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I was so honored to get to paint our elementary campus’s front doors and windows. Their theme this year is the acronym H.A.P.P.Y. which stands for HAVE A POSITIVE PRODUCTIVE YEAR.  What an awesome way to welcome your students every day… With big colorful smiles!  I had so much fun doing this…



Have you ever met someone that you instantly loved?  I’m not talking about couple love at first sight stuff.  I’m talking about the beginning of a friendship that you know will withstand the test of time.

Have you ever felt comfortable in the presence of another person within the first few minutes of your arrival?  Then, the longer you stay, the more comfort and peace you experience.  It’s a crazy awesome feeling.

I was so blessed to be able to meet Lanara Southard in Pensacola, Florida this past Thursday.  Not only did I get to meet her, but I also had the pleasure of experiencing her hospitality.  She is a lovely example of true southern hospitality.

Lanara is not JUST hospitable, but also very caring, loving, complimentary and full of JESUS’ love.  The latter, of course, is what leads to all the former.  With Jesus in her heart and the ruler of her life, she is able to show those around her such abounding love, it’s quite breathtaking.

She is one of the cutest ladies I’ve ever met.  I love to hear her tell jokes.  Her laugh is contagious.  Her energy is exhausting!  Seriously, she ran circles around all the others who were most graciously accepted into her home.  I loved to see her bounce from one task to another!  Such vigor and vitality!  Her husband Howard just smiles as she buzzes around.  He’s just as cute as she is!

She says charming little things like, “Heavens to Pete.” and “Hot as blue blazes.”

Lanara is such a GODLY example.  She has such wisdom and advice.  That makes her sound like she might be “old.”  But as our mutual friend Tammy says, “Not old, just older than you used to be.”  Lanara is far from old!   She has such wit, an enormous zest for life and a sweet spirit that makes you love her instantly.

She wants to be like Nehemiah (from the Bible), because he was an encourager and never gave up.  I’m a witness, she is ALREADY there!  She told me she was proud of me, that I was a thinker and she loved me while I was there.  Those were all such encouraging compliments and made me feel absolutely wonderful.  Words of affirmation are way up there in my love language hierarchy.  (

She shared many stories about the power of prayer.  She had many more, I’m certain she could have shared.  She said it’s important to have a lot of prayer and common sense.  What a statement!

She teaches a Sunday School class of a hundred plus women.  I was so honored to be able to be in her class. She said so many things about our victory when Jesus comes.  One thing I thought was the cutest and that which I will never forget: “When the horn toots, WE SCOOT.”  That gives me such joy and puts a huge smile on my face!

She fed us like queens, took care of our every need and allowed us to feel like we were in our own home.  I ate way too much and snacked on cashews so much that my body is going through withdrawals right now from not having a few today!

I know that everyone that enters Lanara’s life feels the same way I feel about her.  If they are able to be a guest in her home, I truly know they are blessed beyond measure!

Thank you Tammy (my friend who took me on this trip) for leading me to Lanara!

Thank you Lanara for being YOU!  You are a true inspiration!



Geni is my blog subject today.  This chick is one of those people that you love to be around.  She is funny and happy and REAL and SHE LOVES JESUS!

She has stories that crack you up and stories that make you think.  The relationships she has with people in her life like the love/hate one between her and her brother will make you seriously LOL.  I love to just hang out with her and LAUGH.

Geni is my c0-teacher for our youth class at church.  We GET TO lead youth in the pursuit to know God, love God and serve God. It’s an amazing mission we get to do!

God sent Geni to me!  He seriously did.  I prayed for a renewal in spirit and for support that I knew only HE could give me when it came to teaching/directing the youth.  I wasn’t sure what I was praying for, but when Geni said she wanted to help with youth…I KNEW SHE WAS THE ONE GOD WAS SENDING TO ME!  Prayer is power!!! (That deserves THREE EXCLAMATIONS!) Serious.  It is.  God gives us so many things in this life and when those things include people in our paths that bless us so—I just want to tell everyone!

Some people do not look at others like this.  Some look at circumstances as coincidences or at encounters as just something that happens.  That is so untrue.  God knows who you need when you need them.  It’s our job to accept our divine appointments as such and PRAISE HIM!

