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Where does aggravation come from?  I mean, I know what causes it, but why does our brain hold on to it at times.

Today, after school, I wanted to scream!   Why?!?  I’m not totally sure.

The bell had rung and I was somewhat free.  I did have an errand, but no big.  I do have a meeting tonight, but one I’m excited about actually.  So why was I so aggravated?

HORMONAL?!?  The weather?  Was the oxygen to my brain constricted?

Who knows!

I’m still yelling, I guess, because I keep using exclamation marks.  I’m really ok now.

What was wrong with me?

Have you ever felt like this?

Have you ever just wanted to crawl in a hole and stay there for a while.  I felt like I wanted to escape.  I was in my vehicle with no one else at one time and just wanted to drive and drive with no destination.  I was not depressed.  I was not hurting.  I was just BLAH.

What happened?  Maybe a kid got under my skin?  (mmmhmmm) Maybe my shoes weren’t fitting just right?  (that can happen)  Maybe I just have a lot to do?  (I do have a list on my desk.)

Who knows!

I’m just so thankful feelings like that PASS.  I prayed, I sung songs of praise and I prayed some more.

What do YOU do to help get rid of that kind of feeling?


I loved today.

Started the day EARLY with a road trip with my bestie…


We headed to Canton where we saw so many random, fun and crazy things. I love going there to just look, but of course, I did buy a few things.

Some pics of the randomness…








Here’s a pair, a turkey and Jesus:


And here’s the last RANDOM pic of the day which was really the first pic I took of the day. I know we all have our own style of clothing. This feller def has a UNIQUE one. I love the lady’s face in the background. Hehe!


We had so much fun!
Beautiful besties:



You really don’t know what is going on behind closed doors.  You have people separate, children abused and all sorts of crazy stuff you would never ever imagine to be happen behind those doors.  You don’t know a person –REALLY.  We all hope to.  We hope the ones we hold dear are exactly that –DEAR.

This came up in conversation two different times today.  It got me to thinking… I hope I can be genuine.  I mean, I hope that I walk the talk and talk the walk or whatever that saying is.  I tell people this is what I believe or that is how I feel and I want to be telling them the truth.

I know we all act differently in our homes, but we live with people that have to put up with us at our most comfortable.  We say things and do things we wouldn’t dare do in public or in mixed company.  We brush our teeth and pass wind (I never do, of course!) and wear clothes that we just throw on not worrying about who sees us, because WE ARE HOME.  It’s OUR PLACE.

You don’t know what people are thinking.  You really don’t know what they believe.  I pray my life shows that I am in crazy love with Jesus, but you can’t see my heart.  Only God can do that …He has seen it dark and ugly and confused and scared, but He’s also seen it broken and longing for peace –through Him.  You can’t see that in others.  You can hope for it, pray for it and “guess” that people are saved by the way they act and what they say, but you don’t REALLY know.

This all started as I was talking to a co-worker about a couple she knew who were getting separated or divorced and it was such a shock.  We have just recently had friends this happened to as well.  It breaks your heart, but as I said…YOU NEVER KNOW.  You don’t know if people are truly happy.  We are all such great actors and actresses, I suppose.

I know this is kind of a random topic today, but seriously…YOU NEVER KNOW.


Random Photos

I was so bored today waiting at a competition I took my art students to. The waiting was crazy! So, I took some random photos to pass the time. Here are some I found— can you guess what they are???






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