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Is it REALLY what it is?

It is what it is?

Is it?

Is what you are talking about really what it is?  Is it unchangeable?  Can it not improve?  Will it not morph into something else?

Can you help it change?  Can you assist in some way?

To me, this IT IS WHAT IT IS statement means you have given up.  Throw your hands up in the air like ya just don’t care, because with this statement, that is what you mean.  It is what it is and you can’t do anything about it.

I think this statement is used way too much.  If it is used CORRECTLY, than whatever you are talking about is a constant, unchanging thing.  It’s something you can’t budge, you can’t help, you can’t make move no matter what you do. It is unchanging. It’s a “given.”

So, an apple …it is what it is.  A cat, dog, a kite, the sky, my right shoe… YEP!  Those things can be put in that category.   The IT IS WHAT IT IS category!

People… can change.  Places… can change.  Attitudes, facial expressions, a bad day…

ARE NOT things that you can use that “It is what it is.” statement on.

If you use –it is what it is– on those things, you are saying they can’t change…

they can’t be helped…

you can’t do anything about them.

And I just don’t think that is true.  That is my opinion.  I suppose it could change, but for now…




No Negotiation

You cannot negotiate the truth.  

Ok, so my opinion is not yours. I understand that, but if it’s true…


If I tell you I like the color green and you tell me that I don’t …whaaaat?

That is a non-negotiable point. 


In fact, it’s my favorite color. 

Green makes me feel happy. It gives me a free feeling.

I know it is my opinion and perhaps not yours, but it’s still true. 

It’s the same way I feel about God. 

My God is real. He is alive and sent His Son to save me.  YES, this is my opinion, but it is TRUTH. 

Try and argue, try and tell me it ain’t so. Ok.  

Yes, that’s all I have to say. 


I, of course, hope you change your mind and accept Jesus as your Savior. AGAIN I say,”Of course!” But my opinion of the FACT will not change due to your difference with me.  


Wall of Happiness

Click here for an awesome idea!

Everyone needs one of these!

Thanks @carikers for sending this to me!!!


VBS has been great this week with kiddos learning all about Jesus!  The theme this year is about asking questions and finding the evidence that JESUS IS REAL!  I was a little crazy about the theme at first, but once I got to really reading the curriculum and not just freaking out about the decorations I was going to create, I loved it!  It gets the students to thinking.  Those questions and investigations got some high-level thinking going on.  VBS is all about the ABC’S (admit, believe, confess), but in this curriculum the 3 D’s are used: DISCOVER, DECIDE, DEFEND.  I like this concept–Discover all the evidence, Decide for yourself and then get ready to tell others about Jesus by equipping yourself with all that evidence.  How awesome!

Everyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE JESUS.  I’ve had a few people challenge me here lately about that…and not with questions.  They are challenging me with their opinions and their views.  They somehow want me to debate with them about my God who they don’t even believe in.  

Our Bible verse for this VBS is ALWAYS BE READY TO TELL OTHERS WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT JESUS. -1 Peter 3:15  This is the younger students’ version.  Here’s the New Living Translation: Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.

I have this hope that only comes from my God.  I have this peace that only He can give me.  I can’t tackle life’s circumstances without HIS strength.  I don’t see how some people do?    Well, I know a lot of people don’t.  They escape by using drugs or getting drunk or doing things they think is “the answer” to all their problems. I tried for years doing stuff that I thought would be the answer to my happiness.  Why do we do that?  Why do people try to do this thing called life on their own?!?  Then when it doesn’t turn out like they think it should, they curse a god, my GOD even, whom they don’t even believe in like it’s His fault they are like they are.  Oh my…this goes back to taking responsibility for what YOU DO…not blaming something or someone else for your choices.  Ug!  They even blame God for all the bad in this world.  Why did God allow Hitler to kill all of those people?  *sigh*  It goes back to FREE WILL CHOICE…we all have choice.  Hitler CHOSE to do all those things he thought was “the answer” to all his problems.  He didn’t have GOD.  He didn’t ask God for help or use God to kill people.  People are so confused about who God is, but they still attack those who believe in God by asking such questions or throwing out all kinds of reasons why we shouldn’t believe in God.  If you don’t believe, don’t believe, but don’t condemn me for not believing!  I actually LOL at that!  They are condemning me?!?  HAHAHAHA!

WELL, I’m READY!  I’m ready to tell others about the Lord.  I’m not going to beat them with a Bible or judge them by telling them they are going to hell. (they already know that really) I’m not even going to attack them by getting all radical and crazy about what they believe in.  I’m not going to get red in the face when they tell me my God ALLOWED Hitler to do those things or allows bad in this world.  You know what I’m going to do!?  I’m going to SMILE.  I’m going to show them the attitude I have because God allows me to do all things through HE who strengthens me.  I’m going to love them.  I’m going to show them that I can love them no matter what they believe in.  Sure, they can hate me, they can cuss me, tell me MY GOD ain’t real, but I’m going to simply LOVE them.  We were not put in this world to hate.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  Yes, I used ain’t twice today! and yes, I use that last statement a lot, but IT’S TRUE…don’t waste your time!  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  

Believe what you want to believe.  That is your choice.  As for me, and my house…WE WILL BELIEVE IN THE LORD!

My post today on facebook:

You ALWAYS have your choice to believe what you believe. For me and my house, we will believe in, on and through The Lord. My God is real. There’s no need for debate. 
I love you no matter what you believe in. 
Why constantly talk about and put down a GOD you don’t believe in? ((Rhetorical Q, please do not answer.))

Have an awesome day people!



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