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I’m just TOO happy.

I heard from a little birdie today that a student said they just didn’t like me.  (gasp!)  Their reason: she’s just too happy.

((INSERT BIG OLE BELLY-ROLLIN LAUGH, Holding my side, Slapping my knee kind of laugh RIGHT HERE))

This is not a mischievous or “bwahahaha” kind of laugh.  This is one from absolute JOY!  I’m even MORE happy that someone thinks I’m TOO HAPPY!  It actually gives me GREAT JOY!

How about that!?  I bet they would have never guessed that.  Well, maybe they would since I’m just TOO happy. Haha!

After I got through laughing, I started thinking.

Someone dislikes me for my attitude…really?

I wonder if they like sad people or those who spew hate?  I wonder if they just don’t like my enthusiasm, because I know that annoys a lot of people.  I’m just curious.  It has nothing to do with me worrying at all about whether they like me or not. GOD likes me, I like me most of the time so, I’m good.  What concerns me is that what if they don’t like happy, because they themselves can’t see happy.  What if they can’t find happy?  What if they don’t feel happy, because they don’t have Jesus?  What if!?!

And then I thought about this…  Do they think I’m happy every second of every day?  I get sad, I get down on myself, things happen in my life that aren’t perfect.  I have my storms like everyone else, but I choose to ride the waves with a positive attitude.  AND I always choose not to ooze my sadness or concern on other people.  Of course I have people I talk to about things like that, I don’t just bottle up my sad feelings… but I don’t hurt other people because I’m hurt.

Ok, enough thinking.  Let’s get back to the main point…

I’m just TOO happy.

Hold on, this is better:

I love being TOO happy!  



Emotion.  That is what drives us.  We are sad or mad or happy or glad.

Our physical circumstances drive those emotions most all the time.  Are we where we want to be?  Did we eat a good breakfast?  Did we eat a chili cheese burrito that is beckoning from below?  Are we who we want to be with?  Do we like what we are wearing?  Does our hair look good?  Shoes…are they comfortable!?!  So many factors that go into our emotion.

WHY?!?  Why can’t we just choose to be happy with our circumstance?

I can identify most with the shoe thing.

Rita ain’t happy if her feet ain’t happy!  Haha!

But really, truly, I am.

I am happy when the skies are grey and the rain is falling even though I admit to be a solar powered robot.

I know there are times that solicit anger or sadness.  I’m not saying I’m immune to those things.  I, of course, cried (horribly) when my parents died.   Also, I find it so frustrating and get angry when I see people being taken advantage of in this world like the elderly or defenseless children.  Who wouldn’t feel those feelings?

But the drive of emotion I’m talking about is what effects our constant attitude.  Even though I was distraught when my parents passed, I could still look at the good times we had and knew that life must go on without them here.  AND when I see such hatred in the world on the news and such, I don’t let it get me down, I try and help wherever I can.

I know so many people who allow everything to make them sad or angry.  They say they want to be happy, but they don’t do anything to try and do just that.  They put down their neighbors by talking ill of them behind their back, disrespect their parents by becoming defiant or distant and do whatever they can to try to fill some void they have.  It won’t work!

The emotion they are trying to get to will never be grasped until they find LOVE.  Love is the only thing that will drive them to their true destination.  I know this because I tried to find happiness through means of so many things.  I have, in the past, chased after stupid evil things.  I’ve been in conversations and circumstances that did nothing to get me to LOVE.  It did nothing but spin my tires.

I would make a list for you, but not only would this blog take way too long, but I’d also rehash a bunch of stuff I have no business rehashing.  God has forgiven me for the evil I tried to stuff in the void that only HE could fill.  He has taken away all the sinful things I tried to use to create an everlasting emotion that would make me HAPPY …or should I say CONTENT.  He did away with those things and help guide me to the place He wanted me to be.

I’m not saying the guilt is gone…I’m not sure that will ever happen.  I’d love for this thing called SALVATION to come with a huge chalkboard type eraser that could get rid of all that stuff.  It doesn’t, I believe, because we have to remember that those things were lessons and no matter what we learned, they make us better eventually.

So my emotion, my attitude, my contentment does not come from my circumstance, what I had for breakfast or even how my shoes fit…

It comes from a knowing that GOD has saved me, filled me with LOVE and allowed me to love no matter who is trying to hate in this world or what is going on around me.


