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I’m a mean teacher!

I expect my students to come in, sit down and listen a little.

I ask them to do things like color and create, paint and sculpt.

I encourage them to continue working and not to give up.

I ask them to concentrate and work toward a goal.

I demonstrate the correct way and then help and assist them to do it on their own.

They can do it!

Most of them try their hardest and a large part of my students GET IT.

They CAN draw, they CAN paint and they CAN create art.

Some of them say, “I’m not an artist.”  To them I say, “YES YOU ARE.”

I expect them to do their best.  My class, like any other, takes some work.  Just like other classes, students do well in it or they do not so well in it… but really, truly, it depends on about 90% attitude.

If they start out thinking they CAN’T… they are probably right.  If they start out not liking the assignment or for some reason think I’m MEAN by asking them to do it… they will more than likely not have a good outcome.  If they get to the point that their attitude becomes disrespect, it is certain they will not do well.  All that does is make me sad for them.  I will not accept their I CAN’T attitude or their misconception of why I assigned the project …AND THERE IS NO WAY I will take their disrespect.

So, if that makes me a mean teacher…


From Funky to FABULOUS!

I finally talked my husband into re-doing/fixing/refurbishing our picnic table that has been under a tree for about 12 years. Before this, it was somewhere else in our yard–I don’t recall. My Bob the Builder Husband made this in thing in high school (we graduated 23 years ago!) It leaned quite a bit to the left and sagged here and there, but I was determined that it could make it through a re-do. He was quite skeptical and at one point through the protesting, I just said junk it. “Take it to the hole!” I wasn’t upset, but I knew he was not into the whole salvation of this thing. He stuck with it though and what was a super funky table (which I knew was redeemable) ended up on the road to FABULOUS-NESS! It was exciting to be a part of it’s transformation. The best part of the ENTIRE project–MY HUSBAND ADMITTED THAT I WAS RIGHT …the table was not ready for the junk heap! YAY! I saved the life of a table today and Bob the Builder admitted he was wrong. WOW!

I hate that I didn’t take a picture of the pile of planks it was previous to it’s fix-er-upper project. I wish I’d taken a totally BEFORE pic, but I didn’t. Please just imagine an old green poor sad table crying for an extreme make-over.
It is not finished yet, because I’m not completely sure of my entire design. I have started with it though. So, I want to share what we have so far. I’m excited to see it complete. Perhaps I will share the end pic when it’s design is finished and the clear coat is applied.

The pics start from right after it’s re-assemblage…getting ready to cover the old green moldy weathered surface of funky…ON THE FABULOUS!










A simply animated video which inspires creativity.

“We’ve only just begun!”

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