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YOU are beeeea–youuuuu–tiful!

Do you look in the mirror and find the bad stuff? Why?
You pick on yourself.
You search out the imperfections.
This world can’t even define perfect, REALLY.

I mean, we can have an opinion about something being perfect, but that is our opinion. That is not a TRUE definition of perfection. The world cannot do it. Only GOD can.

Why do we look at all the imperfections we have and overlook all the GOOD STUFF.
God made us awesome.
He made us great.
I know, genetics, food, and lifestyle all come into the picture, but when it all boils down…
WE ARE AWESOME CREATURES no matter what the mirror may reveal!

You know, even those super models, body builders and such find imperfections in what they see. They have lean muscle and low low LOWWW percentages of body fat, yet they find something to be down about? Everyone does. UG! It makes me wanna scream!

Why do we do this? THE WORLD. The world judges us so we think we need to do the same. We only have ONE TRUE JUDGE. Am I right? Amen?

Look in the mirror and stop fretting about it…LOVE IT!

Stop judging others. Stop judging YOU. YOU are beeeea–youuuuu–tiful!

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