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So today, God told me this:


I said, “But I want it.”

He said, “You don’t need it.”

I said, “But…”

He said, “You only need it from ME.”

He kept putting those capital letters in my head.  I wrote it on a post-it and hung it on my computer.  I have to remember this.  I have to remember that even though someone never forgives me for some stupid thing I’ve done, it’s not my problem.  Wow.  For me to even type that is a major WOW moment.  I don’t have to have their forgiveness, approval or love.  I don’t have to be loved by others, they can even hate me… GOD LOVES ME!

I have been saved, forgiven..REDEEMED! That is such a HUGE DEAL!

That is something not of this world.

This world remembers all the bad things you’ve done.

This world brings up things that you keep trying to forget.

This world hates.


He has forgiven me, therefore He has wiped me clean.

It is done.

It is finished.

The end.

Sin is Sin








That’s a list!  To some, that list may be convicting while others start comparing.  We justify our sins by looking at the “sin hierarchy” created by man.   “Well, at least, I’m not as bad as …”  But to God, SIN is SIN.

I believe those who are old enough to read that list can identify themselves as at least one of those nouns.   Some of us can describe ourselves with a higher percentage of the list.   We have all sinned in some way or another. 

You don’t know me.  You don’t know the awful things I’ve done in my life, but I do.  I know which of those things I’ve been… am.  I  don’t compare myself to others.   That would be almost like playing the blame game.  I don’t want to play that game.  (Remember this: “Homie don’t play that.” …haha)  I know I’m responsible for the sins I’ve committed.

Here’s the best part of that list…IT CAN BE INVISIBLE!  Can you totally wipe it from your brain and erase it from your memory?  No, I wish!  But it can be washed away thanks to Jesus.  I know I’ve shared this before and I will keep on sharing it as many times as God tells me to do it. 

I was having some down time this morning just praying and thinking.  So, this is what came in my mind to do on my blog today.   God has someone He wants to read this.   He wants me to read this.  I know He constantly reassures me that the lists of bad things I’ve done and that list of sins I write in my head is TOTALLY REDEEMED!!!  Yelling at myself here: Ya hear mE…REDEEMED! 

No heirarchy of sin, no list of bad deeds or labels—SIN IS SIN but with Jesus, it is REDEEMED! 

I am redeemed…


Heavy Burden


When people who you love make bad choices, it weighs on your mind and feels like rocks in your heart. I know we can’t make decisions for others. I know we can’t get in their heads, really, and make them see our point of view. We can try, but inevitably, they will do what they want. You may try to persuade or coax by all sorts of means, but in the end, they make their own decision. It’s hard to see from their perspective especially when they are so deeply stained within by the devil himself.

We are all sinners, I know this, but if we are born again believers we strive to be like the ultimate example Jesus gave us in his time here on earth. And in the Bible it tells us to warn others about unGodly behavior.

See to it that no one repays evil for evil to anyone, but always pursue what is good for one another and for all. (1 Thessalonians 5:15 HCSB)

But if you warn a wicked person and he does not turn from his wickedness or his wicked way, he will die for his iniquity, but you will have saved your life. (Ezekiel 3:19 HCSB)

I could put verse after verse that tells us to warn others about being righteous and staying away from sin. This does not mean judge; although, its so hard not to when you know what is going on is so wrong. We are supposed to help each other. We are to lift one another up. Build! Remind those who you know LOVE God that they are to continue and to strive at all times to be righteous. Sometimes we fail to do this or we do it to no avail.

I know I seem to be just babbling today, but going back to my topic: HEAVY BURDEN

When those you love and care so much for are doing service for the devil, it’s such a burden on your heart. You know you probably can’t help by any words you offer. You feel like your hands are tied. The only thing you can do is pray. Prayer is POWER. AND SO I PRAY…

Dear Lord, I ask you to drive the devil from this situation. I ask You, Lord, to remove the scales from the eyes of my friend. I pray that You show me, a horrible sinner myself, what I can do to help show YOUR power. Please come in a mighty way, Lord and bless all those involved with peace, comfort and healing like only You can. I pray this continuously Lord. In the glorious name of Your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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