1 John 4:19

I choose to be happy.

There are times in life where sadness overwhelms you.

Things happen… life is a bit chaotic or even uncertain.

Uncertainty seems to make us all uneasy and a bit crazy.  Ok, a lot crazy.

THINK ABOUT IT THOUGH: Life changes all the time.  Why aren’t we ready for it?  We don’t properly prepare ourselves for it.  Do we even know how?  Who knows?  I can’t answer those questions.  They might as well be statements.

I do know, that instead of crying for days or griping about the situation, I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY.  Is it easy?  Not really.  At times, it’s so hard it makes the heart hurt, but still, I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY.   I might get sad and even cry some, but I still gotta choose to be happy.  It might take talking myself into or setting my mind on other things like sunshine and sprinkles.  It ESPECIALLY takes PRAYING A TON.

Whatever tactic needs to be taken in order to do it…I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY.

No matter the situation or circumstance…





Be a Weeble!


Weebles is a trademark for several lines of children’s roly-poly toys originating in Hasbro‘s Playskool division on July 23, 1971. Tipping an egg-shaped Weeble causes a weight located at the bottom-center to be lifted off the ground. Once released, gravitational force brings the Weeble back into an upright position.

The popular catchphrase, “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down”, was used in advertising during their rise in popularity in the 1970s and during the relaunch in the 2000s.

-from wikipedia


Today I cleaned off my desk.  While I was dusting off my little Willy Weeble Wobble guy (I’ve always called him Willy…have no idea if that is his “real” name.) who sits besides my computer and gives me a perma-smile, I thought YES! I want to be a weeble!

I’m not saying I want to be round like an egg although my shape may already resemble the roundness of an egg…I’m saying I want to STAY in my UP-RIGHT position.  Again, not saying PHYSICALLY.  I’m referring more to my mental state.  My spiritual state.  My overall attitude.

I’ve always liked the concept of the weeble.  He stands there looking at me with his rosey cheeks and happy little smiley mouth and even though he might be tipped, knocked about a bit or even blown at, he will continue his stance.  He doesn’t falter or fade.  He stands his ground.

That is what I want to do.  No matter what, I want to be able to have a perma-smile like him.  I know I will be sad sometimes and I might wobble a bit, but I want to keep that bounce-back-ability no matter what!  Even though I wobble …I want to NOT fall down!

In this NEW YEAR of NEW THINKING…I want to rely more and more on God to help me recover from any wobbling that may occur.  The older I get and closer to GOD I find myself, the more I realize HE is the only way to truly recover from anything…truly BOUNCE BACK…truly wobble without falling down.

I hope you can be a WEEBLE WOBBLE too!

Wobble, Wobble, but don’t fall down!

I Cried Today…

Yes, it’s true, super happy me, cried today.  I was so sad, depressed and stressed.  I had a moment that truly just broke it for me.  It had been building since yesterday afternoon.  I won’t go into the details of the very moment that really sealed the crying deal, but when it happened and the tears started, it kept going.  I took lunch in my dark classroom today, (without lunch) tissue in hand, red puffy eyes getting uglier and uglier…I didn’t care.  

I just wanted to cry.  SO I DID!  

Once my class started after lunch, I was some better and lots less puffy.  Then 7th period came where my students made me laugh out loud and just remember more about the reasons I love my job, I love my life and I love to be HAPPY!  

I’m telling you now, happy people get unhappy too.  For me, it doesn’t last for long and sometimes it pops up at the weirdest times, but it happens.  I try to combat it, but sometimes ya just gotta give in, get the cryin’ over and move on.  Amen for movin’ on!



Are you annoyed by my happiness? Well good! Hahaha! I promise I don’t mean to annoy you. I hate that you are annoyed, but I will not apologize for my happy attitude. Your annoyance or grumpiness cannot squelch the good time I’m having. Why would the fact that I AM HAPPY bother you anyway? Think about it. Really? Why?

Seriously, think …about …it. You know there are happy people in your life that you may think about sometimes as a complete annoyance. Why do they annoy you? Why not just join the fun? Why not look at life in brighter light? Are your circumstances so overwhelmingly sad that you have to try and pull others down with you? Do you understand that your bad attitude toward happy people just makes you even more sad and grumpy?

