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Because I’m overweight…am I supposed to feel INADEQUATE? I supposed to feel incapable? I supposed to feel unloved? I supposed to feel not-good-enough? …am I UNSUCCESSFUL?

NO NO NO NO and NO!!!

Yes, I’m overweight.  I’m not the “perfect” size.  I do not wear bikinis.  HAHA!  Never have, never will.  I do not run.  Another HAHA!

I may not be able to outrun someone, but I can do so much that others don’t do, want to do or have the talent to do.

Society may look at me and think, “Wow, she probably eats a lot of donuts.”  When in actuality, I HATE DONUTS.  Ice cream is not something I long for.  I don’t really like pie.  Chocolate, yes, but …

OK, WHAT I’M SAYING IS:  Society does not KNOW me.  They don’t know my likes, dislikes, talents, struggles, victories, etc.  I do not care what SOCIETY thinks.  They can put me in this group of sad people which need to be “fixed” or guided.  Still, they do not know me. Whatever label, group or stereotype I get associated with… It does not define who I am.

I am a strong, smart, beautiful and very much talented person.  I encourage and help others.  I have a great smile!  I keep a positive attitude that I believe this world needs more of.  I get whatever job needs to be done–done.  I shine the light of Jesus, because He is in my heart!  I am NOT UNSUCCESSFUL.

The scales don’t own me.  The number of pounds my body is does not dictate my life.  The fact that I don’t run does not mean I can’t be a winner.  I can and will do things that are extraordinary and awesome.  I will be victorious and overcome things in this life.  The fact that I don’t lose one pound doing it has NO BEARING ON MY ABILITY TO SUCCEED.

MY Success is not measured by society even though society may think it does.  Success is what I believe it to be in my life.

Here are the top reasons why I KNOW I’m successful—

JESUS LOVES ME and I LOVE JESUS!  So glad I succeeded in asking HIM into my heart.  …SUCCESS!


I am a pretty good mom, wife and teacher…SUCCESS!  (I have papers to prove it which include personal reference letters, anniversary cards and a few teachery awards from various individuals and groups)

I have friends who love me.  (again, papers, emails, text messages and memories to prove it)…SUCCESS!

I’m happy.  …SUCCESS!

and guess what…

I walked 40 minutes on the treadmill this morning and quite briskly, might I add.   I didn’t run, but to me, I was a success on that mill!  I find my success in all kinds of places.  Perhaps losing weight may be one of those someday.  I have found it in the past and may in the future, but no matter what… it is not the only thing that defines my success.


–and YOU ARE TOO!  Find your successes…do not dwell on your failures.  God will guide you in finding them when you need help looking.  Do it!  FOCUS ON THE GOOD, always.


I allow the babbling of insecure, mean or even intelligently deficient people get under my skin sometimes. I know these people do not care about me. Why do I listen to them? I mean, if they did care about my opinion or what I do, they wouldn’t attack the things I do or try and demean my intelligence or what I believe in. Why do I continue to listen? I should just allow it to wash over me and fall to the ground like water off a duck’s back. Yep, that is what I should do and a lot of times, I do. I do a pretty good job of weeding out the negative.

BUT SOMETIMES we get caught off guard, don’t we!? I guess I got caught with my guard down today. I know this is it. When you are in a group of your friends who you normally feel quite safe around, it can happen in an instant! Yes, I know we all have different opinions. That is life. I know that. I really do. ALTHOUGH, when someone is just downright mean to you and professes to be your friend all at the same time, that is when it hits ya from behind. You don’t see it coming! Differences in opinions become a fire that is fueled by inconsideration, thoughtlessness and a natural uncaring spirit. I must remember at these times that everyone doesn’t think like me. I generally–most all the time–like everyone. I am considerate of others’ feelings. I do my absolute best not to be an irritation to others. I definitely strive to compliment instead of criticize. I see through others’ points of view or at least try my best to. I don’t scoff at them or even sigh heavily at their unintelligence or downright annoying actions. I know I shouldn’t expect all these things from everyone around me, because truthfully, it will never be a perfect world. I’m not saying I’M PERFECT at any of it, but I do hope I am nice to my friends at least. I hope I don’t unknowingly make others mad by stupid things I do or say. I pray I don’t do that! The worse part is not knowing your being dumb.

Anyway, I think I’ve finally talked about this enough that I feel better about it. Haha!

Let’s end this blog with some POSITIVE…
My wish for you is like the Rascal Flatts song:

“My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish.”

And another song that is important to me:

The end.

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