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I’ve seen great things this week!

I know you have too.  Sometimes, though, we don’t notice the good, great and amazing stuff.  We look to all the bad things that happen. Seriously, take a break from world news. Go outside and take a walk.  Look at the stuff growing, birds flying or just to the clouds.  IT’S GREAT STUFF!

My great things this week…

One morning, I went on a walk and the weather was just absolutely perfect.  Things were bright and wonderful.

My boy started basketball camp and LOVED it!  He had some awesome coaches who helped boost his confidence and the fun.  I’m so thankful for coaches who LOVE kids.  So proud of him and happy happy happy to be at OCISD.

My gal helped out at VBS for the first year as a youth.  Last VBS was the last year she attended as a student.  She has stepped up and done great at her duties.  I’m so proud of her!  She is growing up so fast!

GOD has put things in front of my eyes that are so amazing.  A great friend of mine and high school classmate sent me some pictures of how God shows us He is here all the time.  I’m going to share one of them below.  SO AMAZING!

This is a puddle in her yard she snapped a shot of …WOW!


Now, go out and find some GREAT THINGS!  Ya gotta look hard at times, but it’s soooooooo worth it!

Meet me OUTSIDE!

Do you ever question things of the universe?  Haha!  This sounds like it is already getting too deep for me to even write about, but really…
Do you stay in thought more than a few minutes about why we as humans invented some of the gadgets we use today?
I mean, take for insance, the shoe lace?  Were shoes NOT fine before then?  I do see how the ability to adjust the tightness (or loose-ness) of a shoe is quite handy.  What other benefits are there?  Did things like this just pop into someone’s head one day out of inconvenience?  I believe so.

We all have those things in our life which are just bothersome.  Perhaps you wear shoes with no laces, but there are other inventions you wouldn’t know what to do without.  Think about it–toilet paper (no need to go into detail), the t.v. remote (I was one of those for my house when I was little.), A PILLOW (what would you do with your big ‘ole head!) and INDOOR plumbling!!!  That is just to list a few.

More recently, we have those cellular gadgets we carry around.  Some people are very reluctant to allow those things to be a part of their lives while others make their world revolve around them.  I’m a bit in the neutral zone on this one.  I do like the convenience my cellular device allows me, but sometimes I know it’s important to be detached from the chaos it creates.  Cell phones allow us to be in contact with anyone via voice or texting if they see fit to respond.   The “smarter” version even allows us to ask questions, find answers or help us drive away the boredum in the check out line thanks to games or reading apps.  They can be quite simple or fancy.  Either way, the convenience is there.

As I said, though, we do need to find a way to get away from our constant attachment to this world.  I challenge you to find your “quiet time” and put down that gadget.  Get away from the television remote, the noise that comes from your stereo or your ear buds (which are usually attached to that gadget or one like it) and take a walk.  Go check out the stuff God created for us before He allowed the inventions to make our life so convenient that we are able to even work in our pajamas and shop from anywhere that has a good connection.  There is a great big world outside your door waiting to be gazed upon.  Today is a wonderfully beautiful day that has seemed to be screaming at me to get out there and check it out.  So, why am I on here (another invention of convenience) doing this blog?  I DON’T KNOW!  Meet me outside!

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