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I’ve seen and heard so much rudeness in the last few days.  It makes me sad.  It makes me feel sorry for our existence as a RUDE human race.  Wow, I know, that sounds harsh!  Think about it…

What does being rude really do for anything or anyone?  It just makes the situation worse.  It just makes tempers flare and feelings to get hurt.  We should really check ourselves before we start letting words fly out of our mouths or projectiles out of our windows.  Haha… you’ll get it in a minute.  Read on please.

Today, I saw a parent get sideways with one of our staff, because… well, I won’t get into some long story about the situation.  Let’s just say the parent was blaming the school for not sending home something that the child was responsible for getting. Let me say that one more time: “THE CHILD WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING…” and taking home.  At the high school, we don’t pull out their folders and fill it up with info and forms that the child needs.  THE CHILD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING THOSE THINGS AND TAKING THEM TO THE PROPER ADULT to be dealt with/signed/returned.  It’s HIGH SCHOOL.  Your 14, 15, 16, 17, even 18 year old child has to take responsibility for classwork, homework, work outs, clubs, organizations and still must come to school with the proper attire on!

Ok, I’ve gone on about that one enough.  That parent was so rude.  I felt embarrassed for her and bad for the staff member she was pointing it all toward even though that person just happened to be there when the rudeness started flying.

Did I say I’ve gone on enough?  Haha!

Rudeness just makes me shake my head.  I want to stop the conversation and say, “DO YOU REALIZE WE ARE ALL ADULTS HERE AND YOU ARE TALKING TO OTHERS LIKE WE ARE CHILDREN WHO HAVE STOLEN A COOKIE OR SOMETHING?!?”  Oh my, I’m all-capping it a lot tonight!

In the end, the parent realized their child was at fault.  Go figure.

I’ve had students say the rudest things about other students.  IT’S AN EPIDEMIC!  Stop talking about other people!!!  Do you realize that only makes you look shallow-minded, mean and absolutely insecure?!?  RUDE.

I know, I’m yelling a lot here.  It’s a rant.  I admit it.  Rude people just make me want to do some ATTITUDE ADJUSTING.  (no details needed)

Here’s another one… On the way to town today to go grocery shopping (yes, the fact that I do not like grocery shopping has probably pushed along the need to rant this evening), a car that was passing me threw something out their window and it hit my car.  It might have been a cracker, I don’t know, WHO CARES!  It was a projectile something and they threw it out the window and I WAS RIGHT THERE.  Who does that anyway?  Apparently someone sitting in the passenger side of a black SUV, that is who.  Rude.

This week, I was speaking to a group and I was interrupted by an adult.  It was quite an awkward situation.  You would think they would know better.  Clearly they do not or at least did not at that moment.  I didn’t cry or anything.  I just thought… RUDE.

I have had about 10 students get up to walk somewhere in my room WHILE I WAS TALKING TO THEM in front of the classroom.  Perhaps they were in classes before that allowed that and I should give them a little time to get use to my class?  NO.  For real, no matter what the situation, if you are talking to a class or to a group of friends and any of them just get up and walk away or mingle about while obviously NOT paying attention to the importance of the information you are sharing… THAT IS RUDE.




I’m done.

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