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You don’t REALLY know.

People want to know who you are, what you do, who you are with and if you have anything to hide.

WHY?  We are all so curious!

I know in this age of social media, there is so much personal information available to us on just about anyone that there’s not much left to face to face contact. When we do actually physically see one of our “friends” on facebook (or other sm), we assume we know everything there is to know about them.  I mean, IT’S FACEBOOK OFFICIAL, right?

You never really know the whole story though.  You may think you know thanks to whoever you follow, like or read a post about… but you really don’t REALLY FOR REAL know.

I do admit, there are some people who look like they post every single aspect of their life out there for all to see, but even those are not truly open books.  I’d like to think like I’m sure others do:

“What you see is what you get.”

BUT REALLY?  No one shows you everything.  We all have things we don’t want others to know.  We have habits or ways that we don’t want to be apparent that, a lot of times, shouldn’t be, but are.  Ew.  No one REALLY wants to know you pluck your nose hairs, only wear black underwear or have to eat your food in a counter-clockwise motion.

Some of those things might seem interesting to some, but again, like above, I ask… WHY?

We are such curious people.

We THINK we know everything,

But seriously….

you don’t REALLY know. 



Saw this pic on facebook this morning.  It made me recall a couple of things I’ve had to deal with in my profession this year with students and have witnessed with colleagues in the past as well.

Our students–of all ages–don’t understand the accessibility they are exposed to…they constantly assume it’s no big deal.

Social media is just that–SOCIAL –almost just like face to face, but THE DIFFERENCE IS today’s social (media) gives us this since of false protection, because we THINK we won’t have to suffer instant repercussions from WHATEVER we are posting.  It’s almost like we think no one will see it OR only the people we really want to see it will be the only viewers.

This is true for any postings –a simple selfie, a rant about our government, a picture telling someone they are number one with your middle finger instead of the index finger which really means something mean and vulgar AND THE LIST GOES ON…

It’s all accessible to anyone and EVERYone–NOT our selected few.  We forget this somehow.  We forget that what we type, what we take a picture of, what we post—is actually REAL.  It’s whatever we did prior to social media, but out there for an audience of a billion times more than it was before.

Looking at the picture above, I thought about us all…

THEN shared the picture and posted the words below along with it:

It’s not just 6th grade–It’s all ages. We are becoming so open to anything and everything that nothing is considered vulgar, kept sacred or left to our imagination. *sigh*

The end.


Today is a day that I’ve blogged about before: GROCERY SHOPPING DAY.  *gag*

I was finished with my two stops and was in the car headed OUT of the parking lot…ALMOST FREE!

I was driving forward through a space that was empty in front of the one I was parked in when I see a white car coming down the lane.  I wait and realize she was taking the spot beside the spot I was driving through.  I began to move out of my spot in order to go down the aisle to EXIT the lot.  When she saw me moving, she gave me a look as if I’d just killed her first born child.  (YES, IT WAS THAT BAD!)  So, I think, WHOA, perhaps she needs this spot and just realized I was coming out of it.  I’m really unsure why she was giving me this look.  Maybe she thought I didn’t need to move as she was parking next to me?  Then she just stops so I can’t get by her –still glaring at me.  Weird.  Well, then, I looked back and both spots behind me were still vacant so I backed my car all the way back to the original spot I was in.  She then adjusts her vehicle and takes the spot in front of me instead of the one that she was going for AND she still has the I- HATE- YOU- EVEN -THO- I -DON’ T- KNOW -YOU- LOOK plastered to her wrinkled up, unhappy mean face.  Perhaps she will wipe that look off when she has this spot.  NOPE.  She is still looking at me like I am a monster.

