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Some gave all…

All gave some.  Some gave all.  ONE GAVE EVERYTHING.

Today, Memorial Day, is celebrated for so many reasons.  A lot look at it as a day off or a day out of school which is how I saw it most of my young errrr life.  I mean, what kid doesn’t want to be OUT OF SCHOOL on a Monday?!  I remember having a seafood dinner with my family.  Of course, this was after doing the few hours task with my grandmas and mom  (and whoever else we could get to do it) of shelling and deveining the shrimp.  It was worth it!  I knew it was a special day when we did that, but I wasn’t sure what MEMORIAL day was and what we were supposed to be remembering.  I thought maybe it was a day to remember the school year?  HA!  Like I ever wanted to do that!

I’m not sure what year it was that the light bulb turned on in my pea brain and I really realized that today is set aside to celebrate and remember those who have given their life to secure our freedoms.  We pay honor to those who lost their life by doing what a lot of us would not choose to do—stand up and fight for others.

The more I have thought about today and after hearing our preacher’s sermon yesterday on it AND again thinking about my favorite verse in the Bible (I have a lot I love, but this one is THE ONE):


Jesus is telling us in this verse many things.  He has told us what LOVE is.  He has told us that we should LOVE like this.  He is telling us that HE will be laying His life down for us!  AND HE DID.  Wow.

Today, I remember those who have gone before us and sacrificed their life to ensure we have the freedoms we have.  I pray that those still here remember what we have and continue to help secure it.  I remember the ones who left legacies which live on and on and pray that I can do that in some way before God takes me to my real home.

Above all, I remember, honor, praise and humble myself before a God, MY REAL GOD who sent His son to give HIS everything to us.  He paid the ultimate sacrifice by leaving heaven to finish a task that was asked of him.  He suffered, bled and died, taking our sins–ALL OF OUR SINS–on that cross so we may be FREE.   In this, He showed us the GREATER LOVE…the love we should show for others.

All gave some, some gave all, but JESUS GAVE EVERYTHING!

Easter Eve


Have you ever thought about what Jesus’ disciples were thinking on Easter Eve? I imagine they were feeling very defeated. Alone. Confused. Upset. They were probably all cried out. Exhausted.

And then… Tomorrow came!

I’m so excited about Easter! I love this day where we especially remember what Jesus did for us. His act of sacrifice and ultimate love is something we should never forget. We should remember it all year round. Tomorrow is set aside to celebrate it—let’s do it every day!

Tonight, though, on Easter Eve–think about those who were confused then and reach out to and pray for those who are confused now. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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