELY popped into my pea sized brain.  His knowledge and love is so vast that I know my brain is that size compared to HIM…perhaps even smaller!  Anyway, I’m telling you this, because I know when things happen like this, that it’s not my knowledge, but HIS that flows out of me.  I give all credit to HIM.

So, the question was, “What do you do when you hate yourself?”

“You cannot do that!”  without thought at all, came from my head.  My brain was shouting it!

You cannot hate yourself.  Oh sure, we all do it, we all don’t like or even detest (hate) things about our body, even the entire image we see in the mirror.  Or we hate acts we have committed against others–against God.  Seriously though, we cannot continue to hate and be in the will of our maker–the Almighty God! 

Yes, this is a struggle!  We all still do it.  We are critical of pretty much everything and everyone, but mostly of ourselves.  We judge. 

I want to especially target the physical body issue: GOD MADE YOU!  If you are dogging on yourself…say, you don’t like your lips or nose or even the way your belly jiggles–GOD MADE YOU–you are basically saying He did not do a good job. 

I know that we all struggle to be healthier and the ever so grandious dream of being “thin,” but we need to be right with God no matter what.  If our over dramatic and over worked brain continues to cloud itself with the want to be what we are not, we are crowding God out.  Again, my brain is screaming: YOU CANNOT HATE YOURSELF!  If you practice self-loathing, how can you allow God to comfort and heal you?  He loves you the way you are!  Does he want you to be healthy?  Yes.  Does he want to protect you and guide you in all of your paths?  Yes.  If that path is to better health, He will guide you.  He can’t do that if you are pushing Him out by hating yourself. 

I know maybe I got a bit wordy today and perhaps redundant, but this is something I have struggled with in my life and there are days where it creeps up again.  In fact, the question that started this whole blog really had me snapping  out of a little bout of self-loathing myself.  It happens, but you have to push those thoughts and especially those memories aside and move on.  Love yourself!  Love how God made you! 



(((WARNING—IT’S A RANT!!!…with no real purpose…)))

DO YOU EVER JUST GET ANNOYED!?  Do you get to the point that you want to scream or even punch someone when this happens?  I’m not going to admit anything about that today.  I’m just rambling, really.  This is what I do most all the time, I know.  I have no problem with it really and if it annoys you, well, don’t read any further.  SERIOUSLY.  Stop. 

If you have decided to read on, here goes…

There are a few things in this life that bothers me.  Actually, if someone made me sit down and make a list, I’m sure the list might get longer, but no one is doing that so I will stick to the short list. 

#1 INCONSIDERATES  (in·con·sid·er·ate: adj. 1. Thoughtless of others; displaying a lack of consideration. 2. Not well considered or carefully thought out; ill-advised.)  I won’t call names or point fingers, but in general, I will refer to those I have observed and perhaps studied at well length at times with no real intent to do so in the first place.  When you find yourself pinned up, stuck to or just haphazardly placed with such people, it’s almost torture.  A person who expects you to do things for them with no thought of the time it takes for you to do such things for them.  An individual who wakes up and just calls you no matter HOW EARLY in the morning it is on YOUR DAY OFF is a typical inconsiderate.  Those who assume you have absolutely nothing else to do at all ever besides take care of their needs, but when you need something, it seems to them a chore.  A THANK YOU would be nice every once in a while; although, I know we are supposed to do things for others without expecting anything in return.  I know this.  *sigh*  I’m sure you have seen an inconsiderate before.   You have been tied to one.  You may even live with one. (Lord help you!) 

#2 HABITUAL NOISE MAKERS  (makes the same noises over and over and doesn’t even realize it’s happening)  Again, no fingers pointing, no names typed.   These are the SIGH-ERS, the coughers (not the ones who are really sick!), the grunters, yawners, gigglers, etc.  You know them.  You have been with someone who laughs at everything you say when really, everything you say is NOT funny.  You say, “Wow, I had a real bad hang nail this morning.  It hurt so bad!” The HNM starts giggling.  Perhaps they don’t realize that giggling is not what they should be doing, but they do it because that is all they know to do.  It’s a habit.  It’s a mechanism.  It’s a cover even!  They don’t know how to communicate.  I know it’s not good that I find this annoying, but I do.  I should help them find a twelve step program or something.  Ug!

#3 MESSY OBLIVIOUSNESSES  (those totally oblivious to the OBVIOUS mess)  There is a pinkish colored, slightly sticky round spot on the carpet the size of a truck tire —they do nothing.  They might of even made the spot with the pink-lemonade they so love to drink, but they don’t get the wet rag or even gasp when it occurs.  There is a trail of clothes that seem dirty since they are on the floor that spans from the bathroom to the hamper, but not one piece is placed INSIDE the hamper.   There is a stack of mail on the counter that has accumulated over a 3 or 4 week stint, yet it doesn’t budge, because no one has the will, strength or most of all COURAGE to take a venture through it.  Geeez!  Even though this is #3 and seems the lesser of the three, I feel as if I could go on forever about this one.  All three, though, to me, are equally annoying.  Just saying.

Ok, so that is the short list.  There are several behaviors and personalities that would fit under one of these and in a lot of instances, some fit under more than one–even under all three! 

So, do you EVER just get annoyed!  How ANNOYING!!!


 Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. -Hebrews 12:14 NIV

UG! *SIGH* REALLY!?!  We are supposed to live in peace WITH ALL MEN!?  And ladies, I’m not just talking about the men.  You all know this.  When it talks about MEN in the Bible, it’s talking about MANKIND–us, them and we.  UG!  *SIGH*  REALLY!?

Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. -Hebrews 12:14 NIV

So, this was part of my daily Bible reading earlier in the week.  I printed it on my mirror and have been reading it.  It’s so hard to do this sometimes.  Don’t get me wrong, PEACE is my fave, but having it with ALL MEN is a struggle.  I try my best.  I can say I love them.  I know I **HAVE** to do that.   We love all, not with a lustful desire, but one of compassion and caring.  I find that easy to do most all of the time.  BUT here it is right there in the HOLY WORD that we are to “live in peace with all men…” and what happens if we don’t!?  WE WON’T SEE GOD!?  For real!?  Well, there it is.  Right there in Hebrews.  We are supposed to do it just like we are supposed to love ’em. 

Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. -Hebrews 12:14 NIV

UG! *SIGH* REALLY!?!  What about those that put you down, make you feel dumb, fat and/or ugly on purpose!?  What about those who talk about your family, hurt your friends or are just downright mean to whoever, whenever?  Believe it or not, they are “MEN” (or mankind) too even though a lot of times we don’t even see them as human. 

Yes, I’m writing this blog mainly because this has been a big struggle for me here lately.  There are a couple of people in particular that just rub me wrong.  They make me question my own sanity sometimes cuz they make uh me crizazy!  I just have to remember that God loves all and I’m supposed to too AND He says we are to keep peace with all so we can see HIM and I gotta do it!  I’m working on it–Lord knows I am!  Will it get easier?  I think so.  I really do.  I have faith that the Lord will allow me to look at people like this in a different light.  Not sure exactly what kind of light that will be as of yet, but I’m confident that soon, very soon, my agitation and agravation will dissipate and POOF! be gone.  I’m so ready for that.  In Jesus’ name, AMEN! 


You might be a “dumbo” if…


((So, before you read below, just beware–this may be the MEANESS blog I ever write.))



(and I’m not talking about the cute little elephant from Disney)

You like to talk about how awesome you are, because you really aren’t.

You try and make others look inferior by making fun of anything and everything you can when you are around them.

You point at people and laugh.

You try and make others think you are great by telling them about how un-great others are.

You make things up in your head and BELIEVE them AND THEN tell others like it’s truth. (oh so dumb!)

You believe that things that are wrong are really right, because “everyone does it.”

You enjoy talking, trashing and making things up about anyone–you don’t discriminate–everyone is your target.

You wonder why people don’t like you, because you are so popular and talk to everyone about everyone.

You are sooooooooooo smart, because you have an answer for EVERYTHING even though it may not be a truthful answer. (just admit you don’t know!!!)


Ok, I’m done.  I just had to get that out there!

Much love and peace to all today–EVEN TO THE DUMBOS!!!  God bless ya!

Build on the Negative

Have you ever been told something you will NEVER FORGET?  We all have, haven’t we?  Well, let me tell you about one of my experiences…

Setting the time period:  It was my sixth grade year, probably 1984.  I was the ugliest thing I’d ever seen.  I had no self-confidence.  I felt socially awkward even though I knew I had some true friends.  I guess we were all a bit awkward at that age.  Looking back, I know this year truly held a turning point in my life.  I’ve had a few of those in my lifetime, but this was the first major one.

Sitting in science class one day, I raised my hand to ask a question about something our teacher had just gone over.  I listened to her.  I promise I did, but I guess, I missed her answering my question previously.  So, I asked.  The lady, who before this was in the top two of my favorite teachers that year, said, “It is students like you that make me want to quit my job.”  So much for “there are not stupid questions.”  I will never forget her saying this.  I don’t even remember what the class’s reaction was to the comment.  It was like time just, as they say, stood still.  I never told my parents she said it.  I just kept it inside and let it fester.  It didn’t help my year of self-loathing.  It made me hate school even more than I already did, because I really did hate it that year.  I’m pretty sure I hated everything.

Finally, after a year or so of being pitiful, I somehow decided that I was done with that.  Taking what she said with me in my suitcase of bad comments and derogatory terms of endearment, I began using things like that to build my self-esteem.  Adding on major help from an uncle of mine who was a super positive influence, I began constructing a more concrete outlook on life.   Middle school is a tough time to do this, but I managed to lose some weight, start wearing a little make-up, got my first true best friend (BFF) and pretty much decided that whatever I do in my life I WILL NEVER EVER NEVER make someone feel like that teacher made me feel.

I mean, sure, I’ve said some things I wish I could slurp back up into my big ole pie hole, but I began guarding my words.  Little did I know then that GOD wants us to do that.   He wants us to listen before speaking.   I’ve blogged on that before. ((Wanna read that? Click here.))  At that point in my life, I was not a huge Bible reader.  I had seen verses, but that is about it.  It was almost as if they were floating out there somewhere.  I owned a Bible, but it was just a huge confusing book to me then.  Well, I thank GOD that he allowed me to break out of the funk inwhich I was stuck.  I thank HIM for sending me people like my uncle and my best friend (who stayed true to me until the day she died back in ’98 at the age of 27).  I chose then that negative words can be used to build positive things.

When I began teaching 19 years ago, I knew that I wanted to make a difference in my students’ lives.  I want them to see that they are truly worth the time, effort and work.  That it is all about them.  I look back and cringe a little when I think of that day back in ’84, but I want to thank that teacher for giving me an example of what I never want to be.  I will truly never forget what she said, in such a negative way, but wow, how you can BUILD on the negative!

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