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National Day of Service

Serving others should not be a hard task.

We should want to do what we can for other people.



On this Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service, we reflect on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. through a national day of service across the country. Share your story of service throughout the day on social media using #MLKDay and follow the impact on all of our official accounts.

…He who is greatest among you, shall be your servant. -MLK, Jr

Check out this video:


This is a holiday, yes, but I hope you were part of something more than just sleeping in late or watching Netflix all day.

As student council advisor at the school I work, I’m so proud of the students who came out and were part of a group that went to visit a local nursing home today for MLK National Day of Service.  Those kiddos get it–they get that we should serve others.  They gave their day off to go make others feel like they are important.  I’m so proud of them!

I hope you were part of something today.  I hope you were part of a service to others.


Ode to Mary Ella Pearson

Today is a sad, sad day as well as wonderfully joyous one.

I’m so sad yet so happy.

This is the day that the Lord took one of His most good and faithful servants home.  I’m so happy for her.  I’m so happy that she is looking into the face of Jesus.  She surely is in an awesome place.

Here, though, we grieve.  We will miss her service, friendship and oh so cute smile.  My children loved her like she belonged to them.  She did.  My daughter thought she was the most beautiful person ever.  My little boy was what this awesome lady called, “my only boyfriend.”

I’ve known her since I was in grade school.  My husband has known her since he was born.  They both attended the same church.  She held the position of church secretary for many decades and just resigned a few years ago AFTER she turned 90.  She was always busy doing something great.  Even at the age of 95 she was serving the Lord and others.   I just received a card from her a couple of weeks ago where she had snipped an article out of the local newspaper that had my name in it.  The words in that card blessed me so much and made my day.  That is just what she did.  She sent birthday cards to everyone and if you missed church, she sent you that week’s bulletin.

Her stories always made us think, appreciate life and sometimes giggle a bit.  She was real.  She was genuine.  She was truly a sweet soul.  I loved seeing her sit in church.  I loved serving with her on our VBS staff–she was always the secretary and hand wrote every certificate for the event.  She was a gem!

I have, as many have, used her life as a great example to go by.  She was a cancer survivor.  She was a mentor.  She was faithful and true.  She loved Jesus like we all should.  She loved with CRAZY love.

I’m so thankful we were blessed with Mrs. Pearson and when I grow up, I want to be just like her.

I’m so sad she will not be in that exact spot in that same pew as usual come Sunday, but I’m SO happy, because I know she is reaping her reward now.  PRAISE GOD!



What an awesome day.
A day of relationships.
A day of projects.
A day of giving.
A day of service.

Good intentions when put in action are so sweet to watch.
Little acts of service can turn into big mounds of wonderful.
Small gestures of kindness when added up can start a movement.

I hope that whatever you did today, it benefited someone else. Perhaps it helped others see that we are here to not just live, but to love and serve.

The group I was with today made my heart smile. They made me have hope in others. They made me proud to know them.

The group we visited made me remember that it’s not about me. They helped focus my perspective. They truly blessed me.

If you weren’t able to do some type of service today that lifted others up, I encourage you to take time to do it soon. It’s not for your own glory or for points you may receive …

It’s for THE GOOD and that is what we should all turn and focus on more…




When we think of the word SERVANT, most of the time a negative connotation goes along with it.  There are many words that are used in it’s place:  minion, lackey, attendant, maid…slave.   See, negative.

As a student council advisor, I try my best to encourage the ones involved that being a leader means serving others.  The council is not just about painting signs or having meetings.  It’s about serving others.

This is the same in life… We are not here to just live.  We are here to live for others.  We are here to serve.  We are here to make this life better for everyone, not just for #1.  We are to put others before us.

As a servant, we are to love others as God loves us.  We are not #1.  We are #3, or 4…or 5 …or ….  you get it?  God, of course, should be our #1.  THEN, all will fall into the place they need to be.  Others should be next #2, 3, 4, so on.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t take care of yourself, but when you help others, you help yourself.   When you serve others, you serve yourself.   God knows your heart.  He knows your intentions and your service.  He knows.

This helps explain:


and remember…


Be a servant.

Tomorrow is MLK, Jr. National Day of Service.  I’m excited to read about all the things that people do to serve others on this day that has been inspired by the life of Mr. King.

I want to end the blog today with a great Martin Luther King, Jr. quote.  



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