I ADMIT–In my younger years, I would have flipped her off and given her the same type look OR WORSE that she was giving me.  I mean, I could feel the anger rising up in my body, but thank GOD (seriously–it’s HIM that changed me) I did the complete opposite.  I began to wave at her with ALL FINGERS extended.  She gives me even more evil looks.  It’s like her face cannot stop being mean.  She is stuck in hate-mode.  Then I put the thumbs up and mouth, “HAVE A NICE DAY!”  She then proceeds to stick her tongue out at me!  Thinking back at this, I’m pretty much LOL’ing, but at the time, the anger began bubbling up again.  I thought, “REALLY!?  I got out of your way (which I wasn’t really in your way in the first place), gave you a closer parking spot and on top of ALL OF THAT, waved and DID THE UNIVERSAL ‘AWESOME, A-OK’ SIGN! …and YOU can’t stop being mean!?!”   WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!

I backed up, exited the parking lot, NOW freeing myself from the grocery shopping spots…

But I didn’t feel so free.  I felt hurt.  God was telling me to pray for that woman.  I cried.  I cried, because I didn’t want to pray for her.  I wanted her to trip over the speed bump at the front of the store entrance.  I wanted to get out of my car, find her and let her know how stupid she was.  I wanted to stick my tongue out back at her!  Ugh.  But again, thanks to God, I can do things like wave (with all my fingers out) and smile, mouth HAVE A NICE DAY to a lady who visibly hated my guts, AND DRIVE AWAY.

I know you may think this all sounds so stupid–that I would get upset about some old biddy looking at me like that and sticking her tongue out, but to me, I was innocent and even courteous and she STILL didn’t realize that there was no reason to be mean?  Mean people waste my time.  The fact that I can still see her meanness and that I’m even blogging about it tells me she is STILL wasting my time.  I DON’T WANT HER IN MY BRAIN ANYMORE!

I want to dwell on the HAPPY people I came in contact with today…

  • the awesome Walmart greeter retired-preacher man I GOT to see again (like last time I went shopping–click here to read)
  • the sweet little petite lady at Sams who, when I told her I love to see her there because she is always happy, told me that there is no reason to act otherwise.  She said even when you feel bad, it’s better to pretend to be happy then to not.  Wow, that is so true!  Having a bad attitude would just make you feel worse.  That right there is wisdom.

WHY CAN’T I JUST ONLY THINK OF THOSE TWO SWEET ONES and erase that other one?  TWO is a better number than one, right?  I even TALKED to the sweet TWO and didn’t to the mean one.  *sigh*

I think I’ve rambled enough today.  I did finally pray for the mean lady.  I hope her day got better, because apparently I ruined her parking experience at Sams.  I ask for forgiveness for being so stubborn.  I pray that I can always have the strength to wave my ENTIRE hand, smile, word “HAVE A NICE DAY” and drive off.  Amen.


This was a post I put up on facebook yesterday:

Constructive (and positive–the building up kind) criticism is my friend. Destructive helps no one. To the one giving DESTRUCTIVE: it might make YOU feel better about yourself for a little while, but soon, you will have to do it again and again and again and….to help your ego or something. Message for today: ***BUILD OTHERS UP*** I truly believe that is the reason we are here. Just sayin. …I feel a blog coming on..

I never blogged about it, because I figured I’d just rant about negative talk.  Everyone knows that stuff is poison.  It’s destructive.  It hurts feelings and does not make friends.  I understand we have to be corrected, but that is not what I’m referring to here.  Criticism can come in a way that helps you grow OR it can come in a way it makes you want to quit, give up and hate the person who gave it to you.   Eeek! –hate is so ugly.  So, I’m not ranting.  I’m just stating facts.

It all boils down to this:

when you are trying to help someone improve by giving them the honest truth in criticism they need…JUST BE NICE.

It’s all in the LOOK.

Have you ever had someone look at you with such disgust or loathing that it made the hair on the back of your neck stand up?

I’m not saying I get these looks often or witness them a lot, but I got one thrown at me today.  It was scary!  It truly made me jump and think sad, bad and mean thoughts.  I take complete blame for the incident, but whoa, I did not expect THAT LOOK.

I won’t go into the details of my accidental incident…I just wanted to share my reflection…

It was hard to stop thinking about and visualizing that look afterward.  It’s still burned in my brain.  It was so dark and ugly…mean.   I would MUCH rather think of my children smiling or my friend’s happy face when we get to talk.  I want my husband’s pretty face (yes, he is pretty) at the forefront of my brain—NOT some horribly mean mug look.  

