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Mr. Happiest Man at Walmart

It seems I always share my grocery shopping experiences on here.  It really is a time that I dread, but it ALWAYS is a time that I learn something, I find new insight and I am blessed.   God does that.  He truly can bless you even when you are doing what you really don’t like to do.  He is super duper awesome like that!

This morning, I was in the Walmart parking lot at 7:41.  I had a great organized list and was ready to tackle it!  I zooomed through in record time and was just rockin’ this grocery shopping trip.  When I was done with the list (I had checked every item off!), I decided to go look at the cheap t-shirts to paint on.  I heard a man say, “Hey Lady, what you doin?”  It was a cute old man that I had seen in this Walmart numerous times before.  He’s usually at the front giving you a buggy or just smiling.  I told him I was just looking around and getting my shopping done.  He looks at my buggy and says, “Well, it’s almost full.”  And man was it!  I almost had it to the top and was thankful I really was finished putting things in that thing.

I casually looked at the shirts while listening to his conversation with other close-by employees.  He was so happy.  He was so sweet.  He was so positive.  He even gave one man coming down the aisle a piece of candy.  I made eye contact with the man and checked out his face-mood.  Yes, face-mood…what was his face saying?  He was happy.  He had that look on his face like “awwww, I’m special.”  It was that little sweet, cutie-patootie of a man who just gave him that candy and everyone else his positive spirit.

I made my way to the check-out and had a lovely cashier.  She was a sweetie.  I thanked God for the experiences I had at this Walmart adventure.  On my way out the door, I realized that Mr. Happiest Man at Walmart was organizing carts at the entrance.  I swiveled my FULL cart around and went back into the store.  He smiles and says, “Well, hello!”  I said, “Can I take my picture with you, because you are the happiest person I’ve seen in Walmart this morning?”  He smiled and walked toward me to post while almost giggling a little.  I loved loved love this… Love this man even though I really don’t know him.  I love his spirit, his attitude and most of all




I want to grow up to be JUST LIKE Mr. Happiest Man at Walmart (Dick as the name tag says)!



A thought on age…

Let me recap my week.

Monday, I was still down and out with the snot monster. As my previous blog about snot described, it was funky.

Tuesday, I woke at the usual time, but had to limp to the bathroom. Once there, I realized my hip was hurting so bad I couldn’t do any stretch or movement that would ease it. After an enormously hot shower, some ibuprofen and time, I was able to maneuver through the day with a barely-noticeable limp.

Wednesday was the day I saw a light at the end of the snot blob tunnel. I was actually feeling better.

Thursday seemed somewhat normal if a cheer try-out day for your daughter can be “normal.” (BTW: She made it!)

Today, the ever glorious Friday who everyone I know pretty much covets, I was greeted with a headache–actually from about three this morning. As the day progressed, it became worse. After lunch, I finally decided with some help from great co-workers that I should go home. I did! Something I never really do. I usually tough it out and suffer until bed time and then take migraine meds and pray it is gone by morning. I don’t get these kind of headaches often–maybe every three months or so. I did come home, take the meds and I am now headache free!

ANYWAY! I do have a point to all this and here it comes…

I’M OLD! I knew this day would come where I declare this without joking about it. I’m not talking OLD like I think I’m about to kick over or something. I just realize that my body doesn’t fight off snot like it use to, my hip feels like a small child slept on it all night in the morning when maybe I don’t sleep in most ideal position and a headache can now kick my bohonkus! I’m sure there are other things that have slowed down, become harder to do or perhaps even been marked off my list of fun things to do. I won’t go into all of those, but just for example, I’m passed the thought of thinking I might ever put skates or skis on my feet for recreation. That would just be asking for a broken something and AT MY AGE, who knows how long a broken bone would take to heal!

I know that people say you are only as old as you think you are…I know what that means. It’s all about how you look at it! That is like my mantra! Seriously though, sometimes you just have to know your limits. You have to be aware that you aren’t as young as you used to be ( one is!). Does this mean I’m less of a person? NO. Does this mean I should think less of myself? Be depressed about life? OR long for the “good ole days?” NO. This means I thank GOD for allowing me to continue to be the OLDER me. Such is life. I am part of this great big scheme of things that God is in control of. I will be realistic about what I can’t do or what my body takes a little longer to do these days–WITH JOY…with happiness and even though I’m trying to be serious here –I will look at it with humor. I believe God has a great sense of humor! I thank Him for allowing me to be realistic while still looking at the HUMOR in life. It’s important to do that no matter what–IT’S ALL ABOUT HOW YOU LOOK AT IT!

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