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I should have started yesterday’s blog like this:

GOD is the reason for all my awesomeness. HE IS AWESOME. He is truth. He is the only reason I can even have a chance to be AWESOME. I look to HIM in times of trials. He is my positive thoughts. He is my optimism.

The end. (and the beginning!)

4th of July

Everywhere has a 4th of July.

America, we have what you call THE 4th of July!

It’s a day of celebrating so many things.  We celebrate America, each other and the liberties we all have, because of our constitution.  Most of all, to me, we celebrate the lives of those who gave all for us and who continue to do their duty to make this country free.

I thank GOD for America and for all those He has sent to build this nation and to continue upholding our liberties!


The Mind Convo

Everyone has them…in your mind, you have this constant conversation going.  Most of the time, it’s all questions.  Should I?  Can I?  Am I?  Do I?  Where?  What?  How?   You attempt to answer them, but sometimes the questions are answered with even more questions.

I know a lot of these are part of decision making and we MUST do it.  I mean, SHOULD I BREATHE?  Duhhhhh, yes.  Should I brush my teeth?  Duhhhhhhhh, yes.  Some questions are a given.  Then there are those OTHER QUESTIONS…

AM I PRETTY?  AM I SMART?  AM I WORTHY?  Do I look better than ….?  Am I the best at …..?  Does ……like me?

UHHHHHHHHG!  Just typing those questions makes me want to scream, for real!  YES YOU ARE PRETTY! YES YOU ARE SMART!  YES YOU ARE WORTHY! …you don’t have to look better than someone else–YOU LOOK LIKE YOU!…You are the best at SOMETHING, find it!  People DO like you!  Some don’t too, but YOU SHOULD NOT CARE ABOUT THOSE!  Yes, I know, I keep screaming.

If you have ever dealt with an insecure person, you can see all these questions written on their forehead.  They almost pop up like speech bubbles above their head.  I want to pop the bubble and use an eraser on that chalkboard in their brain.  I want to do something that will make them believe in themselves.  I want to hit them!  Ok, I really do not want to cause them physical harm, but I do want them to snap out of it somehow.

I am not saying I never ever have those questions in my crazy head.  I just push through all that clutter, because I know who I am.  I know what I was made for and I know without a doubt that OTHERS cannot define who I am with their opinions, looks, stares or even verbal rants (to my face or behind my back).  Oh, I get my feelings hurt at times, of course.  People are people.  Humans can’t help to wear their emotions on their sleeves at times.  Some do it more than others.  Some people have MIND CONVOS which are a long stream of insecure thoughts and negative thrashings.  It makes me sad for them, but at the same time MAD AT THEM for not loving themselves!


I know, I’m still yelling, but I get so crazy on this subject. I’m sure I’ve blogged about it before many times.

I won’t capitalize anymore.  I’m just going to type my requests calmly:

Quiet that convo–the negative one– in your mind which makes you feel less of what you are suppose to be.  Please.

Look in the mirror and love what you see.  Please.

Don’t compare yourself.  (It’s hard not to put that in caps.)  Please.

Choose to be happy and confident, because you are pretty (or handsome), you are smart and you are worthy.  You are talented and you are liked.  Stop trying to please everyone and be happy with who you are.  Please.

Ending today with this cartoon.   INSTANT SELF ESTEEM:


Remember, this is funny… I really don’t think everything revolves around me.

I know who my life is truly about.  I’m just number 3: 1.God 2. Others 3. Me



I just bought a new fingernail polish called “sassy sparkle.”  I really didn’t know the name of it until I was looking at my receipt after the purchase.  It made me smile and think about how we all should have some type of sassy sparkle.  Ok, maybe the men don’t need to call it that, but they can have it too!

To me, having a SASSY SPARKLE is all about attitude.  Wake up knowing that today is going to be AWESOME!  It’s not going to be mediocre.  It’s not something to dread.  It’s going to be full of blessings.  It may have flat tires and mean people sprinkled along the path, but in any situation we can have a happy attitude.  We can turn whatever is sad, bad and horrible into something that teaches us to be better, happier and more of the person we need to be.

SASSY SPARKLE is feeling like WE CAN instead of we cannot.  It’s about going the extra mile to help someone feel encouraged about today.  It’s simply smiling just because your face muscles can do that!

Maybe you don’t want to call it “sassy sparkle”…Maybe you want to call it POSITIVELY PRETTY or VICTORIOUSLY VIVACIOUS … or let me think of a man version: SERIOUSLY CAN’T COMPLAIN or LOOKING GOOD LARRY …haha!  Ok, maybe I’m not so good at the male versions of SASSY SPARKLE, but you know what I mean.

Whatever it takes to turn your frown upside down, make a circumstance a blessing, transform a dark time into sunshine and sprinkles or get your “get up and go” to get up and zoom…DO IT!

