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Learning is one of my top favorite things to do.
I’d like to encourage you to LEARN today. LEARN SOMETHING NEW!
Think of something you want to know about, how to do or create. Research it. Look it up. Find someone on Twitter who can help you out. Search blogs. Go to Pinterest OR this new website I got turned on to today:
There are so many things on this website you can create. I found out about this place through a summer learning series I’m going through.
Here’s the blog that talks all about it:
When I learn something new, it makes me want to learn even more. I know some people think they are done learning–finished. Perhaps they think they know it all. OR they just think they know enough. I sure hope I never get that way! I believe I love teaching so much, because learning is so exciting to me. I want my students to feel the same way!
Try it…



((Think about huddling up and working together!  I love this visual!))

Relationship is key.  It is important to build relationships in every area of your life.  The ultimate relationship, of course, is with Jesus.  That is a period, the end, no discussion there–JESUS is the answer to everything!  #1, numero uno, the TOPS, –THE FIRST.

After you have that figured out, all other relationships can be right.

That seems kind of deep to start out a blog on collaboration, but I just wanted to clarify and identify that relationship as the first one everyone should get straight BEFORE ALL OTHERS.

All aspects of our lives are better when we are able to collaborate –work together, create a team, move toward a common goal — with others.  It is how I learn best and I can bet MOST people would feel the same way.  Believe me, I can tell when a person is the total opposite.  They are the ones that CONTINUOUSLY to tell you all they know without allowing you to speak at all, bark orders, interrupt you, add their comments even when not wanted, try and make you feel unintelligent and basically strive to undermine anything you set out to do or accomplish even if it takes lying or better described as speaking falsities which they refer to as facts.  So, if you are one of those, then this blog is not for you.  If you are A TEAM PLAYER, keep reading…

Today was a wonderful day of COLLABORATION.  We teachers were able to team up with teachers of the same subject area from other schools and share ideas, lessons, projects and whatever else we saw fit to talk about.  I was blessed to be able to be teamed up with an art teacher  who is super talented, smart and so very sweet.  You can go check out the great stuff she does on her FB page: KELLY LAMINACK.  Besides being a great art teacher, she also owns a gallery where any one can be a great artist!

Fun fun stuff!

Compared to our morning yesterday which consisted of a three hour lecture on STAAR testing data and how we can make our students think (UG!), this morning was like an AWESOME PRIZE you might win from Publishers Clearing House!  I do not exaggerate.  Just telling you how I really feel.  😉

More about today: I got some great ideas, definitely for sure will use a couple new projects we talked about and am looking into some new supplies I never knew existed.  WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!  If you have read my blog at all, you may of caught onto the fact that I love to learn NEW STUFF and I relish and cherish the time I get to create and explore art of all kinds, but especially with a new idea and NEW ART MEDIA!  *another holler here*

So, thank you for today’s COLLABORATION opportunity OCISD!!!  Loved it!  ***Thumbs up!*** Five Stars!

And a super special thank You Jesus for allowing me to develop great relationships, because I put the one I have with YOU FIRST!



EVERYDAY is a new day and we should all treat it with an expectant readiness for great wonderful things!

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