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This was a post I put up on facebook yesterday:

Constructive (and positive–the building up kind) criticism is my friend. Destructive helps no one. To the one giving DESTRUCTIVE: it might make YOU feel better about yourself for a little while, but soon, you will have to do it again and again and again and….to help your ego or something. Message for today: ***BUILD OTHERS UP*** I truly believe that is the reason we are here. Just sayin. …I feel a blog coming on..

I never blogged about it, because I figured I’d just rant about negative talk.  Everyone knows that stuff is poison.  It’s destructive.  It hurts feelings and does not make friends.  I understand we have to be corrected, but that is not what I’m referring to here.  Criticism can come in a way that helps you grow OR it can come in a way it makes you want to quit, give up and hate the person who gave it to you.   Eeek! –hate is so ugly.  So, I’m not ranting.  I’m just stating facts.

It all boils down to this:

when you are trying to help someone improve by giving them the honest truth in criticism they need…JUST BE NICE.

Be Nice or LEAVE



My FB post from earlier:

We have to be around mean, uncaring, totally uncompassionate, arrogant, and brutally rude people sometimes and we still MUST keep our HAPPY WONDERFUL SUNSHINE AND SPRINKLES ATTITUDE.  I confess, I did not do a good job of that today.  Lord, please forgive me!

I hate to admit that my anger got the best of me today thanks to a horribly crass and, really, in my opinion, insane person.  I have to keep in mind that this person is unhappy, uninformed, demented and basically sick.  We feel sorry for those who are ill.  I am trying to turn my anger into sincere pity.  We pray for those who are diseased —and I’m doing my best to pray for this person.  God knows I’m struggling!


I love the sign above, but we all know that we HAVE to be around people that are not nice.   They will NOT leave.  You can’t successfully make them or even ask them politely to go away.  AND sometimes life makes it where you can’t separate yourself from the situation you are in with them at all–you are stuck.    I wish that sign would work, but in reality, we know it won’t.

Mean people like making your life miserable.  They enjoy being rude to others.  There may be some exceptions, but more times than not, mean, rude, inconsiderate people have fun making others angry by their words and actions.  These facts alone should motivate us to kill them with kindness, sprinkle them with happy dust and laugh in their presence no matter what they say or do.  I did not do that today.  I just wallowed in the ugliness of the situation which seemed to get darker and darker.  I thought ugly thoughts, made ugly faces and said things to my friends that I should have just kept to myself.   It was ugly.  It was most of all–evil!  I do not want to make the devil happy.

So, after all this, I sincerely ask God to forgive me.  I have also asked for strength to be able to keep positive no matter what!  I know I can do it with God.  I have to pray for mean people (especially the one that made me so crazy today) and keep my eye on what is good, happy, sweet, pretty, bright, noble and honorable AND NOT what is rude, negative, nasty, ugly, void of compassion and downright mean.

I will have a much better day tomorrow, because even if the mean won’t go away, I refuse to allow it to make my HAPPY leave.



Awesome people are so awesome! They are happy and smiley and NICE. Nice is so important. Is it really hard to be nice? I mean, I know we all have those days where we are just tired and worn out, but is a SMILE so hard to muster? I think NOT! You can always smile –at the very least. Just think of a happy thought and BAM–THERE COMES A SMILE! Simple, right?

I had the opportunity to come in contact with A TON of people this last week. From the airport, to the resort and on to the many different locations we ended up going, PEOPLE WERE EVERYWHERE! Literally, no where I looked was there an empty space which did not contain another human, well, besides the bathroom stall, I guess. SOOO MANY PEOPLE! And I’m gonna let ya know—some were not so nice or happy or even the least bit content with their current situation. I prayed for one in particular that had what seemed to be a permanent scowl on his face. I admit, I do not know what was going on in his life and totally uncertain of the reason for his discontent, but I did and do know prayer can’t hurt it! So, there, in the airport, I prayed for this man. I prayed that something would make him happy. I am sure God did something for him. Who knows if he recognized it as such, but I know it happened, because my GOD is a mighty God and He makes things happen!

God especially makes AWESOME PEOPLE AWESOME…He put in our path so many people who were glad to help us and guide us and make us feel comfortable. He sent nice people who weren’t afraid to share their space or moment in life with us. Brief moments of pleasant conversation or even just a smiley face sprinkled our trip. I caught myself thanking God many times for those moments.

I even verbally thanked a few of our new brief moment friends for being so nice. One man even said, “Oh, I try my best to do just that.” How AWESOME?!?!! That right there is the AWESOMENESS I’m talking about.

We should all do our best to be awesome. It really isn’t a huge task. We just have to remember to keep things in perspective. An attitude of gratitude is important, and most of all, with the grace and the salvation we receive from GOD, being awesome isn’t hard at all! Don’t just think of a happy thought to make yourself smile like I said above, think BIGGER—> ALWAYS keep in mind —He allows us a daily DO-OVER (wipe away the past), the gift of every day (right down to the air we breathe), salvation from anything that has ever held us down (AMEN!) and the constant knowing that He has us in the palm of His hand (CUZ ONLY HE IS IN CONTROL). If we can only do this, life isn’t hard to keep in perspective and we can find it easy to be AWESOME.

Below, I’m sharing the front of a thank you card we received in the mail this week. It made me smile HUGE and reminded me that we should all thank those who have that AWESOMENESS more often, but most of all, thank GOD for putting them right where you need them.


My Morning Walk


This is a pic I took on my walk this morning. The weather has been absolutely amazing today! I love this picture, because it is so green and bright. Thank You God for giving me this gift.

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