Get your SASSY SPARKLE on!!!

…and I’m not talking about the fingernail polish, but I know that is where this blog all started.

Sassy Sparkle:



I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

I can say to myself: I TOLD YOU SO!

I was praising God before to today, did it during this day and will continue to do it everyday espcially for days like today!

Yes, I’m shouting.  I’m screaming!  Well, not really physically (my throat is worn out!), but my entire being is so giddy with blessings I almost don’t know what to do.  It’s hard for me to sit here and write this, I have so much energy.  I’ve been running around since I got home trying to calm myself down.  I know, it sounds weird, but it’s like a jolt of pure adrenalin.

I wrote a couple of days ago that today, I’d be singing at a women’s event.  I have had laryngitis for over two weeks, but I knew God would bless this day no matter how I sounded.  HE WOULD MAKE MY SOUND PLEASING TO HIM!  –Because really, truly, for real–it’s all about HIM.  It’s not about me, it’s not about you, it’s not about what you have or are gonna have, do or want to do—it’s about GOD.  Today was another confirmation to me that MY GOD IS REAL!  If I could sing right now, I’d be singing that song:

My God is real, real in my soul
My God is real for He has washed and made me whole
His love for me is like pure gold
My God is real for I can feel Him in my soul

PRAISES!  I want all I do to praise Him.

Today, I sang.  I actually made sounds and they were, most of the time, on key and full.  There was a few “ify” moments, but I warned the crowd there may be and I’d just be singing no matter what.  I gave it my all, because GOD had me.  It was Him who made what I did a blessing –He used me!  That is the most exciting part!

The whole event was such a blessing.  It was a day of rejoicing and knowing that God is in control.  The speakers were awesome–I call them both my good friends, I love them so.  Tammy Whitehurst and Teresa Richenberger are two super talented Christian women who share their stories and insight on why everyone should know and trust in Jesus.  I’ve heard them both several times and I never get tired of listening to their testimonies, anecdotes and real life truth.  They are both such POSITIVE people.  I love to surround myself with those types. 🙂

The church we were at today was a place where I felt the warmth of friendship right when I entered the door–such a blessing.  Hugs and smiles and happy greetings were flying from every direction.  The women who put this event together did such a great job of making sure everyone felt welcome and at home.  Those in attendance were so full of joy and ready to praise God together.  This cowboy church–The Circle C was a spirit filled place where I could feel God moving the entire time I was there!



I’m just going to share a couple of pictures of the event today.

  • The first one is the panoramic I took from the stage when I was about to sing.  I loved doing this!  It got everyone SMILING right off the bat!
  • The second one is of my new friend Sylvia and I.  This lady made me smile the entire event.  She greeted me early on and always had a smile for me whenever I looked her way.  This sweet woman kept her Bible open and her hands in the air!  She would say “PRAISE THE LORD” in the sweetest little voice.  I told her numerous times how cute she is, because I saw God in her.  I want to be like Sylvia!  I thank God for allowing me to see HIM in her.  Amen!



Be Happy



Yes, everything.

*huge sigh*

Sometimes it is super hard to do this!

Not EVERYTHING seems to have a “good” part, but we must keep looking.  We have to open our eyes and dig deeper.  It  is there.  Is it there?  Even an optimist (like I claim to be) is confused at times by things that happen and people who use their words to hurt.

But EVERYTHING …no matter what it is… can be “ok” if we can only look at it through different lenses.  We have to super power wash those lenses in some instances.  We have to wipe the dirty grime and stinky sludge off of them and blink a few times before we can see clearly again.

Keep blinking, keep looking and keep on keepin’ on…


Be GONE devil!



This is really how I’m feeling today!

Today, the stupid devil has been whispering in my ear and I’m sick of it!

Let me tell ya how it went today…

I had so many students, co-workers and such talk wonderfully to me.  I work at an awesome place.  For real, our school is, for the most part, a positive place.  It took one person to say a not so great comment (of which they didn’t really even mean in a negative way)…and I’ve thought about that stupid comment more than any other today.  When they said it, I THOUGHT I could immediately disregarded it.  I tried, but right after that I messaged a friend of mine to tell them about it.  I told them, I wasn’t going to let it get me down–and I meant it!  Again, I wanted to blow it off.  I wanted to forget about it.  SERIOUSLY.

This is how I know that the devil stirs the pot.  I wanted to think about the positive from the day, but that one comment burned in my brain.  That stinky sin loving weirdo likes to remind you of what is negative, junky, yucky and bothersome.  Like a rock in your shoe, he can annoy the living daylights out of you.  Kind of reminds of the Grinch song.  He’s a mean one…

Anyway!  I saw this pic above and thought EXACTLY!  Get away from me devil!  BE GONE!  Cuz Jesus has got me!  Amen 🙂

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