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NOT guilty!

I have wrassled with some guilt today.

I know we all do it…. we let it creep in and steal our joy.

It’s past…it’s old news, it’s OVER.

Yet, I still allowed it to overwhelm my thoughts today and take my “ZIP” away like one of my friends observed today.  He said, “You don’t seem very zippy today.”  He was right.  I was down.  I was sad.  I have things on my mind that my mind has twisted and made stupid.  I think about the past and how I could have done this or that right or better …and then I feel like a failure.  YUCK!


As another friend pointed me to my GO TO scripture while I was right in the middle of a mini-meltdown:

“NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER.” -Isaiah 54:17  (I’m horrible at recalling the addresses in the Bible.  I can tell you stories or even point you to the book a verse or story came from, but exact spots, my brain doesn’t hold on to.  I DO REMEMBER THIS ONE THO…and I know it’s because God blessed me with it.  He knew/knows that I NEED THIS VERSE CONSTANTLY.)

I rebuked the stupid devil, rearranged my thoughts and held on to the VICTORY God gave me through Jesus!

He said….. NOT GUILTY!

I love this song which says exactly what I’m talking about:

SPARK up a Conversation!

SPARK!!!  Spark it up!  I know my title is not the correct’s “STRIKE up a conversation”, right?  Well, today, I was just thinking about another thing I start my day off (to COMBAT grumpiness) with besides listening to THE BIBLE and getting my walk on.   After I put on my nikes and other apparel, I go straight to the frig to retrieve my SPARK.  It kind of reminds me of the sparkler in the pic–it gets ya fired up.  Of course, I’m already fired up because I know GOD IS ABOUT TO SPEAK TO ME THROUGH HIS WORD!!!  And I’m happy that my body is about to get in motion, but with SPARK, it seems like my eyes are a little more open, my step, a little more peppy and my mind joyfully celebrates in what God wants me to hear that morning.  It’s really QUITE exciting!  Do I even have a second to think about being grumpy about the day ahead??  NO!  The great combo of these items set the POSITIVE tone for the day which the Lord has made JUST FOR ME.   It’s such a great feeling to know that my God wants me to feel like this all the time. I feed on His word.  I know He wants my body to get happy in what He has in store for me.  Spark is just an added feature of what He has provided.

If you have those mornings where you are having to drag yourself out of bed and your GRUMPINESS level has already started to rise as your feet hit the ground, maybe you need to SPARK IT UP!   FIRST, I suggest you grab your Bible or download the Daily Audio Bible App.  Pour THE WORD into yourself somehow.  Second, get that body of yours moving.  Think about 6th grade PE class when you had to do jumping jacks to warm up.  Do some jumping jacks and move on to some knee lifts, belly crunches and/or air punches.  Get going!  And lastly, try some SPARK!  Wanna know what it’s all about?  Check out my website– HERECheck out it’s positiveness.  It’s a great alternative to a cup of morning joe or unhealthy energy drink.  Ya don’t have to take my word for it alone, check out Drew below.  He likes it too!

SPARK up a Conversation, first with God, then get movin’ and Spark it up!

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