Perhaps the person who formulated that look to glare at me with, didn’t understand the true power of the actual look.  Maybe they didn’t really purposely give, what we sometimes refer to as, the “GO TO HELL” look (gasp!).  I’m trying to give them a little slack.  I mean, what I did to merit THE LOOK was a complete accident.  It was not a malicious act or one of premeditation.  It was a quick action I made without proper prior thinking.  

That is why I’m giving them the slack…maybe the look was created from the same type of “accident.”  

…Or maybe …they are just mean.  

Either way…just remember, sometimes actions and words are what it’s all about, but sometimes…


What kind of looks are you giving?  I sure hope none of them are as scary as the one that was flung my way today.




Not sure I’ll sleep much tonight!  I get so excited the night before THE BIG FIRST DAY BACK WITH THE STUDENTS!

I’m like…





Mr. Happiest Man at Walmart

It seems I always share my grocery shopping experiences on here.  It really is a time that I dread, but it ALWAYS is a time that I learn something, I find new insight and I am blessed.   God does that.  He truly can bless you even when you are doing what you really don’t like to do.  He is super duper awesome like that!

This morning, I was in the Walmart parking lot at 7:41.  I had a great organized list and was ready to tackle it!  I zooomed through in record time and was just rockin’ this grocery shopping trip.  When I was done with the list (I had checked every item off!), I decided to go look at the cheap t-shirts to paint on.  I heard a man say, “Hey Lady, what you doin?”  It was a cute old man that I had seen in this Walmart numerous times before.  He’s usually at the front giving you a buggy or just smiling.  I told him I was just looking around and getting my shopping done.  He looks at my buggy and says, “Well, it’s almost full.”  And man was it!  I almost had it to the top and was thankful I really was finished putting things in that thing.

I casually looked at the shirts while listening to his conversation with other close-by employees.  He was so happy.  He was so sweet.  He was so positive.  He even gave one man coming down the aisle a piece of candy.  I made eye contact with the man and checked out his face-mood.  Yes, face-mood…what was his face saying?  He was happy.  He had that look on his face like “awwww, I’m special.”  It was that little sweet, cutie-patootie of a man who just gave him that candy and everyone else his positive spirit.

I made my way to the check-out and had a lovely cashier.  She was a sweetie.  I thanked God for the experiences I had at this Walmart adventure.  On my way out the door, I realized that Mr. Happiest Man at Walmart was organizing carts at the entrance.  I swiveled my FULL cart around and went back into the store.  He smiles and says, “Well, hello!”  I said, “Can I take my picture with you, because you are the happiest person I’ve seen in Walmart this morning?”  He smiled and walked toward me to post while almost giggling a little.  I loved loved love this… Love this man even though I really don’t know him.  I love his spirit, his attitude and most of all




I want to grow up to be JUST LIKE Mr. Happiest Man at Walmart (Dick as the name tag says)!

Blessings Today

#1 This is the video I created today. This woman is awesome and I’m glad she allows me to help in her ministry! What a blessing!

#2 I met a new friend today. His name is Chris and he’s one of those people you meet and you instantly like. I probably talked his head off and he might think I’m a total art freak…or other variety, but I sure did appreciate God allowing me to meet him today. He was taking my pic for an upcoming article on a project I do. He’s a total artsy…one of MY PEOPLE…he’s in the ART TRIBE. What a blessing!

#3 My child played volleyball tonight and their team won. I’m so proud of that gal. ANOTHER BLESSING!

# There are more to list, but I won’t go on…God knows He showers me and I want to give all of the praises to HIM!

Amen 🙂


Here’s my try at smore. I made this for an upcoming presentation I will be doing.

My Landscape

I have not painted a landscape such as this in many years. I had a friend ask me to paint the view from the front porch of their daughter’s house who is actually stationed out of the country right now. I prayed and prayed it would look good. I know GOD can do anything—He makes the best landscapes!
Here is the product of prayer and acrylic paint:

Here’s the original photograph leaned on the painting. It’s a blessing to me. I’m def not a professional landscape artist, but this was a fun challenge.


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