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Where does aggravation come from?  I mean, I know what causes it, but why does our brain hold on to it at times.

Today, after school, I wanted to scream!   Why?!?  I’m not totally sure.

The bell had rung and I was somewhat free.  I did have an errand, but no big.  I do have a meeting tonight, but one I’m excited about actually.  So why was I so aggravated?

HORMONAL?!?  The weather?  Was the oxygen to my brain constricted?

Who knows!

I’m still yelling, I guess, because I keep using exclamation marks.  I’m really ok now.

What was wrong with me?

Have you ever felt like this?

Have you ever just wanted to crawl in a hole and stay there for a while.  I felt like I wanted to escape.  I was in my vehicle with no one else at one time and just wanted to drive and drive with no destination.  I was not depressed.  I was not hurting.  I was just BLAH.

What happened?  Maybe a kid got under my skin?  (mmmhmmm) Maybe my shoes weren’t fitting just right?  (that can happen)  Maybe I just have a lot to do?  (I do have a list on my desk.)

Who knows!

I’m just so thankful feelings like that PASS.  I prayed, I sung songs of praise and I prayed some more.

What do YOU do to help get rid of that kind of feeling?


Committing to being Addicted

I have a bit of an addiction when it comes to a few things.  Fingernail polish, comfortable shoes, cute note cards, etc.

I wish the list started out more like vegetables, exercise, etc.  (I do enjoy some of those types of things.)

BUT it doesn’t.  That is another blog…

The word addicted sounds so negative.  We relate it to BAD things.

I want to be addicted to reading my Bible, loving others and being a better person, but even those, when used with addicted, sound a little bad.

So, I want to change that to COMMITTED…I want to be committed to reading THE BIBLE, committed to loving others and committed to being a better person.

I’m not saying fingernail polish, comfortable shoes or those cute cards are bad–in no way, but if they come before the three things I list as being committed to above…something is wrong.

I want to commit to being addicted to those three things—

WAAAAAAAAYYYY before the other things I find myself addicted to.

I’ve thought about all of the crazy things I love to do and want to do and have decided that committing to be addicted to those three things should help me enjoy all the other stuff–the way GOD intended.  He wants us to enjoy our lives, but by doing His work first.

A little peek at my card addiction:  (I think it helps with one of those commitments.)


Sock Eating Shoe Kinda Day

Have you ever had that problem?  Your shoe keeps eating your sock. The sock creeps down past your ankle and then the shoe seems to just slurp it up like an ant eater sucking in his dinner.   The whole sock ends up wadded up in your arch.  How uncomfortable!

That was how I started my day.  Not sure how I ended up out the door with the shortest socks I own on and not realize my shoe would satisfy itself all day with the continuous sock snack.

Once at work, I realized that the sock thing could not slow me down…not on a Monday!  I didn’t do it at first, but soon I kicked off those shoes and put on my fuzzy pink shoes that I keep under my desk for emergencies.  I do admit, the sock thing doesn’t really sound like an emergency, but the way I run here and there and everywhere on a Monday made the situation more dire than one might think.

Your foot cannot handle SOCK LUMP when you go back and forth to the office between every class, work on loading the kiln and getting it started, grade about 200 papers (so back and forth to turn in drawers), hang new artwork up (which means up and down on the step ladder), not to mention I still gotta TEACH IN BETWEEN ALL THAT!  AND THAT IS THE SHORT LIST.  Mondays are so very busy.

The sock eating shoe could have stopped me in my tracks (ha!) , but thanks to my fuzzy pink NON SOCK EATING shoes—I MADE IT …it was an awesome productive Monday!

Thank YOU LORD for pink fuzzy emergency shoes.




Walking In Love

The creation for today. These are a pair of shoes I made for my child. We chose red and I was like: LOVE! Love is the theme. I just love me some LOVE!


20130719-214247.jpgI started with white spray paint.  Yep, plain ole spray paint.  Then moved on to the black puff paint to decorate shirts (or anything just about).  Last, I used a black SHARPIE (one of my fave art/school supply!) to doodle some lines on and the words.