I refuse to allow your unhappiness to suck the happiness out of my day. I will separate myself from your attitude even if it means moving away from you physically. How sad would that be!? To not have ME in YOUR life!? hahaha! Ok, I’m sounding a bit arrogant. I know. And that was a joke, really…but REALLY—sometimes drastic measures are needed.

Come on, get happy, stop being annoyed and join the HAPPY!

Ending with this awesome quote below someone shared with me today and truly was the inspiration of this blog…




Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?

I’m a half full kinda gal as you could probably figure out if you have read any of my blog posts. I think I do a good job of putting forth an optimistic attitude. It’s what makes me happy. I love when everyone’s happy–PEACE is my fave. Looking on the bright side of situations is my norm. It’s what I do best. 🙂

I know the other side, though, has to be out there –the half empty glass people. I don’t mind the pessimist, because without them you wouldn’t be able to tell how optimistic I am, right? Ha!
I don’t pretend to understand their view though. How can I?

See, to me, really, the glass is TOTALLY FULL…not just half!
Check it out–



When things happen that you weren’t expecting because you trusted someone or someONES.

When you hope to do something or go somewhere and it doesn’t come through.

You were hoping to get something or see something, but it just didn’t happen.

Thieves, untrustworthy people, let downs and disappointments — they’re here and there. We can’t let them stop us. It’s hard to do that. It’s like getting stuck in mud. It takes a while to trudge our way back to sturdy dry ground. I know this. Today was a SLOPPY MUD HOLE DAY…


But I gotta stop spinning my tires and remember it was a day, not forever.
I gotta trust in the constants in my life and not the shaky sand or muddy ways.

I’m blessed. I’m loved. Thank God. Seriously, I THANK GOD.

Thank Ya Lord!

Why is life insanely crazy sometimes. It gets so out of wack, off kilter and topsy turvy that we don’t know what to do. It’s one of those questions we will never know the answer too. Even when we see God face to face, we won’t really care to ask Him this question. We will be in such awe, nothing else will matter.
Thank Ya Lord!

I really don’t want to know why today was just one of those days…
It was like a total roller coaster. One minute it was good, the next minute very bad then I turn the corner and it was great. What happened!?!?! There’s no need to go into specifics of my day. In the grand scheme of things, the BIG picture so to speak, all of the events were quite trivial. OR WERE THEY? God knew I’d be unhappy, happy, confused, upset and elated today. He knew I’d be on this up, down, sideways, jerky, twisting and turning amusement park ride. He gave me the words I needed, the calm I longed for and now at the end of the ride—He reminds me that TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY!!! Woohoo!

Ever heard that song “There’ll be Days Like this…my momma said…”? It’s one of those GOLDEN OLDIES (which I’ve gotten into here lately) that just popped in my head. Well, God tells us THERE WILL BE DAYS LIKE THIS–we will have trials and tribulations– in other words: hard, crazy, confusing times. But He also says He will be here for us!!! I sure am glad He is here and with Him, I can do all things — even ride in that front car on this roller coaster of life with my hands held high, my mouth wide open, hoopin’ and a hollerin’ with excitement no matter what lies ahead! (Or how crazy yesterday might of been) Thank Ya Lord!
Thank Ya Lord!


A Fine Line

There is this fine line between being ultimately happy an immensely sad. It can go up, it can go down, north, south, fly high or sink low. One minute it can be in an up-curve and the next, the corners are pointed to the floor. We live in an uncertain world with crazy turns and bumpy trails.

I once heard an old song that explains life like a mountain railroad…

Life is like a mountain railway
With an engineer that’s brave
We must make this run successful
From the cradle to the grave

Heed the curves and watch the tunnels
Never falter, never fail
Keep your hands upon the throttle
And your eye upon the rail

That fine line defines how we view all these twists, turns and tunnels. How do we deal with our everyday? It’s ultimately a personal choice. The fine line can be subtle either way it goes, but as I said, it defines you. It makes your face bright or as dark as night. It can lift your day by its upwardness or bring you down by its directional arch.

So, which way is your fine line turned?
How will you take the day, but more importantly, how will it show others how you are?


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