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Rules without relationship leads to rebellion. -Josh McDowell (quoted by Dr. Kevin Leman –Have a New Kid by Friday)

I’ve been catching up with some lessons from HAVE A NEW KID BY FRIDAY By Dr. Kevin Leman.  This quote here was something that really got me to thinking about discipline in general.  He’s talking about how we treat our children and how we can really handle a situation instead of instantly reacting.  This quote, though, really reminded me of a video we watched before school started this year during our professional development days.  It was about relationships with our students.  It was a video by Rita Pierson where she says “Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.” ’

This quote above really summed it up for me.  Made me think even more about the fact that GOOD relationships are important in dealing with students and with my own babes.

If a student (or your own child!) knows you care about them (relationship) and want them in your class (acceptance), rules (discipline) are so much easier to administer.


What do you think about this quote?




Notes can help …


Found some notes I wrote to share with my students on the first day of school a couple of years ago and wanted to blog them today:

 You are here and I love you–no matter who you are, what kind of student you are, you are loved.

How you can have the I LOVE YOU! Attitude:  If you come in thinking you’d love something, more than likely, you will.  If you come in thinking the opposite, more than likely THAT will be.  Do you want to be happy?  You have to choose to be for that to actually happen.  Have a great attitude toward life in general.

EXPECTATIONS –you should know what is expected of you.  Everyone knows this, but sometimes we need reminded.  (Go over general rules here.)

ART is all about YOU–put your heart in everything.  You rep yourself when you make a piece of art.

You should want to better yourself by learning.

Get the best out of every class you take–every situation you are in.  (Talk about grades here.)

Do NOT come behind my desk unless given permission.


The last one cracked me up a little.  That rule was so important to come up with, because if you could see my room–you would understand.  There’s so much stuff back behind my desk as including wires I have taped to the floor so I lessen the chance of tripping and hurting myself.  Sometimes it works!  HAHA!

The rest of the stuff I wrote down, we can all apply to life…

I LOVE because it makes life BETTER…BEST EVEN!

I try and keep the rules in mind. (it helps ALOT)

Whatever you create (or do)…it’s representing YOU.  That is so important to remember.

LEARNING IS IMPORTANT (yes, this is kind of a theme this week in my bloggin’ and I talk about it alot)

And the second to last one up there is like my saying: IT’S ALL ABOUT HOW YOU LOOK AT IT.  You have to look at the best in all situations if you want to be able to except whatever comes your way.  It’s a given.

Sometimes NOTES help us remember that we are still on track or we need to adjust some. 

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