20130719-214254.jpgI may end up adding more quotes on the sides.  My daughter LOVES them so far and said she is going to wear them EVERY DAY!  Haha!  She always makes me feel like a REAL ARTIST.

Remember: Walk In Love!

Shoe design :)

Yesterday toward the end of my “BLAH” day, I decided to go to our local Dollar General and find some shoes to doodle on.  I’ve been wanting to do this, but really wanted some white shoes.  I didn’t want to travel to another town (part of the lazy of my day yesterday), so I just got these kind of ugly grey shoes here in our little town.

Anyway, I visited the website BUCKET FEET the other day and was so inspired by all of the different designs.  It is a site where artists have created shoe designs and you can actually purchase them.  So cool.

That’s the main reason I wanted some white shoes–so I could really do a graffiti style work on them.  Art doesn’t always work out like you planned.  Another reason I love art!  Actually when I’m creating, I’m praying.  God allows me to have this talent and he guides my mind and hands when doing it.  It’s an amazing feeling!

Check out the product…


I first decided to spray paint over some of the grey, because that background color was so dark and my markers (both paint and permanent) were not showing up like I wanted them to.  Out to the shop I went!  Once the shoes dried enough, I brought them in.


Then, after getting the tops more developed, I moved to the sides.  It was like creating in my sketchbook (commonplace book), yet the background medium posed a little more of a challenge because of the texture and color–not to mention the shape of the artwork.


I left the shoes last night knowing I would finish them up this morning.  After my morning walk, I got back in and touched up here and there.  Added a few hearts, words and textural lines.  I could probably add more, but I don’t want to take away from the design that is already there.


I took them outside on my deck to take pictures.  Natural light is ALWAYS better.  Well, LOOK AT THIS PHOTO!  It was like God was shining His light on them.  Once I took the picture, the light rays poked back in behind the trees.  How awesome is that!?  ((Thank You Lord!))  The main message of my pair of shoes is “LOOK AT THE LIGHT,” because God is light!  That makes this picture even more special to me.


And here they are from the top.  This is what I will look down on.  The comfort of these shoes aren’t super high (they were $6 at the dollar store–what could I expect!), but I’m pretty sure when I wear them–I WILL FEEL THE LIGHT as I do all the time.


Old Shoes!

Yet the Lord says, “During the forty years that I led you through the wilderness, your clothes did not wear out, nor did the sandals on your feet. -Deuteronomy 29:5


I don’t know about you, but I don’t own a 40 year old pair of shoes. I have not held on to a pair of shoes for a long period time at all. Think about back in school when you HAD to have a new pair every year not just because your feet were a larger size, but because of style and want. This verse today, to me, is such an eye opener. How many times do we buy items that we just want and don’t really need or have to have?

God provides for us and most times we don’t realize it. We don’t keep our trust in Him to do all the things He really wants to do for us. Think about this clothes and shoes thing…

This is just another awesome example of God’s provisions for the Israelites. Not only did He keep them full and satisfied; although so many times they moaned and complained, but He kept them clothed from head to toe! Their clothes and shoes didn’t wear out. For forty years they were well taken care of! It’s not like they could run down to Walmart or Payless Shoes, Dillard’s, JC Penney or Sears…they had to be satisfied with what God provided for them. I know The Bible talks about their discontent. It’s such an example for us –of us. We are so dissatisfied with what God gives us. Don’t we need to be content, because God gives us what we need!?! Why do we buck against Him? We are sooo human.

I am dumb. I look to circumstances. I look to this world! Ug! I want to be satisfied with old shoes that don’t wear out because God makes it so! I know that sounds kind of silly, but it’s just a mirror of so many things in my life. I want to wholly trust in MY LORD to provide for me and my family. I want others to see that I am happy and content only because my God who is REAL provides me with all I need! This is my prayer today. This is my praise today: thank YOU LORD for opening my eyes to this verse. Amen!

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