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My wonderful car which I’m so thankful for recently had a recall issued on it. So, my even more wonderful husband took my car to the dealership in order to get the “fix” it needed. Turns out, the dealership didn’t have the proper parts. He came back home with a temp car. It’s a cute little red thing–not a bad looking car. It feels weird driving it since I feel like my booty is basically on the ground when I’m driving it. (MY car is a mid size SUV)

Even if I could get over the fact that it drives so low, I cannot enjoy or appreciate it’s cute red color or it’s great 32.8 gas mileage all thanks to it’s SMELL! I look at it in my garage and grimace, because I know I have to get in there with THAT SMELL. We’ve only had it for two days and I can imagine the smell right now even though I’m not sitting in the stinch. It’s like a little ball of red DISGUSTINGNESSSSSS! ( I know that is not a word.) It’s not even one of those smells that once you are exposed to it for several minutes, it seems to go away. It lingers. It sits down beside you and breathes in your face. It whispers in your ear! It’s so gross.

What is worse than all, the smell is not something you can IDENTIFY. It’s not from the results of a smoker or a nasty spit cup left in a super warm car. I’m not sure if it’s something I really haven’t been exposed to such as a decaying human body or a rotting grizzly bear OR if it is a smell that once started out as perhaps the urine or fecal matter of a naughty cat and the cover-up attempt just didn’t go well thus making it worse. On the other hand, I’m not sure KNOWING what this foul stanky stank stank actually is would make it better.  Somethings in this life are better left UNKNOWN. Ew.

The best part of today besides the fact that I’m sucking air and counting my many other blessings is that MY CAR IS FIXED AND READY TO BE PICKED UP TODAY! I will be running out to the stinky mobile as soon as I get off today so I can drive to the dealership and be reunited with the wonderful white beautifully smelling vehicle I know and love. THANK YOU LORD!


Walking In Love

The creation for today. These are a pair of shoes I made for my child. We chose red and I was like: LOVE! Love is the theme. I just love me some LOVE!


20130719-214247.jpgI started with white spray paint.  Yep, plain ole spray paint.  Then moved on to the black puff paint to decorate shirts (or anything just about).  Last, I used a black SHARPIE (one of my fave art/school supply!) to doodle some lines on and the words.


20130719-214254.jpgI may end up adding more quotes on the sides.  My daughter LOVES them so far and said she is going to wear them EVERY DAY!  Haha!  She always makes me feel like a REAL ARTIST.

Remember: Walk In Love!

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