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You seriously have NO CLUE about the potential one person has.  You don’t know.  YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

You may have a theory or a thought.  You might think you understand what the person is capable of…  You know there are those around you that you may think of as lazy or incapable.  But really…YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

EVERYONE brings something.  EVERYONE has a talent…a strength.  EVERYONE has an ability that they do much better than the people around them.  God put them there for that.

It’s just like Esther.  She was created for a purpose bigger than she could ever imagine.  In the verses below, it says, “for such a time as this,” which always reminds me that TODAY COULD BE THE DAY that God really needs me to stand somewhere, do something or share a word or two to further HIS kingdom.

“For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

-Ester 4:14

We have no idea how God is using other people.  Most of the time, we have no idea how He is using us–how could we even begin to know about someone else.  WE HAVE NO IDEA!

Don’t discount others.  Don’t think people as worthless even though their actions may make our opinions point directly to that.  Let’s remember that God put us here with specific talents, abilities and strengths. (for a time such as this)  We need to be mindful of those.  We need to ask God directly what they are occasionally.  Be in tune more with what YOU have to offer and don’t concern yourself with what others SHOULD be doing.  Pray for them.  They may need prayers to help them find their calling.  God will take care of the rest, because remember:


Without Him

Do you ever feel things just aren’t right?

You ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong?”

Maybe you go through your day thinking you are forgetting something?

Perhaps nothing is going the way you expected it to?

I think we all have those moments.  This life throws so many crazy things at us like a monkey at the zoo!  (you know what they throw)  We wake up with aches and pains we didn’t have a few days ago.  Our loved ones pass away.  We have devastating news or circumstances.  We just feel blah today.  How do we do it?

I just got on my knees and prayed for two separate families who have lost such a vital part of their family structure this week.  I know they feel like the air has been sucked right out of their lungs.  They are in such pain, it truly is heartbreaking for everyone who knows them even just a little bit.

On my knees, I thanked God for the awesome things that will come out of these tragedies.  I heard those words come out of my mouth and then found myself surprised at it.  What did I just say?  Then into my brain came….Awesome things can come out of pain when eyes turn to Jesus. There was the answer.  JESUS is the answer!

Then I also asked God to show them Him in all of this, because they can’t do it RIGHT without Him.  Nothing can be done RIGHT without him.  You can think it’s all good and be satisfied, but you are missing out on the endless possibilities that are available when you do not lean on your own understanding, but fully put your trust in HIM.  Let me repeat this, NOTHING can be done RIGHT without HIM.

God just showed me things in my prayer that I needed to remember.  I need to keep remembering and I pray that these two families can as well especially right now.  That is what I’m praying for the most.

GOD is Awesome.  There is nothing impossible when He is in the mix.

Do you feel like things just aren’t right?

Wonder what you are doing wrong?

Forgetting something?

Life just not turning out the way you expected it?


Please let Elvis explain it in his rendition of WITHOUT HIM:

Made My Day!

The last few days, I’ve been stuck with needles numerous times– had blood work, EKG, chest x-ray, stress test, wore a heart monitor and today had a sono of all my guts.  It has been an adventure that has kept me praying, praying and praying some more.  As I type this, I still have no clue what made me have what felt like an anxiety attack at 11:30 at night–waking up from a dead sleep.  I still have moments of weird feelings in my chest area.  It’s not so much pain, just WEIRDNESS.  The doctors look at me funny when I say that.  I have no other technical way to explain it.

Anyway!  Today, the sonogram appointment was different.  I first registered and realized that being sick is EXPENSIVE!  The procedure was some major change.  I had to get on a payment plan.  I was already down about being old and broken.  I mean, they all say, you hit 40 and everything goes downhill.  For me, I don’t believe everything people say and I definitely didn’t and still don’t want to believe that saying!

So, there I am in the waiting room thinking I’m old, broken and can’t seem to figure out what is wrong so that it can be fixed and to top off the crap cake, the icing is that I’m depleting my family’s funds.  UG!

I text my bestie to tell her how down I was.  She comforted me with a good ole pep talk text.  I sure do love her!  She basically helped me snap out of the so called pity party I was throwing for my self.  Thank You Lord for super friends!

At that point, I hadn’t gotten pushed and prodded on yet (today) so, I definitely needed to get out of the dumps.  I needed to be equipped with a good attitude for endurance.

I’m not belly achin’ no more!  

I mean, seriously, somewhere, some one is BURNING ALIVE!

I heard this once before and wow, does that put stuff in perspective! 

Next stop, the sono which took about 40 minutes.  The sono tech had a nice smile, but wasn’t much of a conversationalist.  I hear they are trained to be tight lipped and non-emotional.  I basically took a nap with my eyes open.  You know, that’s when your mind kind of zones out and goes away, but on the surface you are still with reality.  Haha!

After escaping the medical plaza of never ending germs that I thought I could see floating around, I decided to stop off to get a quick lunch before heading back to work.  (yes, I sanitized!)  While in line at one of my favorite healthier than most fast food venues, I decided I’d pay for the person behind me as well.  I had been at that exact restaurant before when this happened to me.  It was such a blessing!  I wanted to bless someone else.  I had some Christmas cash left in my wallet and I was hoping that would cover it.  It did!

As I was doing this, the sweet gal at the window looked so familiar and I’m glad I said something.    She said, “You were my art teacher! Remember…” She told me her name and I, of course, recalled her and said it was so nice to see her.  (I had already checked out her name tag and the Anabella didn’t ring with me since we called her Ana…ha!  I’m slow.)  She said, and I quote: “You look great.  I mean, you have not aged one bit and you know that has been quite a few years ago.”  (it has been about ten or so) WOW, did I need that comment today!  I told her that she just made my day and she said I made hers and the lady’s behind me.


I thought I was going to be able to bless someone there in that drive-thru today and look what God done did—HE BLESSED ME! He always does!  He never ceases to shower the blessings!



This man’s work is so full of heart.  I wish I had found this to post for Memorial Day.

“Guess what, we get to paint today.”
“I’m so fortunate… I get to do exactly what I want to do –all day long”

“Every time I do one of these, I do it as well as I possibly can.”

“It’s got to be just right.”


I have to REMEMBER

Today was one of those days where, over and over, I had to remind myself of something.  I had to remind myself  that GOD HAS A PLAN!  I know this. I know this.  I know this! 

Why do we fret and worry?  We look at our circumstances.  We look at what horrible things we have to bare or even at a little hangnail that just happens to be bothering us at that moment.  We are always using our current situation, our right now–to dictate how we feel, how we treat others and even how our face looks. 

I am constantly surrounded by young adults who worry about how they look, what they wear or what others are saying about them.  What a waste!  A total waste of precious time!  I know I did the same thing back then, but don’t some of us just trade our worries?  We trade those “dramatic high school” worries for the other older, more mature ones–right?  We worry about bills and our kids grades.  We worry when we read the news paper or watch the morning news.  Again–what a waste of time! 

I was reminded today as my mind tried to creep over to the worrying side of things, that there is something bigger we should be thinking about.  We should look to the promises God gives us.  We should be confident in the fact that there is a plan and God has things for us to do while we are here.  When He’s done with us here, though, He has an amazing award for us afterward.  Why worry!?  IT’S ALL GOING TO BE GOOD.   IT’S ALL GOING TO BE GREAT!  You just have to REMEMBER! 

I have to REMEMBER! 


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