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Made My Day!

The last few days, I’ve been stuck with needles numerous times– had blood work, EKG, chest x-ray, stress test, wore a heart monitor and today had a sono of all my guts.  It has been an adventure that has kept me praying, praying and praying some more.  As I type this, I still have no clue what made me have what felt like an anxiety attack at 11:30 at night–waking up from a dead sleep.  I still have moments of weird feelings in my chest area.  It’s not so much pain, just WEIRDNESS.  The doctors look at me funny when I say that.  I have no other technical way to explain it.

Anyway!  Today, the sonogram appointment was different.  I first registered and realized that being sick is EXPENSIVE!  The procedure was some major change.  I had to get on a payment plan.  I was already down about being old and broken.  I mean, they all say, you hit 40 and everything goes downhill.  For me, I don’t believe everything people say and I definitely didn’t and still don’t want to believe that saying!

So, there I am in the waiting room thinking I’m old, broken and can’t seem to figure out what is wrong so that it can be fixed and to top off the crap cake, the icing is that I’m depleting my family’s funds.  UG!

I text my bestie to tell her how down I was.  She comforted me with a good ole pep talk text.  I sure do love her!  She basically helped me snap out of the so called pity party I was throwing for my self.  Thank You Lord for super friends!

At that point, I hadn’t gotten pushed and prodded on yet (today) so, I definitely needed to get out of the dumps.  I needed to be equipped with a good attitude for endurance.

I’m not belly achin’ no more!  

I mean, seriously, somewhere, some one is BURNING ALIVE!

I heard this once before and wow, does that put stuff in perspective! 

Next stop, the sono which took about 40 minutes.  The sono tech had a nice smile, but wasn’t much of a conversationalist.  I hear they are trained to be tight lipped and non-emotional.  I basically took a nap with my eyes open.  You know, that’s when your mind kind of zones out and goes away, but on the surface you are still with reality.  Haha!

After escaping the medical plaza of never ending germs that I thought I could see floating around, I decided to stop off to get a quick lunch before heading back to work.  (yes, I sanitized!)  While in line at one of my favorite healthier than most fast food venues, I decided I’d pay for the person behind me as well.  I had been at that exact restaurant before when this happened to me.  It was such a blessing!  I wanted to bless someone else.  I had some Christmas cash left in my wallet and I was hoping that would cover it.  It did!

As I was doing this, the sweet gal at the window looked so familiar and I’m glad I said something.    She said, “You were my art teacher! Remember…” She told me her name and I, of course, recalled her and said it was so nice to see her.  (I had already checked out her name tag and the Anabella didn’t ring with me since we called her Ana…ha!  I’m slow.)  She said, and I quote: “You look great.  I mean, you have not aged one bit and you know that has been quite a few years ago.”  (it has been about ten or so) WOW, did I need that comment today!  I told her that she just made my day and she said I made hers and the lady’s behind me.


I thought I was going to be able to bless someone there in that drive-thru today and look what God done did—HE BLESSED ME! He always does!  He never ceases to shower the blessings!


Awesome Story/Poem

You never ever know how your life and the things you do for others truly affect them.

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