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Picture of the Day

I continue to be fascinated with the sky. This weekend, God has truly created some amazing sites using big fluffy clouds and His light. I am comforted by His creation which is only one more thing to confirm to me that HE IS ALIVE!

This evening’s sky:


Random Sky

Pictures of the awesome sky today…

I call this one MEET AT THE POLE:


Here’s a vintage look:


Some other great shots:




And here’s the sun!




My heart is full.  I have been blessed the last couple of days with so much joy.

The weekend started off with a night off.  Yep!  I got a night to just do nothing.  I watched cartoons!  In my blog on Friday, I mentioned that I was tired of the news.  So, I turned that mess off–any REALITY TV was banned from my sight.  My girl child had a friend over and it was great hearing them giggle.  I watched GARFIELD until I went to sleep.  That was the start of a great weekend.  Blessings!

Saturday, I woke up to an unbelievably awesome morning.  The sky was blue, the temperature was a bit crisp and chilly, but it was amazing.  I cooked a breakfast dish for the power lifting meet hospitality room and got my child and her bestie up to the event to help out.  Then back home to cook for our company that were in from Kansas to hunt hogs.  I do love to cook especially for a “party” which is exactly what my husband was throwing for these hunters.  He was being a great host–he smoked all kinds of stuff while I worked on the fixins.  While cooking for them, I also cooked a casserole for the lunch hospitality room.  Again, I enjoy cooking.  Blessings!

After going back up to the power lifting meet to deliver the lunch dish and watch a bit, I came back home to visit with Bobby and his hunting visitors.  Then, Mason and I went over to a birthday party for a few minutes.  It’s so great to celebrate birthdays!  The clown that was there was bit creepy and didn’t talk–I think he was a mime instead of a clown.  Anyway, that was funny.

Back home again, I sat out in our shop with the big door open to enjoy the weather and the company.  It’s great to just talk with other people and share stories.  The day was just beautiful.  The day had turned warmer and the sky was amazing.  I love blue skies with big puffy clouds.  It was such a blessing to be taking all that in.  Blessings!

Morgan was now home thanks to our friends dropping her off from the power lifting meet.  She was jumping on the trampoline and Mason was with the other boys from the hunting party shooting b-b guns.  The blessings of the day were pictures of perfection.  God is so good!  Blessings!

I then was honored to go with a great friend of mine to a church she was speaking to for their Valentine’s Banquet.  We laughed pretty much the whole way there, was blessed by so many people once we arrived (and the great food they prepared) and got to reflect and laugh some more on the way home.  A friend is such a blessing!

Once I was back home, I got to watch the hunters clean their hogs–not the top part of the day, but still an ok time.  The temperature had turned cold again , but the fire was going on in the shop –I love to get warm by a fire!  Blessings!

I ended up getting in the house fairly late and didn’t post on here last night due to just exhaustion–FROM ALL THE BLESSINGS!

AND TODAY–Today just created a continuation of a great weekend of blessings.  Sunday school was great.  I love the students I’m so fortunate to teach.  Church service was packed and great.  One of my students sang FARTHER ALONG with me for special music.  I’ve got to work on getting more people to sing up there.  Our congregation is growing–I know there are more people out there that can sing.  I’m excited to see who can and will!

After church, Morgan and I were blessed to eat lunch with a former student of mine that is like my own child.  I’m so proud of who she is and the great stuff she has going on.  I knew she would do great things.  She is one of my many blessings!

The ride home with the sunroof open was super!  The sky was again blue with the huge clouds.   When we got back home, I got in a little nap before going to our church’s Valentine’s banquet.  MORE BLESSINGS!  Our youth group served us and did such a great job.  Food, fellowship and fun—BLESSINGS!

Now, reflecting here over this entire weekend, as I said, I just feel so full.  My heart is happy.  We are blessed!

Finishing this blog now…while my child reads his daily devotional to us.  …BLESSINGS!!!

Thanksgiving Pic

The more I thank God for all the beauty He gives us, the more He shows it to me!  AMAZING.


Blessings in the Sky

I had to take this pic…


Blessings are all around us. Sometimes you just have to open your eyes and look to the sky.

The Sky Doodle


This is my creation today. I love the sky. Found this quote and decided to use it for today’s doodle.



I just want to share that I’m blessed. (I know, I know, I do this a lot)

I believe the main reason I’m happy, besides the MOST IMPORTANT FACT of having JESUS in my heart, is because I recognize the fact that I’m truly blessed.

I know that even when things seem to be domino-ing or heading down hill, there are reasons why life is going like it is right at that moment. Do I understand it all? HA…BIG HA! No! Do I really NEED to? No.
I just need to remember that there is a reason and rhyme for it all and it’s all in GOD’S hands.
He has got me back….my front, top, end….ALL OF IT! He will provide, sustain, complete and fill me with whatever I need whenever I need it.

I am positively positive without a doubt that no matter what happens to me–HE IS IN CONTROL! He will use me to bring glory to Him and I am so blessed to be able to do that.

Now, about the pic…
There are times in our days where we feel blessed, but want more from God. You know you do this! We are all human–we all do it! We want to see HIM. I long to feel closer to Him. This pic above, although it truly does not do the actual scene justice, is a small example of what HE gave me this evening on my way home from grocery shopping (my MOST un-favorite thing to do!). I saw Him and felt Him. It was amazing. I’m blessed! (NO MATTER WHAT!)

Blessings in the SKY

Wow, the sky was amazing today!


Continuing the beauty–gorgeous!

This is the last one I chose to post. I took SOOO many! I edited this one with a retro filter. So vintage looking. Such a blessing to see such amazing beauty. Thank You Lord!




I recieve random photos sometimes-even former students -who remember that THE SKY is one of my passions. 

This photo was sent to me by one of mygreat friends (we go WAY back) who knows I love the sky.  She sees God in it just like I do!  I love the way HE decorates it in order for us to see HIS art.  Clouds are my absolute favorite.  I could just get lost in watching them.  God knows how I find the beauty.  It’s always changing and is always awe-inspiring. 

Thank you Deborah for sharing this with me!  Thank You GOD for using others to show YOU.  Amen!!!

Simply Think


Sometimes looking at the simple wonderful things around us makes us stop and think. Simply think.

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