So, I praise God for Geni today.  She has been a major blessing to me and I know to the students in our youth class.  I’m so blessed to call her my friend.

This is our totally un-digitally edited picture below.  Hehe!  We are naturally glowing, because JESUS has got a hold of our hearts!  Amen!


Thanks Geni for being my partner in crime, comrade in arms, teammate in our youth cohort and super awesome amazing friend!



I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

I can say to myself: I TOLD YOU SO!

I was praising God before to today, did it during this day and will continue to do it everyday espcially for days like today!

Yes, I’m shouting.  I’m screaming!  Well, not really physically (my throat is worn out!), but my entire being is so giddy with blessings I almost don’t know what to do.  It’s hard for me to sit here and write this, I have so much energy.  I’ve been running around since I got home trying to calm myself down.  I know, it sounds weird, but it’s like a jolt of pure adrenalin.

I wrote a couple of days ago that today, I’d be singing at a women’s event.  I have had laryngitis for over two weeks, but I knew God would bless this day no matter how I sounded.  HE WOULD MAKE MY SOUND PLEASING TO HIM!  –Because really, truly, for real–it’s all about HIM.  It’s not about me, it’s not about you, it’s not about what you have or are gonna have, do or want to do—it’s about GOD.  Today was another confirmation to me that MY GOD IS REAL!  If I could sing right now, I’d be singing that song:

My God is real, real in my soul
My God is real for He has washed and made me whole
His love for me is like pure gold
My God is real for I can feel Him in my soul

PRAISES!  I want all I do to praise Him.

Today, I sang.  I actually made sounds and they were, most of the time, on key and full.  There was a few “ify” moments, but I warned the crowd there may be and I’d just be singing no matter what.  I gave it my all, because GOD had me.  It was Him who made what I did a blessing –He used me!  That is the most exciting part!

The whole event was such a blessing.  It was a day of rejoicing and knowing that God is in control.  The speakers were awesome–I call them both my good friends, I love them so.  Tammy Whitehurst and Teresa Richenberger are two super talented Christian women who share their stories and insight on why everyone should know and trust in Jesus.  I’ve heard them both several times and I never get tired of listening to their testimonies, anecdotes and real life truth.  They are both such POSITIVE people.  I love to surround myself with those types. 🙂

The church we were at today was a place where I felt the warmth of friendship right when I entered the door–such a blessing.  Hugs and smiles and happy greetings were flying from every direction.  The women who put this event together did such a great job of making sure everyone felt welcome and at home.  Those in attendance were so full of joy and ready to praise God together.  This cowboy church–The Circle C was a spirit filled place where I could feel God moving the entire time I was there!



I’m just going to share a couple of pictures of the event today.

  • The first one is the panoramic I took from the stage when I was about to sing.  I loved doing this!  It got everyone SMILING right off the bat!
  • The second one is of my new friend Sylvia and I.  This lady made me smile the entire event.  She greeted me early on and always had a smile for me whenever I looked her way.  This sweet woman kept her Bible open and her hands in the air!  She would say “PRAISE THE LORD” in the sweetest little voice.  I told her numerous times how cute she is, because I saw God in her.  I want to be like Sylvia!  I thank God for allowing me to see HIM in her.  Amen!



Collages from the Day

Took lots of pictures today. Below are collages of some of them. I love spring break. It’s a time to just do whatever makes you smile and don’t think about what you have to do next week!




Love these smiles…


I am so blessed to be a small part of the student council group on our campus. These smiles are the HUGE part. Great day in OCHS StuCo today!


It started to clear up this afternoon. First, the blue spread across the sky … And then… I SAW THE SUN! It was a little later when I thought about taking a picture, but the sun was still and maybe even MORE beautiful…


The sun illuminated the golden trees in our yard…


We got to be in the yard for a little while without rain! The kids and dog were all smiles…



Sometimes I just need to look at happy stuff. Here’s my collection for today…





Loove this one!

And here we go…
Sometimes you just have to remember this—



Doodles of the Day

These are all my doodles done today. I love to create even with a piece of notebook paper and a pen.
(Find the word I misspelled.)





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